Saturn Astrology December 2020

Saturn is in Vedic Capricorn through December 2020, the sign he rules, and so he is super-strong in his demands for consolidation and hard work and tying up loose ends.

Saturn only just turned Direct after a long Retrograde, so he is still demanding that we tie up loose ends, consolidate, and strip away the excesses and expansionariness of Jupiter. Saturn is determined, prolonged and unrelenting, calculating and opportunistic.

Up to September, Jupiter had been the dominant planet in the Heavens. Now, Saturn has supremely taken over.

Saturn has been transiting over Pluto in the birth chart for the USA all 2020, departing from the Pluto conjunction after 12th January 2021. This has manifested as a brutal transit:

Saturnian oppression versus Plutonian freedom-seeking and wound surfacing (ideally for healing).

Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in the heavens on December 21st – exactly conjunct Pluto in the USA birth chart.

As ever, we need to also look at the meaning of transits at a personal level.
What House in your Vedic birth chart is Capricorn? It is in this area that Saturn will be especially bringing in his teaching and demands, his maturation and his chance for Golden Reaping that is his gift.

Capricorn is my 7th House of marriage, and I do feel there’s been deeper oneness and cooperative effort and goal sharing and maturation.
What does Saturn in Capricorn mean for you?

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