Saturn Ketu Pluto Great Conjunction in June 2019: Astrology and Healing Newsletter June 2019 Pt. 2

The biggest issue in June 2019 is, of course, the ‘Great Conjunction’ of Saturn, Ketu and Pluto in Vedic Sagittarius. This was last with us in Vedic Sagittarius in 1517, when Martin Luther brought in the Reformation and the fall of the Catholic Church in Northern Europe. See the calendar of events in Pt. 7 of this blog, and all the charts and more detail in Part 8 of this June 2019 blog. Now, see my video about the manifestation of the great conjunction in June 2019, then read all about it below:


And the fact that last time this conjunction produced Martin Luther is important: because the energy of this conjunction is actually an energy of REFORMATION. Reformation, yes in the Sagittarian area of religion in our societies and in our individual lives, but also Reformation in our personal belief structures and what we do when inspired by those. And remember this Reformation energy is driven by the death and rebirth intensity of Pluto and the cutting meltdown extreme iconoclastic violence of Ketu. And we are called to usefully incorporate this energy combination into our own life – Now! And with Pluto-Saturn there’s the tension of Saturn as structure being made to contain and limit the atomic power of Pluto. Pluto and Ketu together are ultimate cathartic destruction and rebirth.

After this great conjunction ends next year, it will not form again in this sign until 3992. The eclipses of 2019 and 2020 are on this Gemini-Sagittarius axis, and they are extremely intense earthquake events.

Looking at the chart for 1st June, you can see it’s a very divisive chart: all the Vedic planets are to one side of the Nodal Axis, except Jupiter. To have all the planets to one side of the Nodal axis is Kal Sarpa Yoga. So, Jupiter, now, is isolated outside Kal Sarpa Yoga divisiveness and confrontationalism.

This Kal Sarpa Yoga energy is fundamentally divisive. Continents and countries and whole families who are being divided over this spiritual/religions energy and what to make of it. One side taking one path, and one side taking the other. People’s lives, government, careers, finances, everything they know are being split down the middle. Kal Sarpa Yoga in the birth chart indicates a person born into divisive energies. Unless this destiny is healed, this is the ranting confrontational person. Ranting delivery masks all sorts of problems, including in astrology. Often the person is driven by their denied fears. Or driven by their denied push for easy power. Donald Trump has Kal Sarpa Yoga. But of course, like all challenges, the spiritual person who has Kal Sarpa Yoga can learn about and heal this aggressive challenge.

So many people are suffering greatly, mentally emotionally, and spiritually…but they just don’t have the tools or the experience or the confidence to let go of what they know. It is causing huge meltdowns in almost every person at this challenging time. The message of the time is getting through, but it defies what people have built their identity and their whole existence on, and so they blow up, meltdown, or whatever, because they cannot handle it correctly since it’s so outside of everything they have ever known. So often they embrace spiritual bypass, and force this down the throats of others.

And the energy of the Nodal Axis itself is horrible:
‘Saturn Ketu and Pluto in Vedic Sagittarius’ opposition ‘Mars conjunct Rahu in Gemini’.

There is a similarity with the Twin Towers Terrorist Attack, with the Nodal axis in Gemini-Sagittarius, Mars in the Nodal axis, Saturn opposition Pluto then, and a modified Kal Sarpa Yoga shape to the Vedic chart. 11.9.2001, 08.45 hrs, NY, USA.
And note that in June specifically, and totally exceptionally, Saturn and Ketu are retrograding side by side, in fact until November 2019. See the June Ephemeris that is part of this Blog.

You can see that Saturn and Ketu very exceptionally retrograde side by side from 25 Vedic Sagittarius to 23 Vedic Sagittarius, and Saturn does not in fact turn direct until 9th November.

Note that Saturn starts June in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra, moving to UttaraAshadha Nakshatra on 27th December. So, people with key planets in PurvaAshadha and then UttaraAshadha will feel Saturn’s effect most.

Saturn does not leave Vedic Sagittarius until 24th January 2020. But then Saturn turns Retrograde on 11th May 2020, still in UttaraAshadha. There’s a four-month Saturn retrograde at 1 deg Vedic Capricorn on 29th September 2020, still in UttaraAshadha, and so Saturn only finally leaves UttaraAshadha on 24th January 2021.

The is a tremendous long Saturn Sade Sate odyssey for Purvashadha Moons for the rest of 2019.

This is a tremendous long Saturn Sade Sate odyssey for UttaraAshadha Moons all through 2020.

Your Sade Sate Journey:

with Saturn now in Vedic Sagittarius, those people with Moon in Vedic Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn are now in Sade Sate: The difficult seven and a half year period where Saturn transits the sign before natal Moon, the sign of natal Moon and the sign after natal Moon. This period is like a descent into a pit to rise again at the other side. It is a period of deaths and letting go. It is actually more accurately charted for its timing and effects using the Nakshatras Saturn transit through at this time.

So, if you are in Sade Sate now, and if you feel you would benefit from a journey to meet Saturn and do work in relation to what he asks of you now – now that you are in Sade Sate, get in touch with me: this is if you have your natal Moon in Vedic Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn, and especially if your natal Moon is in PurvaAshadha or UttarAshadha Nakshatras.

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The reading will last around an hour, and the journey will tell you what Saturn is particularly calling you to let go of, and what particular step of growth Saturn is calling you to make now.

The journey will call on you to voice the stress or sadness that you are responding to Saturn’s demand with now, and will identify what particular step of growth and change Saturn is calling you to make now.

You will be left with steps to take afterwards to sustain your better connection with Shani, Lord of Karma, Deity of the planet Saturn.

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