Rune Course Fehu Runestance, Galdr and Rune Magic

Meet Lia Cruse.

Lia is a vibrant, exceptional and gifted teacher fo the Runes – and of rune magic.






See this video about Fehu, the first Rune, the Rune of your wealth and value issues:

Fehu Runestance and Galdr Runes Course


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My wife Maggie Pashley and I recorded the runes audios years ago, and the course is still going strong.

My heredity and DNA is of the Connemara Irish on my  mother’s side and the Yakut/Baltic peoples on my father’s side, and I teach the sacred alphabets of these two peoples: the Ogham and the Runes, and I also teach understanding of the Gods and Goddesses of these peoples. Lia, too has been teaching the runes for some years.

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This magic and visionary course is taught by Lia Cruse and myself.

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Real power can be had from embodying the runes and giving them your voice. This is called rune stance and rune chant (Galdr). See this video on the embodiment and chanting of the first rune Fehu: Fehu runestance.