Royal Marriage astrology: the marriage of William and Kate Vedic astrology shows the basic compatibility of William and Kate to be very favorable. William and Kate have exceptional similarity in their ability to handle life’s challenges. You too can order a Vedic love and marriage report for your partner or someone you are interested in

Royal Marriage astrology: the marriage of William and Kate Vedic astrology shows the basic compatibility of William and Kate to be very favorable. William and Kate have exceptional similarity in their ability to handle life’s challenges. You too can order a Vedic love and marriage report for your partner or someone you are interested in.

I got interested in the Royal Wedding event when I looked at Prince William’s chart and saw that he has the aspect ‘Sun opposition Neptune’. This is the indicator of someone who will have to beware taking alcohol and who could experience real drain of energy later in life especially. Over the years I seem to have attracted ‘Sun opposition Neptune’ people almost as one of my specialities. It means he is quite sensitive and will not easily have a firm idea of his identity and as Neptune is on his Ascendant or Rising Sign, he will likely present himself quite sensitively but also possibly deceptively into the world.

As you can see from his chart, he has Venus as the apex planet of a Yod. A Yod is a ‘Finger of God’: a long thin triangle aspect shape with a blue base and two long green sides. This gives very special issues contacting the nature of the apex planet, in his case Venus the planet of love. He will have a sense of ‘ideal love’ and could be quite critical over the years in accepting the flesh and blood reality. He’s soft, caring and nurturing with Sun and Moon in Cancer and could be moody – and spiteful if he feels hurt. He will forever be misunderstood a bit, because he will try to achieve harmony: but he will try to achieve this through conflict – and that is a recipe for being easily misunderstood!!!

He has quite a spiritual air to him (in a quietly almost fierce way deep down) and he will have to tread the path that is spiritually right for him or his life will become a way of tears. This is not a natural chart for a monarch: he’s sensitive and not strong, shy! He has an innate fear of the public and of exposure.

November 2017 will be a big crisis period for him around issues of ideal love, and he should especially avoid drink. If the energy then manifests positively, however, it could be romantic and intuitive and even visionary. When I looked at his Vedic astrology, I saw he has Ketu, the South Node of the Moon in his first house: he will dissolve his self assertion in his ambition to fit into his marriage!

His whole life moved into a very different from before and much more responsible and serious phase from February 2010 and indicates much hard work and consolidation until February 2029.

With her Sun in her first house, Kate is stronger than him, but she too will tend to efface self interest to support the marriage! She will however tend to fluctuate in her commitment to the marriage, which could be infuriating for William (and he does tend to irritation). And what of the relationship itself?

Vedic Astrology has a wonderfully powerful astrology of love and marriage that provides a very sound foundation statement of the issues in a marriage such as friendliness, whether there is natural shared purpose, whether there is magnetic attraction, whether the relationship is tied to downfall and so forth. It’s reliable. It’s valid. It’s far more surely declarative than western astrology, though western astrology is a very useful psychoplogising add-on to the Vedic astrology of marriage.

Vedic astrology shows the basic compatibility of William and Kate to be very favorable – though with some defined challenges. William and Kate have exceptional similarity in their ability to handle life’s challenges. They have exceptionally compatible philosophy on what “happiness” means in marriage. Both are destined to have great wealth and very high status. However, Prince William will bring much travel and a feeling that “obstacles” are brought to the marriage.

Both have rather ‘bumpy’ energies with both having Mars and Saturn – and they’ll need to be careful not to produce hurtful ‘rev … zonk energy phases in their life. Kate is a ‘religious’ person with her 9th lord Sun being in the ascendant. Both have indicators for being pious. But Saturn’s aspect is also cast on their 7th houses, meaning marital discord will come at some point in this relationship. Unusually, both of them has Ketu, the south node of the Moon in the ascendant of their horoscopes and Rahu, north node of the Moon, in the 7th house of marriage. As they share having 8th lord Moon in the 7th house of marriage, this is not going to be an easy marriage – but it is well-starred. Here is a pretty full Vedic Astrology evaluation of their marriage (it uses the Vedic zodiac; not the western zodiac).

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Prince William (1982/6/21 21:3:0 London, 17) – Moon in Gemini and in Ardra Nakshatra
Kate Middleton (1982/1/9 6:45:0 Reading, 0) – Moon in Gemini and in Ardra Nakshatra

Your Moons are in the same Asterism Fortunately, the asterism that your Moons are in is relationship centered asterism. This means that you have great compatibility. Keep reading to get the details of your compatibility, keeping in mind a few things: Since your asterism is relationship centered, the difficulties that will be mentioned below will not be so big a problem, they will not be a huge part of your relationship. 

RESPECT The flow of your relationship will stimulate mutual respect and, thereby, growth of love. In any relationship it is respect that is most important. Love is said to, “flourish in the soil of mutual respect.” When any two people get together there is a particular flow between them. If it flows well, both people feel respected, cared for and loved. If it does not flow well, both people feel disrespected, incompetent and frustrated. Men and women tend to feel loved for different things and thus need to be respected in different ways. Men feel most loved when their thoughts and actions are respected and when they are appreciated for what they do. Women feel most loved when their feelings are respected and when they are appreciated for who they are. This is not to say that a woman does not feel loved when her thoughts and actions are respected and when she is appreciated for what she does, it is only to say that she feels most loved when her feelings are respected and when she is appreciated for who she is. Men do feel loved when they are appreciated for who they are and when they have their feelings respected, but they feel most loved when they are respected for their thoughts and actions and when they are appreciated for what they do. Since men and women feel most loved when respected for different things, a healthy relationship will flow in such a way so that both people will most often be respected for what is most important to them. Your relationship is set up so that the energy will flow from the man to the woman, which is the ideal situation. The man will get a clear picture of what needs to be done in the relationship and he will be able to take the steps to do it. This will put him in a position where the woman will have the opportunity to respect him for what he is doing. As a result he will feel loved and his self-esteem and confidence will flourish and he will become a better man as a result. He will also get ideas about the relationship and what to do in the relationship and bring them to the woman for her consideration and input so they can work together to create a happy future. The woman will feel loved and cared for since the man is taking the steps that show that she is important to him and that she is worth building a life with. Since the man will be demonstrating his love for the woman, the woman will feel better and better about herself. Any ills she may have suffered in the past and in past relationships that have caused her to wonder why anyone would ever want to be with her will become distant memories and she will become a better and happier woman. If for some reason you find things not flowing as smoothly, then there are likely to be issues that both of you have to work out as individuals, but which the relationship can help you work out. If things are not flowing as expected, then the man will be in need of improving his self-esteem. He probably doubts himself or just doesn’t know what he wants in life. This can cause him to not put the proper energy into the relationship or make it hard for him to have the courage to tell the woman what he wants. Given time, this relationship can help him discover these things about himself, since the flow of the relationship will help him breed the confidence he needs. The woman will probably still feel the need to prove herself, that somehow she is not “good enough,” or that if she does not do it, no one will do it just for her. As a result of feeling these things, she may do a lot more than necessary in the relationship. Given time, the good flow in this relationship will help her feel better about these things and help her experience a whole new world where she is the center of her man’s attention and actions.

WAVELENGTH You are on the Same Wavelength For a relationship to be smooth, efficient and nurturing the couple has to be on the same wavelength. They must have mutual needs so that they can share in the fulfillment of those needs and they must have an innate ability to understand each other. Everything that we do in life has a subtle influence upon us. Throughout the day we crave one thing or another. Fulfilling these cravings goes a long way in helping us feel balanced and energized. When our body is craving exercise we need to get out there and move or we just won’t feel okay. If we are feeling the need to be by the ocean we won’t feel right until we get there. If we feel like eating a certain food, we will feel hungry until we eat that food. So it goes throughout the day. A couple that wants to spend a lot of time together has to have needs and cravings that are similar in nature and they have to have these needs at the same time. Otherwise, one or both of the individuals will not experience enough of what they need and end up not feeling right until, over time, they will become drained. If this type of attunement is not there, then the couple will also not relate and communicate well together since they really won’t be tuned into the same thing at the same time. Your Wavelength score is 20 or higher which puts you both on the same wavelength and makes you naturally attuned to each other. As a result of this natural attunement with each other you will share many similar feelings about things and will often feel like doing the very same thing, so you will be able to spend hours with each other and your presence will help energize each other. This attunement will help you form deeper bonds as you naturally identify more and more with each other. Since you are so attuned to each other you will often find that you know what the other is going to say and be able to tune into what they really mean, so you will be able to share on a much deeper level. This attunement helps you both energize each other, so spending time together in close proximity, sleeping in the same bed and such can really help you feel good. Your Wavelength score is determined by eight different astrological measures. Each of these eight measures has something important to show you about your relationship. Continue reading to learn all about these eight factors and how they are affecting your relationship.

EXCESS Your Relationship Suffers from Excess Vata Each person’s physical health as well as their actions is governed by three principles: Kapha, Pitta and Vata. Kapha correlates to the Chinese principle of Yin and to the Phlegmatic temperament. Pitta correlates to the Yang principle and the Bilious temperament. Vata correlates to the interplay or movement of Yin and Yang and the Windy temperament. These principles are very important in respect to our actions, health and feelings. Kapha provides the capacity for love, devotion, receptivity, rest, enjoyment and emotional response. Pitta provides courage, initiative, leadership, determination, intelligence, improvement and protection. Vata provides the capacity for the change and adjustment that life requires in order to live healthily and happily. If one of these temperaments becomes excessive, then the relationship, the lives of both the individuals and the physical health of the couple may become unbalanced and strained. Each person has their own make up and blend of Kapha, Pitta and Vata, which is their “normal” state. This “normal” state may or may not be a healthy “normal.” Regardless of a person’s normal mental and physical state, when we relate to another person, the energy can change and there is the possibility of two people relating together to create an excess of Kapha, Pitta or Vata which results in their relationship having some imbalance. The imbalance will also carry over into the rest of their lives. Astrological Factors indicate that your relationship suffers from excess Vata. Excess Vata can make it difficult to maintain focus and consistency and you may find your lives together being full of change and instability. You may especially notice inconsistency with the small things, such as eating regularly, sleeping regular hours, keeping a schedule, etc. When trying to work something out, you may find yourselves quickly becoming confused and unsure of your thoughts and not be able to explain yourself the way that you desire to. Or, if you do actually come up with a game plan, you will find it difficult to follow through. Basically, excess Vata causes the relationship to be a bit ungrounded and makes it more difficult for you both to be focused and grounded when in each other’s presence. This not only creates difficulties in small things, like not having a clear idea of how to proceed or what to do at times, but also with the big thing of what to do with the relationship. When you do feel a lack of focus around each other, just a short time apart can get you both on track again. Ancient astrological texts state that excess Vata will harm the woman more than the man. Vata is the energy of movement, grace and change, which is usually more dominant in women than in men. Excess Vata in a relationship, therefore, tends to affect the woman more than the man. So it is more likely that the woman will feel that her life is getting more inconsistent and lacking focus and direction. Excess Vata can cause the woman to suffer from fatigue, constipation, stress, and lethargy in the mornings, restlessness in the evenings and shallow or disturbed sleep. It is, therefore, a good idea to emphasize taking care of the woman’s health and make sure that she eats and sleeps regularly, gets away from the stress and finds something relaxing to do. Exercise helps. Excess Vata can, of course, affect the man as well, but usually it is the woman that suffers the Vata excess the most. Excess Vata reduces your Wavelength score by eight points over what it would be if you did not have any such excess. Fortunately your Wavelength score is still twenty or greater. This gives you plenty of room to connect and relate healthily with each other even if you do get a bit spacey or ungrounded at times. And it gives you plenty of ways to relate to each other and work out any problems which having excess Vata may cause, to the point that these problems are only inconveniences, inconveniences being something that no relationship ever escapes entirely. If you spend a little time making sure that you both are working to balance the Vata in the female part of your couple by striving towards regularity in your lifestyle, your relationship can even improve.

CONSTRUCTIVISM You will naturally be creative and constructive with each other. Astrological indications reveal that you will find it quite easy, and even automatic to be constructive with each other. You will find many things to create together and share many desires together that you hope to build into your lives. You will very often desire to do and create very similar things so that there will be many opportunities to enjoy each other as you build your lives together. Your capability to create together is one of the best things for the relationship and earns you seven points towards your Wavelength score.

TEMPERAMENT When it comes right down to it, both of you are progressive, industrious and practical people. Since you both have this similar temperament you will better be able to relate to each other and better be able to relate to the rest of the world together. You will both strive to make the most of any situation that life offers you. You will be able to take advantage of the best options that life presents to you. When life is hard, you will both do what you can to make things better and get you through the difficulties. Having a similar temperament goes a long way in creating harmony and a sense of purpose together, and you therefore earn six points towards your total Wavelength score.

FRIENDLINESS You have a natural affinity for friendship with each other. A primary ingredient for any good relationship is the affinity of friendship. Friends are discovered in the places we like and in the things that we like to do, so in a relationship, friendship makes two people want to do things together. Also, in any relationship, people need to treat each other in a friendly way, especially during difficult times. Astrological indications reveal that you both have a natural affinity for friendship. This will help you both enjoy the same things and the same places and also help you have the same attitude about things. There will be greater feelings of friendship and mutual understanding, and compromise, when necessary, will be quite easy. When things get tough, you will have friendship to fall back upon and will treat each other kindly as you work things out. This natural affinity for friendship earns you five points towards your total Wavelength score.

INSTINCTIVE COMPATIBILITY Each person has an instinctive nature that they rely upon in intense situations when all recourse has left them. This instinctive nature is usually resorted to in crisis situations and in situations when a person has to do something, but does not know what to do. The instinctive nature also comes out to a lesser degree during the more intense aspects of sex. For a couple to go through intense situations harmoniously together and for a couple to bond through intense experiences and sexual experiences, it is important that their instinctive natures be compatible. Astrological indications reveal that your instinctive natures are the same, which is great and earns you three points towards your total Wavelength score. Having the same instinctive natures will help you get through the intense experiences in life easily together and you will even bond deeply through these experiences.

COMFORT A man’s temperament will either feel comfortable and safe to a women, or it will feel more threatening. If the man’s temperament feels safe and comfortable, then the woman will, or course, feel better about the relationship, and she will also be better able to get over any issues that may be making having a good relationship difficult for her. It will help her grow emotionally. The man will also benefit as he will fell like he is doing the right things in the relationship which will help him fell good about himself and, by extension, the relationship. If, on the other hand, the man’s temperament feels more threatening, the woman will only have a more difficult time feeling secure in the relationship and the efforts that the man might make to move the relationship forward, or to improve the relationship, may actually cause a setback in the relationship. If that is the case, the man may become frustrated and unhappy with himself and, by extension, the relationship. Astrological indications reveal that the man’s general temperament is non-threatening to the woman and so you gain three points towards your total Wavelength score. This will help both of you feel good about the relationship – the woman will feel good because more of the man’s actions (if indeed he takes any actions) will feel right by her and the man will feel good because he is doing right by the woman. In times of difficulty, there is a greater possibility of working things out, what the man will do to fix the problem (if he attempts to fix the problem) will more often than not be what will fix the problem. This is quite a minor comparison by itself, and by itself it will not have a major say in the relationship, it is only important in the context of gaining a high enough Wavelength score as to have a good relationship.

INNATE GIVING You both innately know what the other needs. When you are together there will be an innate ability to know what the other person needs and you will both be happy to provide it to the other person. You will both naturally know who is in the greater need at the given moment and the other will be happy to provide at that time. This can really help you both feel like you care for each other and so earns you two points towards your Wavelength score.

MUTATION This relationship will incline you to make positive changes. People change as a result of being in a relationship. Each person mutates somewhat as a result of being with the other. Ideally, this change is for the better and since it is part of human nature to want to change and improve, if the relationship has an innate ability to bring about positive changes, the couple’s need for growing and improving will be better met. Astrological indications reveal that your relationship is more likely to help you both change towards the positive instead of the negative. This will make the relationship more fulfilling and so you gain one points towards your Wavelength score.

INNATE SENSE OF PURPOSE Even though you have a very high Wavelength score, astrological indications reveal that you do not necessarily have an innate sense of purpose together. So, you will be wise to make sure that your reasons for being together are solid reasons. If your reasons for being together are superficial, then you may well find yourself one day wondering why you are together. OBSTACLES Obstacles can be overcome so that you can be together. In any relationship so much has to happen for two people to completely be together. Many of these things are practical things, like living in the same place, both being free and unattached, having work schedules that allow the necessary time for being together and having enough money to feel secure about building a life together. Then there is always the matter of being in the same mood and frame of mind so that they can enjoy sharing their lives with each other. Getting all of these things to fall into place can be quite a chore at times and there is plenty of opportunity for setbacks and obstacles to being together. For some couples, their destinies are timed so completely differently that there will always be something, or some feeling, preventing them from fully being together. Their destinies pull them apart and simply living their very lives becomes a source of obstacles to being together. When one lives in California, the other lives in Florida, when the Californian moves to Florida, the Floridian moves to New York to take care of their mother…and so the relationship goes or, rather, does not go. Fortunately, you escape this and the timing of your destinies is not an impossible conflict. So long as other compatibility factors are okay, you will be able to sort out your lives and make any changes and adjustments necessary in order to be together.

MISFORTUNE Your association will attract some trouble between yourselves and some misfortune into your lives. Besides the obvious importance to love and to be loved in a relationship, it is important for every couple to share a productive and happy life together. In fact, being in love increases our desire to live a productive and fortunate life. Some people get together and find their lives getting better and find more and more meaning to be with each other. Others, on the other hand, get together only to have everything go completely wrong, not just wrong in their lives, but wrong between them as well. Their very togetherness brings ill feelings between them along with misfortune. It is as if they are tied to a string of unfortunate events. Fortunately, one astrological measurement will show whether a couple is tied to the type of misfortune that has no end and no cure or if their association does not breed any extra ill into their lives. Astrological indications reveal that your relationship is tied to misfortune. Your very involvement with each other is likely to create problems between you. The deeper you are involved, the greater the problems will become. Your relationship is probably going to be full of ups and downs. This can be very frustrating. The closer you get to the one you love, the more troubles you suffer. You may find that even when you have the best intentions for each other that problems arise out of the blue that confuse and frustrate you, problems that at that moment appear hopeless. The more you try to help each other at these moments, the worse it will get. Your association with each other will especially cause problems in respect to taking proper care of the woman in the relationship. No matter how hard he tries, the man may always find himself unable to provide what the woman needs, or, at the first hint of the woman’s dissatisfaction or at the first hint of her saying, “no” about something the man may be unable to think of anything to do or say and instead just fall apart. Your association may also attract unfortunate events that disrupt the woman’s goals or which harm her health. If you really do love each other and want to be with each other, then you will have to learn to disengage and separate when you get into these confusing or depressing situations. You will find that just getting away from each other for a short while will do more good than trying to work things out in that moment. The woman will have to pay attention to herself and make sure that she fulfils her needs and that her health is well maintained. The man will have to learn not to be too sensitive to the woman’s reactions to what he does and when he gets confused, he needs to take a step back to reorient himself. BUT ….. Since your Respect measurement is high, you have an extra ability to avoid the unfortunate events alluded to and an extra ability to keep things good between you. The fact that you are able to respect each other will help you get through the difficult moments and to do the right things to make each other feel loved. If you do feel lost and confused with each other, after a short break the man will most likely be able to clear his head and do what needs to be done to make the relationship work. This puts you one step closer to avoiding misfortune. Since you have an innate affinity for friendship, in accordance with the Friendship measurement, you are both better able to understand each other, accept each other and not pressure each other. This helps prevent difficulties arising between you and puts you one step closer to avoiding misfortune. Since the man’s actions are more likely to be felt as comforting to the woman, in accordance with the Comfort measurement, there is much less chance of ill feelings arising between you and less chance for events to be seen as unfortunate. This puts you one step closer to avoiding misfortune. One of the things that makes it difficult for you to avoid the misfortune and troubles alluded to is that you do not benefit from the Innate Sense of Purpose measurement and this can create gaps that misfortune slips into. You will want to make sure you really do have the same goals and the same agendas and that you are going forward with those goals. If you do not, misfortune will find you an easy target.

ASSERTIVE PRESSURE While the Moon represents a person’s nature and consciousness, Mars is the planet through which we assert what is in our mind and heart. For two people to have a harmonious relationship, not only must they have an innate attunement towards each other, they must also assert themselves equally, or else the relationship will become imbalanced and frustrated. The position of Mars in your horoscope, and not just in one of your Vedic charts but in three important charts, determines how much force you assert yourself with in your relationship. If both of you assert yourselves with relatively equal force, you will be able to work together to have a balanced and healthy relationship. If one of you asserts yourself more than the other, then the relationship will become imbalanced. Your horoscopes show that you assert yourselves with relatively equal pressure. This will help you to act and respond towards each other in a balanced fashion that allows both of you to feel like you have a say in your relationship, that the relationship is equal and that both of your needs are getting met. You are equally matched in strength and you can, therefore, work together to build a better life.

CONCLUSION Over-all, you will share a very similar outlook and attitude about things and be able to bring your lives together very harmoniously.

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