Reading the Vedic and Western Birth Chart Pt. 6: David’s Chart

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

The sure perception of Vedic, psychodynamic and evolutionary Astrology is used as a basis for personal transformation through art work, embodiment and healing

In this Starwheel webinar by Michael Conneely we focus on three things:
a. David’s Vedic and Western Natal Astrology
b. The astrology of David’s life-changing accident 27.8.2006.
c. David’s Jupiter Atmakaraka (His soul indicator).

Using the perception offered by Vedic and Western astrology, channelling, art therapy, embodiment and healing work are done by the group at end of Webinar:

  1. We draw our perception of David’s Saturn-Mercury conjunction in his 8th House which was activated at the time of his accident
  2. We draw David’s Atmakaraka: His soul indicator, the planet Jupiter, which was also activated at the time of the accident. Our Atmakaraka is the declaration of a special unfinished project from our previous life-time(s).
  3. We channel what these planets of David’s tell us through the art work.
    d. We embody these drawings
    e. We then report back and share on the two drawings, on the embodiment and on the special message these two drawings have for David.

Building on the sure and accurate declaration and perception of psychodynamic and evolutionary western astrology as well as Vedic astrology combined, intuitive guidance comes up from our subconscious and from the vastness spontaneously and automatically. This gift happens when they would not otherwise when we draw and when we then stand up and embody: when we do creative movement.

Art work and movement have the power to express what would otherwise be suppressed and also re-pattern the brain neurologically. It is a powerful and vast bonus to let the body express the perceptions and the emotions arising from the study of the birth chart and the predictive astrology.

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