Rune Othila : Your Home. Your Native Land

Rune Othila : Your Home. Your Native Land and worldwide Runes Course with Michael Conneely

Rune Othila is to be treated as the next but last Rune in the Futhark, the Rune alphabet of the ancient Norse.

The myth/truth is that the great warrior magician God Odin hung upside down in the World Tree Yggdrassil for nine days journeying and trancing until he fell screaming from the branches the letters and meaning of the 24 letters of the Rune alphabet which he saw in the shape of the twigs of the World Tree.

Each letter – each Rune – tells us something tremendous about a facet of our life. Each letter reveals our relationship with that facet. Each letter is in a special sequence of growth and development of perception, healing and empowerment.

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I have been putting videos about the runes on You Tube over several years – teaching the runes for 23 years. Is it a coincidence that I am filming this video about Othila just after we moved to what is in fact our Rune Othila: Our native land? Our home?

It’s as if the filming for this rune had to wait until we had arrived here:
here in the beautiful West of Ireland where we have our Healing Centre, on the Atlantic Cast of Co Sligo.

I tell the story of our finding our Native Land, our home:

Looking for a home to start off with in Ireland a year ago, I put up Estate Agents’ websites and used Tarot to find our first place – and it was great! We found that whenever we went out we ended up coming to the Atlantic coast of Sigo so we decided to move here and re-site our Healing Centre here.
Here there’s Ireland’s most ancient sacred sites like Carrowmore and Carrowkeel, W B Yeats country like Ben Bulben, Lock Gill, The lake isle of Innis Free, Slish Wood, Hazel Wood, the Fiddler of Dooney.

So, again, I just looked at the Estate Agents’ website and used Tarot to find this place!

And what have we got? Lovely house in half an acre. Silent.
Near three world class surfing beaches.

It is in fact my native land. I was born to an Irish mother though put in orphanage and brought up in England.

Through my father I have Yakut shamanic rots from the Baltic coast, the Danzig Corridor, the Barents Sea. Hence my novel Rune Magic available on and and worldwide. Hence my worldwide Runes Course.

Indeed, we owe the inspiration of another to spur for us to come to our Native Land. An Airbnb guest who stayed with us while searching for a house to buy to emigrate to Ireland. We had felt we could not afford to buy. She inspired us. Our blocks were broken. We are here! This is our Rune Othila!!!

But please note that there’s an inner and an outer meaning to Rune Othila.

On the inner meaning plane:
Othila is coming home to you
Acknowledge who you are.
Acknowledge your lineage
Acknowledge your past lives direction and fulfilment.
Acknowledge your ancestors

Find you own place within this that does not distort yourself, that does not make you fit into a structure imposed by family, group memberships, the culture of a country. That does not enable you to contribute to you.
Find the place that lets you flower, that gives you the life you need to go with rather than keep looking for answers outside of you.

Astrologically, some people will find success far from the land where they were born.
In 1994 I had a palm reading from Ian France who said that I would emigrate and settle – in Ireland.
If you have Moon in the 9th House in your Vedic birth chart, using the Sidereal Zodiac, you will find success if you move to a place far from the land where you were born.
Early on in studying Vedic Astrology, I read some Indian formula that with Ketu (South Node) in 4th House: he will be denied his maternal inheritance.
To have Neptune on IC can mean you have no roots, only spiritual roots.
But when Jupiter transits your 4th House, that’s good for finding enlargement and purpose through move of house.

The Rune Othila demands you make genuine authentic connection with the meaning of the Runes.
So many of the Rune books are too didactic, too formulaic. People laying their trip on you.

If you encounter Rune Othila in a Rune Reading ask:
what is your home?
is there a right home for you?
Do you need to acknowledge the issue of right home more?
Does your home let you express yourself, live in your rhythms and be healthy?
Move to a new house?
Find a home more suitable for your needs
OR: Work to alter where you live now? Make it more home?

Ask yourself: what have you perceived from your family/relations/friends about what is the right home? Is their example good or dysfunctional for you?

Home also raises the issue of what you will pass to your descendants.

Just as home raises the question of: how are your ancestors talking to you now.
What is your heritage?
What is your homeland?
What is your inheritance?
What is your relationship with your lineage? What are your gifts? Some may come from your lineage (even if its coping with their challenge) others may come from past lives of the growth thrust of your karmic unfoldment: your need to manifest the very special talent you came here this time in this life to manifest.
And so, creativity and fertility is a linked issue: Rune 22 Inguz.

And bear in mind that we inherit from our family our strength issues, our health and illness issues, as well as inherited skills and curses. Take stock of these as you seek your Othila home.

Some cultures we are born into a family line several times
Other people see that we incarnate in soul groupings.
There’s even the case of the twins who reincarnate together time after time: the Light Twin and the Dark Twin.

And we return to our homeland only to start a new journey again: a new day dawns: Rune 24 Dagaz.
By the way Rune Othila and Rune Dagaz is sometimes switched with Rune Dagaz coming before Rune Othila, but for me it feels more right that we sort the issue of finding our home/roots first so that the new day can dawn.

Returning to your Othila Home raises and addresses the issue of your death. Does the place create a good death?
Does it create a good next life?
You practice for Ragnarok.
What is your afterlife home? Alfheim?

In another way, Rune Othila can bring us back home to our body. For example, through work on the land, for example by seeing the spirits of place, for example by allowing a more Mindful life.

Question and review where your life has got to. Question: what did you inherit from your culture, your ancestors, your past lives?

The 24 Runes are divided into three AEtts, or groups of eight. The first AEtt is all about what it is to lead a successful human life. The second AEtt is all about developing divine perception so as to deal with difficulties. The third AEtt is all about being one with the Divine, one with the Gods: co-creation.
You need the right Othila Home to manifest yourself fully as a co-creator, to fully perceive, contact and express the Divine Meaning in your incarnation and life.

If you look at the shape of Rune 24 Othila, you see that it contains within it Rune 7 Gebo a gift
It contains within it Rune 22 Ing Fertility: the great god Ing.
And it contains within it Rune 6 Kano Torch: the torch of opening light, the flare of initiation, the light of Truth.
Rune Othila Home is a summation of your life. It combines your roots and the Orlog:

The Norns hold the universal order. From the beginning, they wove the threads of fate; they healed the World Tree from the dragon Nidhogg who ever gnaws at its roots. They anoint its trunk with soothing healing clay that they mixed from Urd’s Well at the foot of the Tree to stem its rot. The Norns sit there, ever chanting endlessly the Orlog: the rules that govern cosmic balance.

It is a key factor in the resolution of your karma
It is the gift of your family culture and roots – however hard or tortuous those gifts may be in your case: a big part of the solution is Rune Othila.
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