Saturn goes Direct on 20th July

Sani Saturn
Saturn in Vedic Astrology: Lord Sani, Lord of Karma

Saturn will turn direct of 20 July 2014 at 22°34 Vedic Libra – that’s 16 western astrology Scorpio.

Saturn will remain stationary at this degree for most of July. If you have planets placed at 22°34 Vedic Libra you are experiencing the most intense experience of Saturn. Maggie has her Ascendant there!

When Saturn turns stationary, it slows thing down and we can experience delays and restrictions. On its turning direct it will slowly start moving forward and gives us a more positive understanding of its exaltation in the Vedic sign of Libra. It is important to understand that Saturn brings his hard lessons for our greatest good. If we experience Saturn transit to Ascendant or Sun, we can find our essence!

To make matters more difficult, Mars moves into Libra on 13 July and this brings in further friction especially for the Vedic Signs of Libra and Pisces. Saturn occupied the Vedic sign of Libra for the last eighteen month with Rahu the North Node of the Moon, so Saturn is always dogged by malefics now. So, the transit of Saturn in Libra is always facing challenges. We need to search for the purity of it. We need to discover its true meaning. Saturn associated with these two malefics can leave us feeling disturbed, angry and full of impulses. We need to practise the right spiritual path. We need to do the right yoga now. Also chanting. Kundalini Yoga is excellent. Kundalini meditation is needed!
In the Hindu tradition, ‘the Saturn fast’ begins.

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