Saturn is Retrograde from 18th February to 7th July 2013

tarot dragonfaeBe careful: Difficulties ahead in both the psycho-mental and the physical worlds, to watch out for, from February 12th until July 7th:
In February 2013, both Saturn and Mercury started retrograde periods.
This post tells you about Saturn Retrograde. Please see my other posting on this blog about Mercury Retrograde. Mercury makes his first retrograde of 2013 on 23 February at 25 deg Vedic Aquarius (19 Pisces in western astrology). and the Mercury retrograde lasts until March 17th at 11 sidereal Aquarius.

But to turn to Saturn: Saturn turned retrograde on 18 Feb 2013 at 17 deg Libra in the Vedic (i.e. sidereal zodiac) which is 11 Scorpio in the western (i.e. tropical zodiac). Saturn slowed down for about 5 days before it actually turned retrograde and it remained very slow for 5 days after. The Saturn retrograde lasts until July 7th, when Saturn will have reached 10 sidereal Libra.

If you have your Moon or Sun or another planet at about 17 deg Vedic Libra (or have a Saturn ruled Ascendant in your Vedic Astrology), then this is an extremely challenging transit for you: a once every 28 year crisis to do with the karmic unfoldment your soul chose when it incarnated.
Saturn will bring extreme pressure and blocks, and delays for events from taking place. It is important to be patient. If you feel the heaviness of Saturn, then remember it will pass, but for present and until July: it is real and strong.
Seek to understand the true meaning of this transit in your life: Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is calling you to be the essential you.
All people, even those without a planet in the path of the retrograde Saturn or a Saturn-ruled Ascendant, will experience the retrograde, as life slows down. And usually some world event happens around the retrograde of Saturn, disputes escalating, people being very stubborn and not listening to others can be some of the experiences. It is best to be patient as things can easily get delayed.
Retrograde planets are extremely strong but they are also complex and can be awkward. Saturn when retrograde  will behave in a twisted and different way.  Look at the position of Saturn in your Vedic birth chart to find out where the Saturn Retrograde will especially offer its hard lessons and gifts. It’s position in your Vedic birth chart will be a more accurate indicator than your western chart. For example, if Saturn is in the 2nd House in your Vedic Birth chart you will acutely feel the challenge around the issue of value and financial resources/wealth .
Positively, Saturn offers golden reaping for (karmic) lessons hard-learned. Negativlely, Saturn is experienced as the Grim Reaper instead of the Golden Reaper, and it often has a sort of bitchy or sour feel to it. Whether we experience this Retrograde as positive or challenging will depend on how much we are off course in living our life in terms of our karmic lessons we incarnated to live through.
Sani Saturn