Saturn Jupiter Pluto conjunction Astrology December 2020

Saturn does have to cope with Pluto in December 2020!

Pluto transits into Vedic Capricorn December 30th (when Jupiter is at 8 Capricorn and Saturn nis at 7 Capricorn.

The last time that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were all conjunct (in Taurus) was 1145 and 1146 AD when the Pope made his call for the Second Crusade against the Muslims. The Crusade was largely a failure.

How do we cope with this Saturn – Pluto – Jupiter combination?


If we individuals, or our societies only experience the negative side of Saturn, this will mean tyranny and harshness, draconian harshness, deprivation and austerity: your life or your society pinned down by tight rules and restrictions, oppressive discipline will be on the rise, with the bureaucrats scurrying to justify it while we pay their wages!
Creativity will crumble and decay – or will you seize your light-spear and become a warrior for your inner light?

But the other side of this coin, is that we have had a growing Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. This is explosive, and a wonderful prompt for Plutocracy to grab and take over everything.

But at our personal level, it is REBIRTH, it is seizing our Light. It is arising out of our often-self-imposed prison walls.

OK as a guide to how to interpret where in your life this vast energy will manifest, I’ll share what it’s meant for me:
I am in Jupiter-Saturn Dasa. The Dasas are a unique feature of Vedic Astrology and superbly powerful. They are more powerful than Transits, but more of a background phenomenon in our experience and evolution.

Jupiter – Saturn – Pluto: The Meaning:

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are in a conjunction now, as Saturn and Pluto were at the start of this year for example at the date of the first eclipse of 2020 on 10th January.

You can liken Pluto to atomic explosion, descent into the shadow for rebirth.
You can liken Saturn when negatively experienced to our prison walls.
With Pluto fighting Saturn, death and rebirth revolution is being demanded.

Cooperate with this at the personal and national level.
If we don’t and Saturn wins, and we live on like robots. We retreat into our shell.
And if Pluto wins, there’s darkness rampant and war.

So just to share how this Saturn energy manifested with me: well, Saturn is in my 2nd House with Venus so the effects of this include blocks to finding my Voice. But during this time I started the final edit of my novel about the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish, developing each scene with vision work (and vision and intuition is powerful now with Neptune square the Nodal axis (see Neptune below)
and at the same time I am coming more into my power. Pluto is suddenly vast in my life. Pluto is transiting square my Sun – Moon opposition. I do feel I am coming more into my rightful power. I have been offering Journeys to the Abyss online (see Pluto, below).

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