Removing energy blockages with Dr. Elizabeth Hendricks

When you are born, your energy is wide open to the universal energy that enlivens everything.

In your first few years, you have few restrictions on what you think and what you do.

If you want a toy, you reach for it.

No problem.

But as we grow and mature, however, those energy centres begin to close.  This is necessary so you can function in a 3-dimensional body.

As you go through life, experiences and traumas have their own impact – and can result in blockages.

Those blockages pile up in the chakras and can result in difficulties in reaching your goals, or in relating to important people in your life.

A skilled practioner can actually see those blocked places and can help you to let go of the obstructions, so that your energy flows more easily, putting you on the road to a more successful life.

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