Saturn and Jupiter have been opposite each other in the skies since September 2009. This calls you to break through repressive structures in your life and find freedom.

Saturn and Jupiter have been opposite each other in the skies since September 2009. The third and last exact peak occurs at the end of this month. This calls you to break through repressive structures in your life and find freedom. It calls you to take a stand in the battle between Spirit and Materialism.

At its best, this opposition brings you hope and blessing for the future and also offers you the chance to get the right structures and arrangements into place to do that.

Can you do it? Do you need healing or help to achieve it?

Hopefully this Blog gives you insight into the nature of the energy you are going through. Hopefully we can find the means and the tools to bring in our best future from it now.

This is the last of a series of three Saturn – Jupiter oppositions. The opposition occurs mid-way between the start and the finish conjunction of each twenty-year cycle. The first opposiiton was exact on May 23rd 2010, at 27°52′ on the Virgo-Pisces axis. The second was on August 16th 2010 and the third and last in this series will be on March 29th 2011, on the Aries-Libra axis.

It’s a tug-of-war between the constantly-expanding, optimistic planet of Jupiter and the constantly-restricting, pessimistic influence of Saturn.

At its best, this opposition dissolves any Fear you might hold and it offers you the chance to heal and be strong and embrace your best future. Get out of fear agendas. Change can be good.

We can see the energy of this opposition in the political activities in the Middle East at the moment: tyrants fall; the ordinary people hope for Justice and Freedom. The last time Saturn and Jupiter were in opposition, the Berlin Wall was brought down. See Appendix 1, below, for a list of the other break-thoughs that came!

Saturn and Jupiter are ancient enemies. They are opposites. Saturn is restriction and hard lessons; Jupiter is expansion and blessing.

So, the question is: How is this opposition of Jupiter and Saturn going to manifest in your life this time???

Spend a moment to meditate and focus: Do you need to make an act of will???

Here are the exact positions of Jupiter and Saturn at the time of the upcoming Opposition on March 29th 2011:

Vedic astrology (sidereal zodiac):
Jupiter: 20 Pisces 28 in Revati Lunar Sign
(Jupiter is conjunct Mars at 3 Pisces and Sun at 14 Pisces)
Saturn: 20 Virgo 17 in Hasta Lunar Sign

Western astrology (tropical zodiac):
Jupiter 14 Aries 20
(Sun is at 7 Aries, and thus also opposed by Saturn)
Saturn 14 Libra 20

What does the Saturn – Jupiter Opposition bring?

The Jupiter-Saturn opposition bring stress, tension and obstacles. It brings shake-ups.

These may occur in your home, or in your place of work, in a country, or across the planet. Do you need to pioneer change in one of these places???

The Saturn – Jupiter cycle is well known to predict stock-market and financial upheavals. There can be big swings in prices.

At the level of our personal lives, the Jupiter-Saturn opposition can make us feel pessimistic and sad. There can be disappointments, obstacles and delays. Our finances can swing wildly. Our studies can be subject to blocks and sudden spurts.

Who will be most affected?

Because the present opposition is in the sidereal signs of Pisces and Virgo, people with planets in these signs will feel the effects most.

The biggest affected people will be those with their Moon at around 20 Virgo: anyone with Moon in Hasta Lunar Sign will be strongest affected (early Libra in western astrology). These people will be in the pit of Sade Sate (the seven-and-a-half-year dark night of the soul in Vedic Astrology), and Saturn will be immensely powerful in their lives, now in March, but especially in June because, although Saturn is retrograding now (going backwards in the skies at the moment) it is actually stationary for most of June 2011 – and for these people, Saturn will be conjunct their Moon in their birth chart. The effects for people with Moon, Sun, Ascendant, or another planet in Hasta, in June, will be immense.

Moreover, take into account that the Nodes of the Moon change sign in Vedic Astrology, also in June, moving from sidereal Sagittarius to sidereal Scorpio (the border is around 23 western Sagittarius). This can bring terrorism or deep insight, again depending on the level we are at: If we use this new energy coming in up to June positively, we could experience great positive growth and transformation. In particular spiritual knots could loosen at this time and liberate us to fuller spiritual expression of ourselves. But if we experience the energy of this time negatively, we could experience driven obsessions and also need to watch out for people who will unsettle our lives. We could dangerously embark in a driven way on a wrong spiritual path. N.B. Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, was last in Vedic/sidereal Scorpio from 30.10.92 to 19.5.1994. What happened to you then?

AND ON TOP OF ALL THIS, THERE IS A CRUCIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE ON JUNE 15TH. This could well be the fulcrum point in all this change and re-balancing. SEE MY BLOG:

I think a major part of what will happen in June is this: If you haven’t been dealing now with the calls of the present phase: the call to go forward with strength, then the Eclipse of June 15th will tend to produce earthquakes in your life (There actually was an earthquake at the time of the last eclipse in this area on 4th January 2011: in Ilkley in West Yorkshire).

THE LAST VERY BIG POINT TO MAKE IS THAT THE CENTRE OF THE GALAXY IS OF COURSE BEING CONTACTED: Mula Lunar Sign in Vedic Astrology: The Nodes cross it now, the Sun next year: when the Sun changes apparent direction in the heavens: the end of the Mayan calendar. See My Blog:


It is important to realise that the Jupiter-Saturn opposition also relates to our sense of self-worth or value. Under the influence of the Jupiter – Saturn opposition, such as we have culminating at present, you fluctuate between knowing what you are worth and having grave doubts about your worth. You tend to feel unsure of yourself. You need re-assurance and help. You feel your worth and capabilities are ignored or underestimated by others.


The overall Jupiter – Saturn Cycle lasts 20 years (from conjunction to conjunction), and the Jupiter Opposition Saturn aspect within it marks the half-way point of this Cycle. Jupiter = expansion; Saturn = Contraction, death and loss. It’s a cycle of expansion and contraction (in fact there’s an 800-year cycle comprising all these twenty-year cycles nefore the sequence repeats itself). It affects all planes of life, but it is recognised to govern economic fluctuations. So, because we are now at the Opposition point, we are now at that critical half-way point in the ‘expansion – contraction’ personal, organisational, global and financial cycle. These oppositions coincide with market reversals. They are the ‘tipping point’ around which the global economy turns.
Previous Jupiter – Saturn oppositions have been accompanied with world financial crisis.  This opposition is accompanied with revolution and sudden social change. The old can no longer hold out against the new. The change is sudden and seems unexpected. It’s tense. It’s upheaval. It’s explosive. It manifests in the world at large; it manifests in your work place and it manifests in your home and your own individual life.

Appendix 1: What Happened in the world at the times of previous Saturn – Jupiter oppositions?

  • July 1692: The Salem Witch Trials and the hangings.
  • the fall of the Berlin Wall
  • Nelson Mandela freed from prison which led to the end of apartheid in South Africa The Tiananmen Square student revolution began in China
  • Saddam Hussein mounted Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait starting the first Gulf War


If Jupiter is stronger in your chart, remember that sometimes expansion can be pulled off more successfully with proper boundaries and proper grounding.

If Saturn is stronger in your chart, you would do well to realize that new, uncomfortable experiences are opportunities to break through restrictive scripts and succeed.