Saturn conjunct Venus what does it mean if you have this in your birth chart?

This Blog post has eternal importance for those with Saturn conjunct Venus in their birth chart (like me).

But the actual reason I am writing this post, now, is that Saturn and Venus are actually transiting in the heavens conjunct. The exact conjunction on 11th December, at 25 deg Vedic Sagittarius. This is in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra (19 western Capricorn).

This conjunction in the birth chart creates really big scripts for love. The principle is: inhibitions in love life. Suffering through love. Cool show of affections, even coldness, sexual inhibition, emotional inhibitions. There’s usually faithfulness and commitment. There will be soberness, Duty, Thrift, possibly hoarding in an instinctual fear of Lack. Faithfulness. Self-control.

Negatively, it’s ‘Marry for money’, the miser. Self-torment. Jealousy. lonely dutiful people. Permanent tendency to make sacrifices for others. Separation in love.

A key issue is assessing how Saturn conjunct Venus will manifest in the life is to look at how Saturn and Venus treat each other using Rashi Avasthas.

Here is example chart A, we see that the nice Venus guy gives and gives and gives to Saturn, but tragically his destiny is that Saturn just takes and takes and takes. And Venus is trashed.

Note the Key of how to interpret this Table is shown in the footnote, right at the foot of this blog post.

Here in example chart B, we see that Saturn boosts Venus, and Venus boots Saturn in return. I have heard this arrangement called the chart of ‘the ideal Hindu wife’(!):

So, favourably, the Saturn conjunct Venus conjunction in the birth chart gives stable long marriage, can give good business skill, can give technical abilities or interests, certainly very hardworking, and can be into agriculture, love of the old things and heritage, idealises poor people.

But unfavourably, this person can be sexually functional and experience block or even suffering in love or marriage. They can be emotionally cut off. They can also feel unworthy.

Of course, it is necessary to check out the predictive period you are in to see how and when your natal Saturn Venus conjunction will manifest. The Vedic Predictive Periods called Dashas are actually more influential than Transits, but of course Transits are crucial too. And then I use the predictive Age Points of psychodynamic astrology, and then there’s progressions and other predictive indicators.

You see, Saturn is our boundaries and blinkers and karmas in our life. Positively Saturn is hard work, patience, diligence, endurance (and he has occult dimensions) but negatively Saturn is what I’ve just said.

Venus on the other hand is love, sexuality, beauty, money, art, etc.

Venus is the Karaka or indicator of his wife in a man’s chart. So, to have Saturn conjunct your Venus could go either way in terms of the above positive and negative indications, as regards the sort of wife the man will marry.

Very often it means: women will be hard on him. There can be heartbreaks in marriage. There can be long delays in learning how to manage relationship. I think Saturn conjunct Venus gives a love of art, but maybe a stilted or derivative art manifestation, certainly very structured. There’s a harsh touch from Saturn to Venus, but the person longs to express artistic creativity. Of course, as always, you have to take into account the sign and House that Saturn occupies and the Houses I the birth chart that he rules. The same for Venus. And of course, as Saturn is involved, issues as to love and marriage will be very Karmic.

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Key to interpreting the above two Rashi Avasthas Tables:
1. To study a planet’s performance in this life, look down its vertical column and read the planet’s ‘raw score’: the black figure.

  1. To study how another planet affects the planet under study, look across the horizontal row from the other planet.
    3. If the other planet harms the planet under study, then there will be two red figures in the box where the vertical row and the horizontal row coincide. The top red figure in this box shows the number of harm points the other planet delivers to the planet under study in your life. The lower red figure in the box shows the resultant lowered functioning score of the planet under study.
  2. If the other planet boost the planet under study, then there will be two green figures in the box where the vertical row and the horizontal row coincide. The top green figure in this box shows the number of benefit points the other planet delivers to the planet under study in your life. The lower green figure in the box shows the resultant improved functioning score of the planet under study.
  3. If there are blue figures in the box where the vertical row and the horizontal row coincide, then the planet under study is not effectively modified by the other planet: the effect just is left dormant or unrealized.