Royal Baby Astrology

Druid Aed FirePrince George: The Royal Baby – His Vedic Astrology and his western psychological astrology

There has been a lot of comment on the new Prince’s Cancer Sun in western astrology, but as I work as an astrologer who combines western and Vedic Astrology, I was interested to see what Vedic Astrology has to say about the child’s future. One of the services I offer is actually ‘Understand your Child Readings’.

Vedic Astrology is the ancient astrology of India. It is sure and declarative, and presents a much more clearly defined picture of the person and their destiny than most western astrology. As such it is really worthwhile perception and insight and guidance.

The big conclusion I would draw is that the young prince has spiritual and even healing potential – a spiritual personality that he may only develop once he has come to terms with and worked through some really heavyweight and even angry parts to his personality, and so I would suggest to the parents of such a child that they choose an education which will foster a more gentle and spiritual life, rather than an aggressive life – and certainly NOT military training.

The Royal Baby’s chart in Vedic Astrology predicts a very heavyweight personality – and no easy chart for marriage, though there are signs for caring and healing.

Vedic Astrology uses a 27-sign Lunar Zodiac as well as the 12 – sign Solar Zodiac. And in the Lunar Zodiac, the Prince’s planets fall in really heavyweight signs.

His Sun is in Pushyami Lunar Sign, whose power animal is the Ram – speaks for itself. This is the same Lunar Sign as Prince Charles’ Rising Sign, and one of the features of Pushyamis are that they are loyal and pushy and tend to attract ‘dysfunctional mates’. But his Sun is in the religious 9th House which can carry potential for beginning to want to explore the spiritual path.

And the young prince’s Moon is in Uttarashada Lunar Sign. The Moon is used for the greater part of the very sure and declarative ancient astrology of love and relationships in Vedic Astrology, and the lunar sign Uttarashada is the one sign that has no natural mate.

The young prince’s ascendant or rising sign is in the Vedic lunar sign of Vishaka, whose power animal is the male tiger – again, speaks for itself. And there’s a second huge parallel to Prince Charles because Prince Charles’ Sun is in the Vedic lunar sign of Vishaka too.

The young prince has Mars, Mercury and Jupiter: three planets in the heavyweight lunar sign of Ardra. Ardra is ruled over by the Thunder God, Rudra, and is intense and demanding, but can desire to help people who are hurting, when they aren’t being aggressive or controlling.

His Venus is in the Lunar Sign of Magha which is the ‘royal sign’ whose symbol is the throne – another really powerful sign, much committed to the traditions of the Ancestors.

In Vedic Astrology, the Nodes of the Moon are a major key to understanding your incarnational destiny: ‘why am I here this time? ‘What is my life purpose?’ The Prince has Rahu, the North node in the 12th House; Ketu the South Node in the 12th house, which at its best creates a desire for karmic salvation, and can be like St Paul on the road to Damascus: sudden insight about the spiritual path you need to follow, with a point being reached where you will feel unhappiness if you are not following a spiritual path. For some this placement is the mark of an intuitive healer. They reject the traditional work ethic and can seek unusual occupations -and can attract powerful enemies.

The Prince has three planets in the 8th House of his Vedic birth chart. The 8th house is the most fallen of houses whose affairs include obstacles, scandal, sexual intrigue and downfall, but the point is that just as the lotus blooms out of the mud, and just as out of darkness light can be seen, people with such a strong 8th House emphasis can become magical and transform the darkness into strengths. They can become healers and astrologers. The eighth house compels us to look more deeply into the hidden parts of our self and explore life and hopefully transform.

And in his 8th House is Jupiter, and Jupiter is very, very weak, with a score of -5, with the lowest possible score being -6. This is someone who may well find it very hard to envision their own true greatness and the fullness of their lives. A weak Jupiter may cause many problems like lack of knowledge, not finding the best spiritual teachers, selfishness, problems in marriage and peace of mind, poor luck, or problems in education.

And these three planets are in the Vedic Sign of Gemini, so there could be intelligence, but the need to beware over-talkativeness and scatter. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and is in Gemini in the Princes chart, and the sidereal symbol for the degree occupied by his Mercury is Denotes one who can play with his life at first and who may perform acts which will cause him suffering and sorrow, until he transforms himself to find the real and the true. Mercury is the Atmakaraka in the Prince’s birth chart, his ‘soul indicator’, so the Mercury principles of speech and communication are very important to his life purpose. Mercury is speech, discriminating conscious intellect, education, teachers, writing, ideas: all these will be very important issues and challenges in his life.

Saturn is the strongest planet in the price’s birth chart and, in terms of the very sure powerful and accurate predictive periods of Vedic astrology, he was born into a Sun – Saturn period, suggesting that his life will be very fated, maybe with karmically meant blocks and challenges.

In terms of his ‘yogas’, with ascendant in Scorpio, and the ascendant’s Lord, Mars, in the 8th House, he will be prone to anger. Indeed his speech could be vitriolic as Mars is conjunct Mercury and Jupiter in the 8th House. With Leo as his Vedic 10th House, and the Lord of the 10th being in the wonderful 9th House, he could be powerful and religious ultimately when he has resolved the complex difficulties indicated elsewhere in the chart.

With Saturn and the North Node in the 12th house he will have great liking for foreign things and suc­cess in foreign lands or dealing with foreign people. But he will also have to beware being driven or remorseless, mechan­ical or ruthless – or the flip side of this: getting subjected to ruthless people.

I would like to conclude this very brief look at the Prince’s Vedic or Indian Astrology, with a very brief and selective look at his psychodynamic western astrology.

First of all he has a Grand Trine chart aspect shape in his western birth chart. This figure can point to a huge harvested talent. The figure points to a wonderful finished quality or inborn talent, which is capable of encompassing a wide range of experience, and which permeates and dominates the personality.

But you only achieve the harvest if you work hard at it: otherwise it remains a ruined crop! It’s a Grand Trine in Water Signs which is one of the hardest Grand Trines to work with. The risk is (as Trines are lazy aspects) that you may lazily see no need to develop new qualities and approaches, putting too much reliance on your conditioning or illusory life slogans or the obvious, superficial talents which you already posses. At its best the Prince’s Grand Trine could be the gift to put into concrete form intuitions and healing or magical transformations in life.

Secondly, the Prince has an Irritation Rectangle chart aspect shape in his birth chart. This is the person who learns early on to defend himself verbally against attack, which makes real contact with him difficult. It is the person who tends to resist, who bows little to outside pressures, who can have the compulsion to learn, in order to alleviate their inner tension by constant further study and searching.  It can even be fanatical. AND he has two ‘Irritation Triangle’ chart aspect shape which is more of the same, but rather more aggressive.

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