Sagittarius: Can they be too dogmatic and ride rough-shod over feelings?

Sagittarius: Can they be too dogmatic and ride rough-shod over feelings?

This is the December 2013 Starwheel Newsletter from Michael Conneely: Out every month, my start of the month Newsletter focusses on Astrology – especially the ‘Happy Birthday Sign’: This month it’s Sagittarius.

But watch out, also, for my mid-month Newsletter which focuses on Earth spirituality including Shamanic Healing, Ogham and Runes, as well as general astrology issues.


November 22 – December 21
Qualities:                                       Mutable – Fire
Key Phrase:                                  I see
Key Word                                      Freedom
Virtue                                             Hopefulness
Defect:                                           Dogmatic. Rides rough-shod. Non-discriminating
Ruler                                              Jupiter
Rules                                              9th House
Myth                                              Zeus/Jupiter and Chiron

Sagittarian qualities: are freedom-loving, good fortune, abundance, optimism, lack of discrimination, given to hunches, drawn to things ‘foreign’, philosophical, spiritual, idealistic, humorous, honest and straightforward, love of liberty and freedom,  frank, outspoken, chatty, knowledgeable, freedom-seeking, restless, unreliable, changeable, optimistic, good-humoured, quick-tempered, does not respond well to the imposition of orders from others. Needs to be mobile. The more alien the culture, the more he or she is drawn to it. Will want to find the meaning to everything: whether this be spiritual or an academic analysis of social constructs. Irony, insight. An intuitive, speculative intellectual. A dashing wandering soul, stimulating, exciting, dynamic, a tease.

Sagittarian defects: are narrow-mindedness and bigotry (especially if associated with a social, ideological or religious group with limited vision), spiritual/ideological dictatorship, religious fanatics, blind adherents to the dogmas of established religions, a stubborn tendency to deal with people ideologically rather than with a love that is emotionally authentic, a tendency to soar above authenticity to emotional truths (even to the point of persecution of self or those near and dear), bluntness, an unsubtle approach to life, lack of tact. They can be chronically upsetting to sensitive people around them. Unmerciful to enemies, or to those who don’t match their ideological/religious criteria. They can jump to conclusions without taking all the factors into consideration. Over-optimism can cause problems

Nakshatras: As is ever the case, the Deep-truth guidance to the nature of the western Sun-sign is given by understanding which of the three Vedic Lunar Signs, the three Nakshatras that lie behind the western sign of Sagittarius. See my fascinating separate Blog on these:

This Blog on the Nakshatras also tells you about Galactic Centre around 27 deg Sagittarius and the Gandanta Zone leading up to 24 deg Sagittarius:
These three Nakshatras are:
Anuradha (19 November -2 December)
Jyeshta (2 December – 15 December) Mula (15 December -28 December)  (Galactic Centre is in the sign Mula).

Also, have a look at my fascinating other Blog just posted on the question: What does the Sun represent in your astrological birth chart? And what is its most spiritual meaning?

But back to Western Astrology and Sagittarius:
Sagittarians are generally independent and usually dislike domestic tasks. They are energetic and naturally outgoing, achieving their goals through the ‘power of positive thinking’. Help may often appear when they need it – albeit at the 11th hour.  They are serious thinkers, concerned with the well-being of society as a whole. There is a ‘prophetic’, forward-looking quality about their vision. There is an innate sense of fair-play and justice. They tend to make intuitive mental leaps. Life is an adventure: a journey to be made as interesting, expansive, and informative as possible. For the more extraverted Sagittarian, life is the adventure, the mystery, the unattainable goal, the one that got away, the fear of missing something, the new, the exciting and the trendy. This quality can manifest as insatiable sexual passion. The more introverted Sagittarian will be more into the new novel or new film or new philosophy or higher teaching, &c. There’ll have the nerve to try one’s luck. Easily gets bored. Dislikes doing the same thing twice. Loves to play roles: Jupiter was a shape-changer. Explosive temper.  Not one to hold a grudge.  Can be gullible – especially to flattery. The world of safe secure serene unchanging domesticity horrifies Sagittarius. Heavy displays of emotion disturb him/her  – He’s more into friendship.

Sagittarian interests include religion, death, philosophy, law, medicine, books, publishing, giving advice. They travel far and fast, either geographically, or in thought, or both. They like people to acknowledge their qualities and work, and since the creative urge is strong, they expand their egos through creativity.

Home and family evoke sentimental reactions and they can adopt an image of self-sacrifice for their benefit. They can express fixed and assertive opinions at home, and while they attempt to create a free liberal atmosphere, simultaneously they can act against this by your extreme opinions or dogmatism. Needs conviction: can be opinionated.

They need mental stimulation and a variety of company – and this can create a pattern of restless physical and mental activity. The Sagittarian’s partner needs to understand his/her need for freedom, sharing his diverse interests and not attempting to limit or restrain him.

A Sagittarian may not always be fully honest with himself: self-enquiry may reveal two sides to his nature: one that is bright and amiable; the other that is broody and insecure.

Sagittarians may need employment which offers them considerable variety and independence, and the opportunity to organize their own job. Interest areas are listed above: but avoid any arena where devastation can be done due to authoritarian or patronizing attitudes.

SHADOW SAGITTARIUS SUN: Not valuing people for who they are, but only if they fit into the social circle/ideology that the Sagittarian moves in. The name dropper, the groupie, the esoteric initiate, politically in the know, ethnic glitterati.
Using people: using a sexual relationship, making a career out of basking in someone else’s limelight.
Sagittarius over-extends himself, therefore promises far more than he will deliver: materially, spiritually or emotionally – enthusiastic and out to impress and convince.
Mean a shrewd commercial nose behind a ‘front’ of nobility and a great heart.
Difficulty in adjusting to the limitations of reality. Lacking the maturity and discipline to finish what he starts. Frightened of making any commitment to the material/tangible world, profligate and strutting; fails to allow people to love him for his own sake, rather than for the sake of his fantasies/ideologies.

SAGITTARIUS LOVER: Reluctant to commit. Restless and hungry for experience. Loves the new and exciting – this can be inhuman. Even if Sagittarius remains with one person, he/she dislikes being caged (psychologically or sexually). Needs to be able to soar off into philosophical speculation or imaginative fantasy, or to travel. It’s tragic to see an Archer bound and gagged by someone who won’t let him exercise his spirit. Needs to believe in something and needs to have goals, even if they aren’t realistic. He/she can’t bear anyone who belittles his dreams. Needs to be able to communicate. Needs belief in love, otherwise life wilts: perhaps almost never ultimately loses hope for the future: a believer in the value and vitality of life. He/she can be generous, but can’t give on demand – has to be spontaneous.  He’s a self-centered soul – can be insensitive (even if hopelessly in love). Sagittarius has a problem making the bridge from romantic fantasy to fleshly reality. Some Sagittarians despair of ever making a successful relationship, and so they roam through life leaving a trail of broken affairs behind them: unfinished business and unlived life. There’s often a frightened child behind this person: cynical or ideological, but afraid of being hurt or convinced of unlovability. Given a feeling he can be himself, Sagittarius gives freely, and no one is so entertaining or stimulating a partner, full of excitement and new possibilities. Sagittarius hates the person who reminds him he needs to grow up and be more responsible. A state of non-marriage superficially suits a Sagittarius, because he/she thinks he can exist as he wants to with the minimum of fuss. Likes ‘open relationship’. Will sometimes do anything rather than admit to responsibilities emotionally. Not a constant home-bound person. Sagittarians are not domestic and Sagittarian woman can be happy to dispense with partner and rear the child as a travelling companion, perhaps remaining a socialite or a careerist. Driven to pursue his/her romantic fantasies. Often has a wishful vision of love, full of fiery drama and perfection and even ‘spiritual union’. Could go in for the ‘pursuit of the eternal feminine’, or ‘the pursuit of the puer aeternus’. If a Sagittarian denies himself exploration in love when young, he will usually break out of his conventional bonds in middle age.

There’s possibly a special link to healing with part of this Sun Sign. The constellation Ophiuchus overlaps Scorpio and Sagittarius in part and this has erroneously been identified as a 13th sign, but traditionally was associated with the healer Asclepius who learned the secrets of keeping death at bay after observing one serpent bringing another healing herbs. To prevent the entire human race from becoming immortal under Asclepius’ care, Zeus killed him with a bolt of lightning, but later placed his image in the heavens to honor his healing works. Also the constellation Sagittarius, itself, has been believed to represent Chiron (the teacher of Asclepius), where the position of  Chiron in your natal chart represents a special fated wound you have to deal with, and in healing it, you become able to heal others.

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