Sade Sate: When Saturn transits over your natal Moon

Saturn - Shani
Saturn – Shani

Sade Sate: When Saturn transits over your natal Moon

 Michael Conneely, western and Vedic Astrologer, writes:‘If the Moon in your western astrology birth chart is between 24 deg Sagittarius and 24 deg Capricorn. You have just entered Sade Sate.’

Losses, big moves and fated changes: these are the typical experiences of Sade Sate. It is really important to know what Sade Sate can mean. What are the likely sorts of experiences? And, crucially importantly: what sort of consciousness do you need to bring to what will happen, if you are to reap the great benefits that often lie hidden in this experience?

Sade Sate is the seven-and-a-half year life-changing phenomenon in Vedic Astrology when Saturn transits over the Moon in your birth chart.’

In Vedic astrology it has been likened to descending onto a pit. There are three stages:

A. You start your descent from the day Saturn enters the Vedic sign before your birth Moon.
B. You ‘bottom out’ as Saturn actually transits over the point occupied by your birth Moon.
C. You then gradually rise up out of the pit until the date when Saturn finally leaves the Vedic sign after your birth Moon.

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It takes two and a half years for Saturn to transit through each of the three signs. So the experience lasts from seven and a quarter, to seven and a half years overall.

Sade Sate occurs once every 29yrs in your life.

And when you are in it, your really do need to know and understand what it means.

‘I have had a lot of requests for readings, as well as enrolments on my courses, all since Saturn entered the Vedic sign of Scorpio on November 3rd 2014. And what all these people have in common is that they all have their birth Moon in their natal chart in the Vedic Sign of Sagittarius. This means that Saturn is now transiting the Vedic sign before the sign occupied by their birth Moon. For these people ,Sade Sate has begun.’

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The sorts of typical experiences you will have to deal with during Sade Sate are: confusion, blocks and problems, separations and deaths; losses, changes and big moves Basically Sade Sate is a period the first half of which is like going down into a pit. As we go down, we are cut off from God’s grace, with the divine purpose that we have to stand in the light of our own merits.

It is so useful if you know when you are actually in the period called Sade Sate.

It is so helpful to know what sorts of things to expect in your life. And it is so useful to be aware of the over-riding truth that only a higher-consciousness way of understanding this phenomenon is capable of making your find the buried gold in all the disorientating confusion, upset and distress.


Here is a statement of the Vedic signs Saturn is now transiting through with an approx cross-reference to the western signs.

(N.B. Vedic Astrology uses the sidereal zodiac; western astrology uses the tropical zodiac. The two zodiacs are app 24 degrees apart).

A.   3.11.2014 Saturn enters Scorpio (Saturn enters the first degree of the  Vedic sign of Scorpio in the sidereal zodiac).
N.B. This is 24 degrees in the western sign of Scorpio (tropical zodiac).
This means the start of Sade Sate for those with their natal Moon in the next sign: the Vedic sign of Sagittarius

B. 26.10.2017 Saturn enters Sagittarius (Saturn enters the first degree of the Vedic sign of Sagittarius in the Sidereal Zodiac).
N.B. This is 24 degrees in the western sign of Sagittarius.
This means that Saturn will actually hit the degree occupied by your birth Moon one or three times between 26.10.2017 when Saturn enters Vedic Sagittarius and 24.1.20 when it leaves Vedic Sagittarius.
Where your Moon is in the sign, depends on how early or late between these two dates Saturn will exactly be on your natal Moon. The earlier on in the sign your Moon is, the earlier will be the turning point.
C.  26.1.2020 Saturn enters Capricorn: Saturn enters the first degree of the Vedic Sign of Capricorn.
N.B. This is 24 degrees in the western sign of Capricorn (tropical zodiac).
Sade Sate finally ends for those with a Vedic Sagittarius Moon.

By the way, it is most important to note that not all Sade Sate experiences are the same. There are technical assessment techniques for assessing what your exact Sade Sate experience will be.

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