When Saturn moves so slowly – feel the pressure

When Saturn moves so slowly – feel the pressure

After a long Saturn Retrograde, Saturn turned Direct on 6th September 2018. This was at 8 deg Vedic Sagittarius, and by 1st October he’s still at 8 deg Vedic Sagittarius, and by end October he’ll only be at 10 deg Vedic Sagittarius.

So he’s not hurrying!

And note that the slower a planet’s velocity in the heavens the deeper he engraves his effect in our lives. The more inescapable is Saturn’s demand.

And so I personally would certainly say everything seems to have taken so long to do, and everything has been exacting hard work, and, typical of Saturn’s demand for hard work and consolidation, I did manage to get all my websites sorted out and updated, due to the help of my webmaster Robert Williams.

Saturn rules Vedic Capricorn, where the Mars-Ketu conjunction is now, and I do feel that Saturn insists that we ground and earth all our inspirations!

And Saturn will continue to force his demands quite severely, for so long as his present slow-motion lasts. By 1st December he’s moved a whole further three degrees, so he’s speeding along by then!

But note that Saturn’s nature is hard work, karmic demand, dotting every i, crossing every t, rolling our sleeves up and doing the dirty work.

If we respect Saturn’s demands, he rewards us with golden reaping. I know some people who are so successful in Saturn Dasha: Saturn predictive period in Vedic Astrology.

But if we neglect our Saturn demands and duties, what we will get is professional downfall, depression and grief.

Make a special effort to find out if Saturn is transiting over your Moon (the seven and a half year transit of Saturn called Sade Sate: through the Vedic sign before your Vedic moon sign, Saturn transiting over your Vedic Moon sign, and Saturn transiting through the Vedic sign after your Moon. This is hugely influential and really needs to be understood. Contact me for a Reading.
Saturn transiting over your natal Sun is also huge and really does need to be understood.

And indeed, it is very much needed to understand any Saturn transit.

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