Sade Sate when Saturn transits over your Moon: This happens to Donald Trump in December 2016: Will it ruin his chances?

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Sade Sate is the seven and a half year period in Vedic Astrology when Saturn transits over your Moon.

It happens exact to Donald Trump in December 2016: the center of his Sade Sate period.

Will it ruin his chances?

Donald Trump has been riding high recently and election pundits are warning people not to disregard his chances of winning.

One of the big astrological indicators of his success at this time (May 2016) is because the Sun is in the Vedic astrology sign of Aries. Donald Trump’s rising sign in Vedic Astrology is Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and Sun has been exalted in Vedic Aries, and Sun will stay Exalted until Sun enters Vedic Taurus on May 14th.

However, in terms of what’s called Ashtakavarga, the powerful Vedic Astrology measure of how a planet does in any particular sign, well, Donald Trump has a good score for Sun in Taurus, so I think the success will continue, and note from his Vedic birth chart shown below that Vedic Taurus is actually his Sun’s own Sun-sign in his Vedic astrology birth chart.

But the big issue to consider is the fact that Donald Trump is in Sade Sate.

Sade Sate is the accurate and difficult Vedic Astrology Teaching of Saturn transiting the Moon in your birth chart.

There are three sign phases to Sade Sate: when Saturn transits the sign before the sign that the Moon occupies in your birth chart, when Saturn transits the sign the Moon occupies in your birth chart, and when Saturn transits the sign after that.
Sade Sate affects all of us when Saturn transits over our Moon in our birth chart.

It takes Saturn twenty eight to twenty-nine years to orbit the Sun. He thus takes two and a half years to transit each sign. So the whole experience of Sade Sate, when Saturn transits through three signs actually lasts seven and a half years.

Donald Trump’s Sade Sate period started when Saturn entered Vedic Libra in October 2011. The start of Sade Sate is intense because the mind is very affected at that point. Sade Sate then gets easier, though it then gets really tough when Saturn is on top of the natal Moon, and there’s also a sting in the tail at the end of Sade Sate.

Saturn is transiting exact on Donald Trump’s Moon on 30th December 2016, and on 20th August 2017 and 29th August 2017 (so in August 2017 his Sade Sate experience will be really intense: but will he be in power then or out of power?)

saturn planet 2So, what is the Sade Sate period like? Sade Sate is like going down into a pit, cut off from God’s grace, with the divine purpose that we can see and learn the limitations of our own unaided personality and incarnation.
The turning point when Saturn ceases to go down into the pit and starts to rise up out of it. This is when Saturn actually transits across the Moon in your birth chart.
You will be needing to let certain things die in your life during your Sade Sate period in order to re-organise your psyche, your beliefs and your associations and lifestyle, in order to be more immediately connected to the divine.
The more pride and fixity or illusion about themselves a person has during Sade Sate, the more they suffer.
You will best need to deal with turbulence or depression of the mend, for example thorough mantra and healing modalities. And note that in the time before the exact transit, there will be risk of false complacency.

You can book an astrology reading with me if you are approaching or in Sade Sate and the insight and advice I will give you will be accurate and immense.

But, to return to Donald Trump: in Donald Trump’s case, will this ‘descent into the pit’ mean that Donald Trump will lose the election?

Might it alternatively mean that he will simply take on the world with more pride and ferocity as he digs himself in and win the US Presidency through all the wrong ways?

This is the fourth Post of mine about Donald Trump and what drives him and whether he is likely to win the US Presidential Election. Hve a look at the others, and read future posts to find out what will happen.

Blog Post 1 started this series off in a reasonably light-hearted way, noting that in terms of western psychodynamic astrology, Donald Trump actually has a ‘Megaphone’ chart Aspect Shape in his western astrology birth chart. This will obviously come as a surprise to everyone!
Blog Post 2, however, got more worrying because it was noted that Donald Trump has a very divisive chart shape in his Vedic Astrology birth chart: He has ‘Kal Sarpa Yoga’. All his planets are enclosed by the Serpent: all are enclosed between the Nodes of the Moon.
Blog Post 3 noted that this ‘Kal Sarpa Yoga’ divisive serpent energy is not only in the chart of Donald Trump as US presidential candidate. Amazingly, by coincidence, it is also at the same time mirrored in the heavens as well! What a terrible coincidence!

Read my future posts to find out about Donald Trump’s chances and his meaning for the world, and to read about a lot of advanced astrology techniques.

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Here is Donald Trump’s western astrology birth chart:

Donald Trump Astrocalc natal wheel

Here is Donald Trump’s Vedic Astrology Birth Chart:

Donald Trump Rashi