Retrograde Pluto Your Journey to the Abyss Now

With Pluto Retrograde in May 2021, this is the time for our needed Journey to the Abyss. It is the time for our Shadow Work. It is the time for our Dark Night of the Soul. Pluto’s velocity is almost at standstill now. His energy is most powerful, and when he turns retrograde this is our opportunity to review our issues around power and darkness and shadow.

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Pluto is all about our power. We need to come into our proper power. We need to connect to our power that was buried or shamed.

Pluto experiences need to be handled well to bring about purging of power wrongly used over us, exorcising our shadows, and releasing our buried power and core truths and talents. Pluto is the planet of creative destruction, and its transits over our birth planets are lengthy.

 Pluto is Retrograde all May 2021. Pluto turned Retrograde on 27th April at 2 deg Capricorn, ending May also at 2 deg Capricorn. Pluto’s retrograde ends when Pluto turns direct on 7th October at 0 deg 9 min Capricorn.

The vastness and importance of Pluto was anciently known.

The Greek myth is of Pluto and Persephone.

The Babylonian myth is of Ishtar (also called Inanna).

The Egyptian myth is of Set.

Let’s look at these:

Pluto in Greek mythology was Lord of Hades and, looking up from his dark realm of the dead, he saw Persephone, daughter of Demeter Goddess of the Earth. Persephone was innocently picking narcissi in a beautiful meadow and Pluto desired her. So, Pluto erupted from his underworld realm and appeared before Persephone, and he summoned her to come with him, to his realm of Hades, Land of the Dead, where he made her the Queen.

Ishtar was the Babylonian Goddess of the Earth. Her husband died and in her great grief, she decided to descend into the underworld to get him back. She bribed her way past all the gate guards on the way, as she descended, and she arrive at the bottom of the underworld naked and bereft to face her sister, Ereshkigal who was Goddess of the underworld.
And what did Ereshkigal do? She hung Inanna on a meat hook, naked and bereft!
Meanwhile, the humans on the surface of the earth missed their Earth Goddess. The crops failed. So, they sent a little creature to creep down into the Abyss past the gate guards and retrieve Ishtar and bring her back.
And the wonderful this was that when Ishtar returned, because of her descent into the abyss, she was not only Goddess of the Earth, she was now Goddess of Love as well!

Set is a creature of no known nature rather like a jackal. He expresses the harsh power of storms and chaos, and the dark side of our nature. Set is the murderer of Osiris. He is the scapegoat who carries our sins.
Yet his trickster nature ensures that we will have to meet our fate and destiny, often in terrible situations – and this will give us a chance to raise our consciousness and be reborn.
So, is he our enemy or our ally?
He is our friend IF we can meet and face a part of ourselves in a conscious manner, that we would rather hide and deny.
If you face your shadows, you can heal them.
And as the Trickster, Set can actually lighten up this situation. He appears in your life to set you free.

All this is the nature of Pluto. And Pluto is vast now, because he is at a standstill at the start of his powerful long Retrograde.

It is so useful and necessary to understand your Pluto destiny in this life. Get and astrology Reading from me.

Do an online ‘Pluto Descent into the Abyss’ with me – you also get a Pluto-orientated Reading of your natal and predictive Vedic and western Astrology beforehand. People have found them immensely healing and renewing.

We need to develop awareness of the vastness of our Self.

You see, our persona is much bigger than the identity given us by our parents and this society. That little identity is like just a corner of our full Self.

But behind the corner, imagine a range of mountains, and behind the range of mountains see that there lies a much vaster landscape of the self.

And on that vaster landscape of our self, reside our Animus and our Anima (our sense of the masculine and the feminine). Our Shadow. Our Ego. Our Archetypal Self. Our Complexes (we cannot rid ourselves of our wound complexes, but we do need to develop awareness of them). Our Primordial Fire: the profound archetypal forces that drive us and are the source of our psychic energy, our instincts such as sexuality and hunger, linked to the primal fire that drive humanity.

I always combine both Vedic Astrology and Psychodynamic Western Astrology. In Psychodynamic Western Astrology, the Radix or birth chart is the chart of our Nature – of our inherited Nature.

But there is also a chart that depicts the effect on us of our earliest Nurture environment.

This is because of the big question that is so important: are we the effect of our Nature or are we the effect of our Nurture?

There’s also a ‘Dynamic Counting Table’ that compares the strength scores of our Modalities and our Elements in the Radix chart of our Nature, to the chart for the ‘Nurture you’.

I was so fascinated when I first saw these charts, that in my birth chart (of my nature) Pluto is an Unaspected sub-personality (in other words I might be cut off from my innate power).

But in the House Chart (the chart of the ‘me; created by the effect of my nurture), Pluto becomes the apex of an angry red T-square, square my Sun and my Moon. AND, where my Sun opposition Moon become unified with my Nodal Axis. In other words, a fated dichotomy between disempowered self and power-over.

I did a Journey to the Abyss reading for a client recently and she had exactly the same phenomenon of Unaspected Pluto in the birth chart and Pluto apex of an angry T-square in the chart of nurture – and her difficult earliest nurture environment was so similar to mine. A real script regarding the management of power and the need to proper empowerment.
I hope this small example shows you the richness of opportunity offered you by getting your ‘Journey to the Abyss with Pluto Reading from me.

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This video and blog is part of our May 2021 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter, and you can see all the links for the different parts of our May Newsletter and see all the charts on the May webpage in our Starwheel astrology website: