Retrograde Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune in July

Saturn retrogrades from 18 to 16 degrees Vedic Capricorn in July.
Saturn is Retrograde from 23rd May to 11th October.

Jupiter retrogrades from 7 to 5 degrees Aquarius.
Jupiter is retrograde from 20th June to 18th October.
Jupiter transits in Shatabishak Nakshatra.

Neptune retrogrades from 29 to 28 degrees Aquarius.
Neptune is Retrograde from 27th June to 2nd December.
Neptune transits in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.

Pluto retrogrades at 1 deg Capricorn.
Pluto is retrograde from 29th April to 7th October.
Pluto transits in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra.

When a planet turns Retrograde, we are all forced to take stock of how we are managing the effect of that planet in our lives.

The energy of that planet may over-whelm us, or the energy of that planet may be more difficult for us to be aware of it in our consciousness and connect to its qualities.

Things slow down.

We are called to consolidate and develop more awareness, and deepen our understanding fo the Divine nature of that planet, and also how that planet is manifesting in our lives, now.

We may be called to drop some things from our life now.

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Retrograde Saturn is all bout examining the structures and limits in our life: are they correct for us?
Retrograde Saturn calls us to diligence hard work and better focus. If we obey Lord Shani’s rules, her rewards us with golden reaping.
Disillusion and confusion can be our greatest friend if only we understand its divine purpose and potential understanding that is there.
Remember that Retrograde Saturn is conjunct Pluto, and is receiving a square aspect from Mars in Aries, an aspect from Rahu in Taurus and an opposition aspect from Mars in Cancer.

Retrograde Jupiter calls us to check where we have over-expanded, but also, he demands a better spiritual focus for our lives, for our expansion. And at Jupiter Retrograde times, our connection to blessing, sense of purpose may be reduced, so we may have to take special steps to boost our needed connection to Divine Jupiter, Lord Brihaspati.

Retrograde Neptune is ultimately our call to refine and strengthen our vision and creativity. The comfort zone we’re leaving behind will be washed away, and we’ll be entering a new phase of rebuilding. It is a call to strengthen our sensitivity and compassion. Neptune Retrograde Neptune can call us to recognise and identify what is illusion in our life. it can call us to our truer vision. We can become fearful anxious or worried, basically because what is false about us is calling to be exposed and healed. Boost your sense of your strength and worth by facing tough realities. Develop better awareness of people who may be parasites or illusionists in your life.

Retrograde Pluto demands that we contact and bring to the light to healing, our wounded and shadow material and also our buried true power (if that was denied to us). It is time to illuminate our darkest truths, including those that have been pushed under the rug. Look at your shadow selves, negative patterns, belief systems, and psychological wounds in order to claim our inner power.

You may need to come to the awareness that someone has been disempowering you, and dela with that. Alternatively, you may be forced to realize that you’ve been on some kind of power trip that’s harmful to your relationships and ability to maintain your sense of personal authenticity. This is a time to reclaim your power — or to let go of controlling tendencies. Develop awareness and heal your underlying psychological struggles.

Remember at this time that Pluto is conjunct Saturn in Vedic Capricorn and that the Pluto Return of the USA is running now which will bring up all sorts of Darkness to be challenged and dealt with.

Pluto opposition Aspects in July:
Pluto is opposition Venus exact on 23rd July at 1 deg Capricorn-Cancer.

And Pluto is opposition Sun exact on 18th July in those degrees.

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