Reincarnation is the law of spiritual evolution by Ann Gildart Pendulum Dowser

Reincarnation is the law of spiritual evolution.
It gives everything a chance to work out its Karma (Law of Action) ~Paramahansa Yogananda~

In this post Ann Gildart teaches you how to use pendulum dowsing to answer questions about your Past Lives.

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To start today’s exercise please make sure you follow all protocols of preparation.

We are going to start exploring past lives.

Let’s begin yes and no questions.

• Was I a male in my last incarnation?

• Was I a female in my last incarnation?

A yes answer to both could indicate transgender life or a life where you were castrated or unable to bare children. The feelings of inadequacy or not being complete in one’s mind could get that old false negative response because of the impact carried forward.

Also be aware that the powers that be are totally aware of what is or is not beneficial to you, and your pendulum may stay still and not answer. This will be an indication that the answer to the question is not beneficial to you at this time and can be revisited in the months ahead.

You can ask questions such as in what country was your last incarnation. (Use a detailed world map.) People often are not surprised at a certain country because they have always felt drawn to the culture or arts that represent the place.



• Ask, where you educated?
• Did you own a home? A house? A farm? A mansion?
A cabin?
• Were you in service?
• Were you a soldier?
• Were you a free man?
• Were you a mother/father?
• Same can be said of death; what age did you die?
• Was it a violent death?
• Did you die in your country of birth?

As you can see a question chain can be established. Write down what you are asking.

Using the 1 to 10 chart you can use the numbers and add zeros transforming the numbers into centuries 1100, 1200, 1300, and so forth. Ask if there was a war going on in your incarnation and create more questions to narrow the century and date. A life earlier then these would not in general be impacting you today. Question lines are super important for clarity.

Transfer these dates into your 1-12 Chart.

You have the idea, so when you find the century use your 1-10 Chart for decades.

I am going to take this opportunity to stress that karma is not punishment! It is an opportunity for spiritual growth.

With present energies we are all being given an amazing opportunities for growth.

To have empathy for those less fortunate than ourselves, to help those who are in need, to see that each human on the earth is created in the same way, enter the world mostly in the same fashion (cesarean section is the exception), to have the right to our on beliefs, cultures and customers without trying to enforce our will. To stand against human trafficking, drug cartels, gangs and religious zealots. Against all misinformation that the few feed the many. This seems to be a time where a few aim to exert mind control over the masses.

In my opinion there is an attempt at control of the masses. Our children’s brains are being altered as they become addicted to their social media and follow the herd mentality. One person posts I swallowed a worm and you have a guarantee that it will become a craze to be followed. This is like a hive mentality emerging.

I regularly see mothers pushing their babies looking at their phones.

Children have been snatched as the walk with their carer who is on the phone.

We read what is posted on Facebook or Twitter or TikTok and it seems the information or action must be true or the right thing to do.

Please allow your children to play and interact. Limit computer, iPad, telephone usage; allow their minds to grow as leaders not followers.

I have been dowsing with my group to send out the appropriate energies to illuminate the damage that misinformation and manipulation is causing to our young impressionable future generations.


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