Saturn Conjunct Venus the No. 1 Block to Love – Pt 1 What does it mean?

This is a three-part video and blog about Venus conjunct Saturn in the birth chart.

It is the first post in my LoveStarDating series about Blocks to Love.

The next ‘Block to Love’ post will be Mars conjunct Saturn.

Basically, it is so very important to learn what are our blocks to love – and then work to heal them and lovingly share with our partner.

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I have chosen to start this series on our Blocks to Love that we need to know about them and we need to heal them.

I start with Venus conjunct Saturn, partly because it is one of the most trenchant and difficult blocks to love, but also I present this first because in a few days’ time from this post, Saturn and Venus are actually conjunct in the Heavens. This is on January 22nd, 2023.

I start this three-part post with the simple basics:  

Pt 1: what it means to have Saturn conjunct Venus in your birth chart.

Please do then go on to the other two parts to this Saturn – Venus presentation. They are:

Pt 2.

Saturn Venus Conjunction as a Spiritual Growth Opportunity:

This is the key issue of finding the spiritual true meaning of having this difficult conjunction. It is present in our life as a spiritual growth opportunity – if only we can understand it correctly and heal it – because each planet is in face a Face of the divine.

Pt 3.

Techniques for analyzing the deeper meaning of your Saturn – Venus conjunction:

In this third part, I cover the astrological techniques for deeper understanding:
The Saturn Venus conjunction in each of the Houses in your birth chart

How to understand Venus through the Yogas in Vedic Astrology:

Rashi Avasthas: how your planets treat each other – The Saturn Venus conjunction analysed deeper
Saturn Venus Yogas

Saturn Venus Dashas – Predictive Periods

Saturn Venus in the Nakshatra – the wonderful 27-sign Lunar  Zodiac of Vedic Astrology


What it means to have Saturn conjunct Venus in your birth chart:

So what happens when you have Venus conjunct Saturn in your birth chart?

Remember, I always use cross-over between Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. And note that the accurate Vedic perception is that we will be affected by the Venus Saturn conjunction if those two planets are in the same sign in our birth chart (i.e. not just within a tight orb of degrees as per Western Astrology) – but obviously the closer the conjunction the more powerful we will be enwrapped with its effects in our life.

Basically, if we have Saturn conjunct Venus in our birth chart (or in our D9 Navamsha Chart) then, put simply, this means that you will have been brought up in a way that makes it difficult for you to show affection or sensuality.

Watch the video:

It could mean that you could have been brought up to believe that sexuality is ‘the work of the Devil’ or shameful, etc.

You might be narcissistic and lacking in confidence to develop adult Love relationship.

You were made to feel rejected or unloved.

You might have been brought up to deny your own body and to hold yourself awkwardly or in a denied way or a shamed way.

You will likely be socially awkward and shy of groups – and even of blocked in expressing the truth of you in you one to one love relationship.

You might have a karmic script to heal of a block to showing loyalty in love.

Your karma could include that you will be abused, and that you will need to embark on a process of learning to see the truth of what abuse is.

You could have a ‘cold side’ in the showing of love.

You might however have a very loyal side in love relationship – even when the love relationship is killing you.

You could have blocks in finding and committing to the love relationship you long for. This could leave you in isolation and sadness.

It can mean that you could have a karma for doing art and dance only in a controlled or non-flowing way.

It can mean that you could have an impediment to making money.

It can mean at root that you could have been brought up with a block to value – you were told in the deepest way from birth you had little or no value.

At a deep level, you could ‘know that you are bad’.

Indeed as a result of this, people may avoid you – or even sense that you are not all who you present as being, and so attack you.

As Saturn is Lord of Karma, so often this Saturn Venus conjunction will activate scripts to do with what happened in previous life.

So often, also it will attract to us people from our past lives who hurt us, or who we hurt. Or it will attract people who also have the same script from past life – and note that this can even show up in that both of us will have Saturn and or Venus in the same Sign or House or Nakshatra or Nakshatra pada.

Of course, as with all karmic blocks, we have to learn to perceive the truth of them – even if sometimes the truth has been pushed deep in our Shadow side – and we at the same time need to love share and heal as we agree to grow with our partner to become a power couple.

Needed Healing can so often come as we grow our awareness of our love and sexuality scripts and as we develop loving sharing with our partner as to what exactly these are, and embark on a shared journey of healing.

Watch out for one of the up-coming posts I plan for shortly about how a loving relationship can be seen as a couple almost like two snakes next to each other who shed negative dark skin after negative dark skin, in loving sharing and acknowledgement, to rid ourselves of our negative scripts and thus arise together at the end of the shedding process as a power couple.

In summary, Saturn conjunct Venus means inhibitions in love life and suffering through love relationships. There’s cold show of affections in some way. There’s a sense of duty and the making of sacrifices, but you are left unsatisfied in love and sexuality. There can be love relationships with quite a large age gap. There can be separation in love. Separation from the mother can be a start to this.

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