Sade Sate Planning When Saturn transits your natal Moon

Sade Sate is the difficult seven and a half year that Saturn transits through the sign before the natal Moon, the sign occupied by the natal Moon and the sign after the sign of the natal Moon: two and a half years Saturn transit through each of these signs; seven and a half years transit in total.

The divine purpose of Sade Sate is to let us see ourselves as we are when ‘stripped of God’s grace’, and the divine intention of this is to spur us to smash our blocks to perception and embrace the path that is more truly in line with our incarnational life purpose as it can best unfold at this time in our life. There are very hard parts of Sade sate, and these alternate with ‘fools’ paradise’ times. Often there’s a death in the family or the circle. Often there’s a big move of house.

Those people with Moon in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra in their Vedic birth chart, in the Vedic sign of Sagittarius, are in the very centre of their Sade Sate period now.

Though do note that the mapping of your Sade Sate time scale is more accurately mapped both for date/timescale, and also type of experience, by studying Saturn’s transit through the sequence of your Nakshatras on either side of your natal Moon, rather than the three signs model, as above.

This is especially the case for those of us who have their natal Moon at the very beginning or the very end of one of the 12 Vedic Sidereal signs.

Let’s look at Saturn’s transit at the moment. Saturn transited into the Nakshatra he currently occupies which is PurvaAshadha Nakshatra in Vedic Sagittarius, on 2.3.2018, and Saturn leaves PurvaAshadha and enters UttaraAshadha on 26.12.19.

It’s been a tough period for PurvaAshadha. Basically, do note that the Nakshatras are supremely accurate depictors of our emotionally based consciousness and personality. They are the most deeply ancient wisdom. And they depict our Self ‘warts and all’, with the divine aim being to help us minimise the negative tendencies and capitalise on the good bits! So, to be blunt, when the negative PurvaAshadha characteristics are dominant in a person, I have found that one of their biggest danger is that because PurvaAshadha is ruled by Venus, this can make them pleasure loving and demand to be carried and reluctant to do the hard work needed to identify and face their problems and then define new goals. And also we have to not that that the word PurvaAshadha means ‘The former invincible one’, and so, at their worst, they do have a demanding imperiousness, rather than a willingness to identify the truth of the problems that they are experiencing and do the work to sort their lives out, and sort out the needed way forward. They believe in their capacity for strength and Victory. They can feel that essentially, and blindly, they are Invincible. They can smash through anything or anyone in their way. At their worst, they are proud, independent. Obstinate and can’t be influenced by others, and have an implicit sense of their superiority. They can feel certain that however lazy they are, that they cannot lose and have the ability to come out on top, and sometimes this can be very misplaced. It is a blind  implacable energy, and Saturn’s transit is designed to show these people how unrealistic and inappropriate are their sense of their Selves, how deep into self-denial they are, how they are refusing to open to the light, descend into the Abyss to shed their dark material, and how refusing they are to Arise. It is the worst examples of PurvaAshadha that I am describing ere. And these Saturn now takes most to task.

So, Sade Sate is a serious time, so do contact me for a full reading about your life and how to handle your Sade Sate experience.

This is especially a good idea for you now, if your natal Moon is in Vedic Sagittarius or Vedic Capricorn. i.e. if your natal Moon is in the Nakshatras: Mula, PurvaAshadha, UttaraAshadha, Sravana or Dhanistha (The Nakshatras that Saturn is now impacting).

Saturn transited into PurvaAshadha Nakshatra in Vedic Sagittarius on 2.3.2018, and
Saturn enters UttaraAshadha on 26.12.19. see the fuller timetable for all affected Nakshatras, below. And do contact me for a full reading about your life and how to handle your Sade Sate experience.

Here’s a more detailed timetable of Saturn’s movements through the Vedic signs, and also through the currently-activated Nakshatras.

Note that this Timetable is not totally complete, as, for the sake of clarity, I ignore some of the times Saturn entered a sign, then retrograded back out of it, then entered it again. But this is a very usable guide:

                                                                                                                            SS Begins for:
SS Ends for:

3.11.2014             Saturn enters Scorpio

30.11.14           Saturn enters Anuradha             3 Scorpio 20     Nx 17               Nx 20 PurvaAsh

Nx 13 Hasta

28.12.15           Saturn enters Jyestha                 16 Scorpio 40   Nx 18               Nx 21 UttaraAsh

Nx 14 Chitra

9.7.16               Saturn R re-enters Anuradha

18.9.16             Saturn re-enters Jyestha
26.1.17             Saturn enters Sagittarius
26.1.17             Saturn enters Mula                                            Nx 19                Nx 22 Sravana
Nx 15 Swati

21.6.17             Saturn R re-enters Scorpio
21.6.17             Saturn R re-enters Jyestha

26.10.17           Saturn re-enters Sagittarius
26.10.17           Saturn re-enters Mula
2.3.18               Saturn enters PurvAshadha        13 Sag 21     Nx 20               Nx 23 Dhanistha
Nx 16 Vishakha

6.6.18               Saturn R re-enters Mula

27.11.18           Saturn re-enters Purvashadha
26.12.19           Saturn enters UttaraAshadha     26 Sag 40     Nx 21               Nx 24 Shatabishak

Nx 17 Anuradha

24.1.20             Saturn enters Capricorn
Abhijit 6°40′ to 11°13’20” Capricorn                  (Nx 28)

22.1.21             Saturn enters Sravana                10 Cap           Nx 22             Nx 25 PurvaBhad

Nx 18 Jyestha

17.2.22             Saturn enters Dhanistha            23 Cap 20         Nx 23            Nx 26 UttaraAshad
Nx 19 Mula

17.1.23             Saturn enters Aquarius

14.3.23             Saturn enters Shatabishak          6 Aquarius 40   Nx 24 (to 20 Aq) Nx 27 Revati
Nx 20 PurvaAshad

15.10.23           Saturn R re-enters Dhanistha

24.11.23           Saturn re-enters Shatabishak
6.4.24               Saturn enters PurvaBhadra         20 Aquarius      Nx 25               Nx 1 Ashwini

Nx 21 UttaraAsh

3.10.24             Saturn R re-enters Shatabishak

27.12.24           Saturn re-enters PurvaBhadra

30.3.25             Saturn enters Pisces

28.4.25             Saturn enters UttaraAshadha     3 Pisces 20        Nx 26               Nx 2 Bharani

Nx 22 Sravana

3.10.25             Saturn R re-enters PurvaBhadra

20.1.26             Saturn re-enters UttaraAshadha

17.5.26             Saturn enters Revati                  16 Pisces 40      Nx 27               Nx 3 Krittika
Nx 23 Dhanistha

9.10.26             Saturn R re-enters UttaraBhadra

8.2.27               Saturn re-enters Revati

3.6.27               Saturn enters Aries

3.6.27               Saturn enters Ashwini                                       Nx 1                   Nx 4 Rohini
Nx 24 Shatabish

20.10.27           Saturn R re-enters Pisces
20.10.27           Saturn R re-enters Revati

23.2.28             Saturn re-enters Aries
23.2.28             Saturn re-enters Ashwini


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