Saturn is now Retrograde What should I commit to?

May 2021 is a time to take it steady – not to rush or pack too much in. Saturn places his demands.

At this time of Saturn turning Retrograde in the Heavens, May and early June 2021 become an important time in your life to review your life patterns, to simplify and prune, to consolidate and prioritize.

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Saturn starts May at 18 deg Capricorn, turning retrograde on May 22nd at 19 deg Capricorn, and ending May at that same degree. Saturn has been super-powerful in the heavens for some time, with the power of Jupiter much diminished, and now on May 22nd, Saturn turns Retrograde.

Now, obviously, Saturn has very low velocity in the heavens all May, because of the standstill around the turn of Retrograde. And the point is: the slower a planet’s velocity in the heavens, the deeper he carves his effect, his energy and his nature. And when a planet is Retrograde, we are forced to check out the key question as to whether our life and our state of consciousness is up to the demand that each planet constitutes. Saturn is all about duty and hard work and karma and patience and consolidation, and indeed our fulfillment of our karmas in this life.

But there’s been a lot of agitation in the last 18 months, and we have to identify, face and fulfill Saturn’s demands in the context of all that.

There are five particular tension points now that need to be taken into account (not to mention the issues of a complicated  stellium in Aries changing to another complicated stellium in Taurus in the month of May). let’s look at these five:

Pluto: There’s actually a War of the Titans going on long-term and around this time, with Pluto the planet of buried power ‘now fighting it out’ now with Saturn in Capricorn. Pluto still affects Saturn because they are still in the same sign with Pluto at 2 Capricorn.
The Pluto Saturn conjunction is still smoldering. Pluto smashes like atomic explosion at any facet of Saturn that amounts to blocks and imprisonment. Give Pluto his way and let the prison walls tumble. Let Saturn structures and strategies become the harmonious container for the power explosion that is the light of Pluto.

Uranus: Uranus in Aries is now sending a violent square aspect of Revolution to Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn is at 18 deg Capricorn at the start of May. Uranus squares Saturn from 16 Aries.
The Uranus-Saturn square aspect means that this is a mixed and fraught time of Saturn demand melded with Pluto’s death and rebirth energy, plus Uranus Revolution and plus Rahu’s drive and ambition and potential darkness.
The Saturn Uranus square brings the energy of the great disruptions and revolutions that are now occurring: occurring in your body and consciousness and life patterns, and in the society you live within. Covid Lockdown has led to a tidal wave of Conspiracy Theory social media. What are we to believe and accept as real and what are we to ground into our life?
What must come out of the unsettlement, now?
A new life is being created for you and me, a new world. How can we perceive it more clearly?
How can we consolidate to create an equanimous and powerful life path forward?

Rahu trines Saturn from 18 Taurus. The Rahu Saturn trine brings a drive for great focus and hard work. Rahu is always surrounded by billowing clouds of illusion. What exactly do you see emerging for your life, out of the fog, as you look forward?

Mars aspects Saturn from Gemini, a Mars 8th House aspect. It is exact on May 15th with Mars at 19 Gemini aspecting Saturn at 19 Capricorn. Mars leaves Gemini for Cancer on 2nd June.
Mars: Mars-Saturn aspects are full of fraught irritated energy.
The Mars-Saturn combination in a birth chart is one of the bad scripts for mariage.

Lunations and Eclipses: there are the difficult Lunations and Eclipses in May and June 2021.

So, the key point is that, in the middle of all that turmoil and revolution at the personal and at the social level, Saturn lays his Demand on us heavily, now.

So, what is the nature of Saturn, and what are his demands on you now?

Negatively, Saturn expresses in our life as blocks and limitations, oppression, delay, withholding and suffering, pessimism, self-pity, worry and anxiety.

Positively, Saturn makes us consolidate. Saturn makes us cut down what is excess and scatter. Saturn makes us work patiently, diligently and hard. Everything is slowed down. Ideally, everything is made more aligned to the Divine in our life.

We can see the ‘Saturn effect’ as suffering. But in an absolute sense, this perception of our life and events, at any point in time as suffering, is due to the limitation in our perception of our real nature and identity. It is due to the limitation of our perception of the reality of our life, of the truth of our life.

It is not Saturn causing the suffering. We are causing the suffering, due to our wrong attachments and scripts.

The position of Saturn in our chart reflects the ultimate issues of our life and destiny, the hard facts or stern reality that we must eventually face.

Saturn is the suffering that makes us grow inwardly.  Saturn also causes us to retain what we possess. Saturn needs especially to be understood as we get older. He indicates the regimen necessary for full life and longevity.

So, in May 2021, Saturn turns Retrograde, and is very strong in the sign he rules of Capricorn. To see what life area Capricorn is in your birth chart, not which House that is. You can go to my Starwheel Astrology website to the 2021 web page and click the link to look up the meaning for the life area that is each House in your chart:

So May and early June, 2021, is an important time in your life to review your life patterns, to simplify and prune, to consolidate and prioritize.

This is a time for careful review and inner search. This is a time for systematic development of awareness and careful, patient decision-making.

Ask yourself: What comes to your mind that you must resolve in your life now?

What must you consolidate and resolve in your life, at this mixed time of Saturn Lord Sani’s demand, melded with Pluto death and rebirth, Uranus Revolution, Mars violence and Rahu drive?????

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This video and blog is part of our May 2021 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter, and you can see all the links for the different parts of our May Newsletter on the May webpage in our Starwheel astrology website: