Resonating Relationships & Abundance Breakthrough

Resonating Relationships and Abundance Breakthrough – Two new Body Code Packages from Maggie Pashley

Anybody got room for more love or abundance in their life? Then check out my two new Body Code packages – Resonating Relationships and Abundance Breakthrough.

As many of you know I have been working with the Body Code and the Emotion Code for quite a few years and have helped people with all sorts of issues and specifically with these two areas which can be amongst the most challenging for most of us. And while I have got some great results this way I’ve also found that using the two programs developed by Natalie Nelson, Dr Brad’s daughter, can provide extra clarity and focus and get faster results. I’ve been offering them quietly in the background for a little while. Having seen the stunning results that a client of mine recently got using the Abundance Breakthrough (and I’m sure you know who you are!!) I felt compelled to create these two packages and place them on my website so people can choose them if it feels right.

Resonating Relationships
One of my most popular services is Heart Wall Clearing and I have had some  amazing responses from clients doing this work (see this recent testimonial). It certainly opens the door to allow people to give and receive more love, support, kindness and helps people to feel more at ease with themselves. Yet many people have had such poor role models of how to relate in a relationship, beliefs passed down through the generations, developed poor conflict resolution skills etc that still make relationships hard work, not enjoyable or even out of reach. This is where I think Natalie’s Resonating Relationship Program is so good – it was born out of her own relationship pain.

It begins with an evaluation of where you are currently in regard to relationships, helps you clarify the kind of relationship you desire, shows you what mode of relating you’re in right now (connection, stagnation  or conflict), highlights beliefs about relationships holding you back, cording to ex-partners still influencing you and more. Then my package includes 3 clearing sessions. So you get the evaluation and 3 clearing sessions included in the package. For many people this can create a massive shift in their relationships but some people may feel they need more sessions than three and of course can continue to work with me. The package is suitable for people in a relationship already or for those who are single and would like to be in a relationship that works for them.

The second package is the Abundance Breakthrough Package and offers a similar structured approach to addressing your blocks around abundance. The evaluation clarifies what abundance means to you, trapped emotions, traumas, vows, oaths, self-sabotage, cordings etc which keeps you struggling. And then we address all of those with the Body Code and there are 3 Body Code clearing sessions included in the package.

So if either of those speak to you, I’d be delighted to work with you.

Here’s to more love and abundance in the world!