Saturn Astrology: Your Transits and Sade Sate Periods in 2017

This post describes the position of Saturn as he transits in 2017, and it focuses on two facets in particular:

Saturn’s three passes through the Gandanta Zone in 2017. This is covered at the top of this Blog Post: read on.

Signs Falling into Sade Sate during 2017: Sade Sate is the difficult seven and a half year period when Saturn crosses over your natal Moon. This is covered in the lower half of this Blog Post.

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But we look, first, at Saturn’s Three Gandanta Zone crossings in 2017:

Saturn in the Gandanta Zone 2017:

Saturn will pass three times through the diccicult Gandanta Zone between Vedic Scorpio and Vedic Sagittarius. This is app. 24 degrees western Sagittarius

What are the Gandanta Zones?

The Gandanta Zones are the three difficult transition points in the Vedic or Sidereal Zodiac, where a Water sign dissolves and there is a void before the first flicker of the following Fire sign.

They are zones of up to 2 degrees either side of the transition point, where this reality (or Maha Maya) is felt to be insubstantial and not fully real, and so planets natally or transiting there manifest in a fallen way, but with a difficult call in our lifetime to create divine perception, healing and empowerment.

Saturn will be transiting the ‘Abhukta Mula Gandanta zone’ three times in 2017. This is the Gandanta Zone between sidereal Scorpio and sidereal Sagittarius, the transition from Jyestha to Mula Nakshatras.

It is the crossing point at Vedic 0 degrees Sagittarius, which is approx Western 24 degrees Sagittarius, and Saturn will cross this difficult Gandanta Zone between Scorpio and Sagittarius three times:
26th January 2017
21st June 2017
26th October 2017.

Basically, in the case of all of us, Saturn grinds away at patterns and scripts that actually we must let go of. If we don’t respond to his message, we can feel pessimism, experience downfall and illness. There will be separations and tensions. But Saturn’s divine message will bring us Golden Reaping if we can perceive and respond to his message.

Gandanta is very deep spiritual energy but we need to be prepared and ready for it. Things will be unravelled personally and in the world, and open to purification and getting rid of the dross.

When a planet crosses a Gandanta this will create insecurity, but can possibly be spiritually advantageous. And it can create freeing of stuck patterns. But this can be painful and take effort. Gandanta crossings effects can go either way, depending on the consciousness of each person.

Our embedded blocks will be ground at by Saturn. He will grind at our scripts that we now have to be let go of. This will feel unsettled and mean. There will be lack of clarity also, esp. for Capricorn and Aquarius especially people who have Moon/Lagna/Sun in Vedic Capricorn and Aquarius.

If you have a natal planet or experience a Transit in Abhukta Mula Gandanta, this means that you may have things but you don’t experience them or enjoy them. They won’t seem real. The material world won’t seem adequately real. There is of course a deep and powerful spiritual message here. Saturn here will make us feel hard done by. Stuck issues in certain areas of our life being ground at. Saturn moves slowly. He causes sorrow due to our choices, but we may not want to accept responsibility, that we are the author of our suffering for not understanding, for clinging when we ought to heal and transform.

So, Saturn goes from fixed Tamas Nakshatra Jyestha in Vedic Scorpio to Sattva Mula Nakshatra in Vedic Sagittarius. For every person to convert from one to the other is very difficult and complicated: you have to transform from inertia to rising up. This needs to be understood and energised, healed and embraced.

For fuller analysis of Jyestha Nakshatra and Mula Nakshatra, see my YouTube videos and Blogs, and also do see my wonderful Nakshatras course: :

This Gandanta crossing by Saturn could dismantle so much, even big things, in your life and for humanity. Our decisions could be bad. Jan 2017 very bad time to make decisions. However, please do also note that it is not that simple: we are also offered inspiration at this time. Really good new things of an inspiring nature could come in if we are OPEN

When Moon is also there in the Gandanta, it will really be felt, so these times when Moon passes through the Gandanta are key times to manage our minds.

Jyeshta and Mula both have fierce deities who demand truth: Indra and Niritti. Niritti, by the way, punishes corrupt politicians and liars. Mula has Rakshasha energies. Truth honesty and goodwill will be enforced, be extra careful if you have planets there.

How to deal with Saturn transiting in Gandanta: stay calm. Don’t react destructively or pessimistically. Keep life simple. Don’t make elaborate plans. Do good for others. But also be sensitively open to inspiration. Allow the transit to pass with patience and structured hard work. be prepared to have to take your time and pay attention to details. Saturn is very good for hard work and taking your responsibilities seriously. For analysis, pay special attention to the meaning and life-area of the Houses in your birth chart occupied by Scorpio and Sagittarius, and to any planets Saturn’s transit will pass over, now. Have a Reading from me. Enroll on one of my Courses.

Aspect Analysis:
Remember Saturn does not just affect the sign he is transiting through.

In Western astrology, we need to take into account the usual aspects: Conjunction, Opposition Square, Inconjunct and semi-sextile, sextile and trine.

In Vedic Astrology transiting planets affect other signs in addition to the one they are transiting through:
By Planetary aspect or Graha Drishti, Saturn aspects the 3rd, 7th and 10th Houses from Himself
So, in Vedic Scorpio, Saturn aspects the Vedic signs of: Capricorn, Taurus and Leo.
And when in Vedic Sagittarius, Saturn aspects the Vedic signs of: Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo.

2. Saturn and Sade Sate 2017:

Now we come to detail of which of the Vedic Signs enter or leave Sade Sate in 2017.

Sade Sate period lasts seven and a half years, as Saturn transits 12th 1st and 2nd from natal Moon. So, Sade Sate starts when Saturn enters the Vedic sign before your Moon in your birth chart. It continues when Saturn crosses over yoru natal Moon, and Sade Sate draws to a close once Saturn leaves the Vedic sign after your Moon in your birth chart.

There is always a very tough period at the start and the end of Sade Sate – and at the time that Saturn crosses over the birth Moon. Theri can be a false and illusory honeymoon period after the difficutl start, but do not be fooled. do the needed work. the tough time when Saturn reaches your Moon will be the easier for that.

And, as I said above, in 2017, Saturn will cross the Abhukta Mula Gandanta from Scorpio to Sagittarius (Jyestha to Mula Nakshatras) on 26.1.17.

So, this means that Saturn will be in Vedic Sagittarius from 26.1.17 to 21.6.17. And Saturn will be in Vedic Scorpio from 1.1.17 to 26.1.17 and also from 21.6.17 onwards.

So this means that some people will end and move out of their Sade Sate periods in 2017.

And it means that other new groups of people will move into Sade Sate in 2017.

People with Moon in Vedic Libra will see their Sade Sate eventually coming to an end in 2017. People with Moon in Vedic Capricorn may be very shaken to feel their Sade starting during 2017.

Here, for your reference, are the overall transits of Saturn (ignoring retrogressions):
Saturn enters the following signs:
Virgo:                9.9.2009
Libra                 11.10.2011
Scorpio             3.11.2014
Sagittarius        26.1.2017
Capricorn         24. 1.2020
Aquarius            17.1.2023
Pisces                 30.3.2025
Aries                  24.02.2028

Sade Sate therefore affects our natal Moon in four signs this year of 2017: Libra (part of year), Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn (part of year).

Moon in:

Libra (affected part of year only, when Saturn is in Scorpio (see above dates). Issues will come to a head at end of their Sade Sate period. Saturn will put on a final applicaiton of pressure to ensure they have learned the lessons they need to learn.

Scorpio – If your Moon is between 27 Scorpio and 7 Sagittarius, you are experiencing intense Sade Sate. Scorpio Moon people will be really worn out now.

Sagittarius – Moons in Sagittarius should prepare for 2018 intense sade sate to begin.

Capricorn: New to Sade Sate, although Saturn is not fully decided until he is finally clear of the Abhukta Mula Gandanta in November 2017. People with Moon in Vedic Capricorn are newly adding to the Sade Sate, but in an undecided way as Saturn retrogrades and goes forward, though in a very decided way from October 2017.

Vedic Scorpio moons will be exhausted by 26.1.2017.

Early Vedic Sagittarius Moons will really feel it. Later Sagittarius Moons are yet to feel it. They will feel pessimism, pressures change of job, Health problems, delays, separations and experience death in their circle. They will have to deal with chronic delays and frustrations of desires. They will need to change their assumptions and beliefs as Saturn grinds at their blocks and outmoded scripts, in order to bring them to truer sight of their selves for the purpose of spiritual illumination and as a spur to spiritual transformation.

Sade Sate Definition:

Sade Sate is intense when Saturn is on top of your natal Moon. Keep yourself secure. Expect the mind to not work properly. Expect pessimism and problems. It is a tough and indeed maybe very unwise time indeed to make a decision. Track your sade sate. It really helps if you have a Reading or do a Course and know what to expect when – and what to do about it. Some challenges will be experienced. Emotional and financial pressures will be expected. Keep emotional and financial reserves at the sade sate time. Keep yourself and your mind secure. Don’t make decisions at stress times if possible.
Sade Sate is like going down into a pit, being cut off from God’s grace, but for salvific purposes, so as to see yourself as you are. There’s often separation or death experienced in your circle. You may grasp at things but not attain them. However, there are spiritual rewards. And in a certain manner, the Venus-ruled signs and Saturn-ruled Vedic signs of Libra, Taurus, Capricorn and Aquarius do have exception qualities in that gain may be experienced amid all the sade sate loss and difficulties.

It is essential to plan for the possibility of financial shortage or problems, as well as for possible large unexpected expenses.

Very Important post script: Manasa Nakshatra as part of Sade Sate:

Vedic Astrology does not only use the 12-sign Sidereal Zodiac. Vedic astrology also uses the 27-sign Lunar Zodiac: the 27 Nakshatras.

Manasa Nakshatra is 25th from your natal Moon.

It defines your individual default state of consciousness.

Saturn’s transit over your Manasa Nakshatra defines the start of your Sade Sate period, and it is very hard on your emotions and state of mind.

The 25th Nakshatra is the mind nakshatra. Saturn going through it massivley unsettles the mind and the life. It a silent transit that you really do need to be aware of.

So, Saturn’s transit in Jyestha Nakshatra will be bad for people with natal Moons in Uttara Ashada Nakshatra up to 26.1.2017 and between 21.6.17 and 26.10.17, as the seven and a half year Sade Sate is starting for them.

And issues of Mind will be very bad for natal Sravana Nskshatra Moons, once Saturn enters Mula Nakshatra from 26.1.17 to 21.6.17 and 26.10.17, onwards, as the seven and a half year Sade Sate is starting for them.

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