Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn

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Saturn = structures, strategies and blocks
Pluto = our Power and our buried/wounded power that needs to be healed.

Jupiter too is in Capricorn until April 6th:
Jupiter = blessing and sense of purpose and guru energy

Pluto and Saturn were conjunct when the Reformation started in 1518 (at 17 deg Sagittarius). Most likely, the clash of Saturn and Pluto at this time, will push people to demand revision of social structures that more accord with human reality now. People will be pulled towards great psychological transformation.

Here is the video:

On the social level, there is quite a movement in the US to identify and find and express power. However, I also see scripts that disempower and block people from even seeing the nature of their power: all the political correctness and the conspiracy theories, the astrological ranting, the defining people by labels, the identification with political divisiveness rather than spiritual power.

Pluto and Saturn are about empowerment re-shaping a national culture and structure. Let’s take Ireland as a case example:

I would say the Irish are generally speaking so disempowered still by the imposition of the Catholic Church from 432 AD, and secondly from the oppression of the British landlords. This started with the Anglo-Norman Invasion in 1169 organised by the Pope! Pope Adrian IV commissioning King Henry II of England to invade Ireland (most Irish would be shocked to know the Pope organised the subjugation fo the Irish!), but it got vicious under Henry VIII, appalling with the Stuart Plantations, and genocidal under the English Ascendancy class of the Famine Years and up to the 1916 Uprising. Those wounds are yet to be fully healed, power is yet to come.

Saturn continues super-strong and dominant in Capricorn. Saturn is conjunct weakened Jupiter at the start of April – and Pluto also transiting Capricorn explodes against negative or restrictive manifestations of Saturn – it’s the clash of the Titans.

And Uranus transiting Aries is squaring this clash of the Titans – see below.

Saturn is so strong, now that he is transiting in Vedic Capricorn, the sign he rules. But this Saturn in Capricorn energy needs to be understood as a consolidation imperative. The Saturn energy is slow to the point of being static, dour and demanding.

Jupiter has been feeding Saturn enlargement and blessing and sense of purpose, but Jupiter is so weak when in Capricorn. And on April 6th, he’s off into Aquarius – see my separate video and blog.

But the big facet now to understand her is Pluto.

Pluto is about our Power.

Pluto fights Saturn’s restrictions.

Regarding the POSITIVE manifestations of Pluto energy, the only way to get Pluto to work with Saturn in your life now, when both of them are transiting Vedic Capricorn, and both affecting the life area of the House that is Capricorn in your birth chart, is to do your own Journey to the Abyss – to discover there your hidden power (maybe denied to you early in life or by your society or religious upbringing), to contact your Shadow and your wounds and guilts –  and to bring that material to the light to be healed.

Only as our Pluto is healed could Pluto meld productively with Saturn – in other words, could we use the Saturn energy to become a container or a strategy for manifesting our healed and whole and powerful Pluto self.

See my on-line Journey to the Abyss, which starts with a very special astrological journey to understand your Pluto (natally and predictively) and then we do a super-special on-line journey to descend to the Abyss of shadow and hurts and disempowerments, so that we can then arise freed from those burdens, and able to open more fully to the Light.

And watch out for these two Pluto Aspectations:

Pluto is square Sun around April 16th, and this can be a very good energy to empower us as individuals.

Pluto is quincunx Mars around April 18th. Be careful of violence erupting.

But regarding the NEGATIVE manifestations of Pluto, these manifest in the control freaks and power seekers. And they crush the spontaneous expression of other humans. They lust for power, even death and destruction.

Now, this combines with Saturn, it becomes the desire for bureaucratic grip on a country or the world, or it becomes the imposition of one particular social paradigm and preaching. It becomes take-over, rather than respectful co-existence.

When I was writing this blog, the image of the huge ‘Odeon of Herodes’, came into my mind, the vast stone Roman theatre built below the Acropolis of Athens, and so vulgar and out of place compared with the Greek architecture of the Parthenon and Athens.

It was completed in 161 AD. It seated 5000 people. Would the plutocrats who ordered its construction have believed that the Roman Empire would shortly fall! Rome was sacked in 390 AD and finally 410 AD, only 230 years later.

Who would have believed THAT at the time when this vast super-expensive, aggressive dominating Roman structure was built?

Rome was already coming to its destiny, paying off the people with bread and circuses, relying on slaves to do the work, and relying on foreign mercenary forces to defend the borders of an Empire that was not theirs.

But what is the dark Pluto doing now in our countries?

Leaders are ravenous for power and territorial conflict? China and UK are at loggerheads with talk of territorial acquisition and nuclear weapons. Russia is massing tanks and troops on the border of Yugoslavia.

Dark Pluto is ravenous and ruthless. And Pluto in the heavens is pitting himself against the structures and restrictions of Saturn. The call now is not lust for power and control, implemented by zombie troops and bureaucrats and conditioned citizens. The call now is for this Pluto-Saturn clash to manifest as legitimate power smashing negative blocks and negative structures; it is and finding harmonious structures and settings in which to flower.

Empires never last.

But so many men, women and children have to die when they fall.

Can new consciousness arise now, that is truly connected to the light and save Earth for another re-run of disaster?


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