Saturn is Retrograding: very slow, nearly stationary. He reaches a standstill in August 2015!

Sani SaturnA big feature is that the planet Saturn is retrograde (moving backwards) in the heavens now (June 2015). He is also practically stationary in the heavens. He slows even further and he actually is stationary all month in August 2015 – at 28 deg Scorpio.

Saturn on station will really slow everything down. We will be forced to confront and deal with issues. Saturn is inescapable and he calls for discipline and patience.

This will affect everyone, but especially Scorpios and Taureans.

Saturn calls us to respect limits and duties and act patiently. His energy can be grim or remorseless. Many people will feel very tense. Deaths are more likely.

Saturn is Lord of Karma. It is Saturn’s job to build and manifest, and to hold the integrity of our life-structures on various levels. But we so often try to use Saturn’s energies is to resist change – even grimly!

How to deal with Saturn retrograde or stationary?

It is a good idea to attune to what you are really feeling and experiencing and spend some time and effort to identify and review. You can draw what you feel. You can try embodying it. You can use healing modalities to heal what is coming up.

It is a good idea to review areas of blocks, resistance, doubt or hesitancy in your life.

Look at your unconscious beliefs. Identify your limiting scripts. Make a vision statement. Draw up a statement of intent. Deal with fear, limitation or denial.  Identify how you oppress yourself with false beliefs? This exercise will actually yield renewed strength, more energy and new direction!

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Maggie, Healer
Maggie, Healer

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