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My most sincere thanks to the people who have kindly provided these wonderful Testimonials to my work.

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Here are the Testimonials:

My experience with Michael’s reading was amazing ! He is very detailed in his predictions and dead on about telling me about myself and my past experiences.  It was a great look into my past and my future. He told me specific things about my spouse and even gave me insights as to how to work through certain things. I really enjoyed my reading.  

Kathleen, Montreal, Quebec Canada

Thank you so much for today’s session. It was brilliant! I had a wonderful time and really look forward to exploring all of the things we discussed and putting them into action. 

Excited to go through the recording and resources again

Tula Wild, Prescot UK

I feel so honoured to have connected with you. The energy during the reading was intense and your words so insightful, coming from a place of wisdom and magic.

I have come away with a sense of purpose and knowing.

Mary Gatineau, Oxford, UK

Upon reflection of our session (which has given me so much to think about) I just wanted to say that I think you are the best astrologer I could have wished to have chosen, I’m feeling very blessed & grateful to have found you.
Leila Moores



Thanks for your kindness in taking the time to elaborate so thoroughly – same as during our consultation last week – as again this all reveal the genuinely spiritual ‘branch’ of Vedic astrology where your soul shines. 

Needless to say you’ve got the intelligence but also the wisdom, and in that I am very fortunate for this encounter. No doubt in my soul about it. Thanks you therefore for the skills with which you handled my Reading

Yanina Sanchez, Netherlands


Thank you so much. Your sessions are transcendent!! 

Cari Cole, New York

I am so grateful to you for my reading today, it really helped me see my way forward, and to truly understand my purpose now. 

The reading was healing on many levels, your explanations were very clear and in depth. I am also looking forward to further work with you and your wife. 

Much love and blessings to you,

Carolyn, Toronto

You tap into the knowledge of the stars which unlocks the secrets of peoples’ lives. You are a Time Keeper.

Suzanne Davis, Sligo

I have greatly enjoyed the readings you sent. I think the piece on Chiron is fantastic! Extremely accurate and valuable! I have given Chiron a lot of consideration, after what we spoke about

Theresa Connelly

Wow, Michael, thank you for a meaningful session.
Roya P. NY

Your commentary and insights into my natal charts and upcoming transits were massively potent
and inspiring for me, and I want to thank you sincerely! It was also great fun! I came away feeling not
only more deeply committed to my artistic/spiritual mission, but also to my intention to pursue the
study of astrology… it gives me so much! And with your erudition and sensitivity… I feel very lucky to
have found you!
Theresa Connelly

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful that reading was! I feel so inspired and determined to manifest my desire to work in the healing and awakening fields! I was also delighted to see your alternative (to the ‘formulaic’ astrology that Komilla teaches) methods and how accurate they were for me. And I really appreciated how easy it was to speak with you given how similarly we seem to think. 

I haven’t yet listened a second (or third) time to the reading but hope to this weekend. And I’m working my way through all of your videos which are great!
Susan Fay

I am truly thankful to you for this wonderful rune course, your stuff seems to resonate with me very deeply, and hopefully I am beginning to see real changes in my approach to life, as I had hoped I would.

Alwina Taylor, Canterbury UK

Thanks again and I hope to speak to you soon.  I’ll keep you informed of my progress.  I’m feeling a lot more focused and on course with my life.  Your reading was very helpful.
Natasha Reid, London

I am extremely impressed with your integrity and your understanding of astrology and human nature.

I am also very grateful to your wife for her session.

Anjali Desure, Washington State

You are so spot on! Everything you have said makes infinite sense. I will do the PastLifeRegression and see where this is coming from. I have done a one year mentorship in shamanism and am aware of journeying and also am a hypnotherapist. So I will do the Past Life. The mother wounding that you speak of is definitely there and I have worked on it a lot. but seems like there is still some residue, which again I will address. 

This is such a healing journey. Now I know why I was guided to you. I looked at many and you were who my guides directed me to contact.

Many thanks,


Wow! Thanks very much for a great “mini” reading.

More later, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your knowledge and the time you put into the work. Very good information indeed.

Cheers to you!

Cheryl Trykv, Chicago

I had the pleasure of getting the in depth reading and doing the magical will course.

Originally, I came across with Michael’s interpretations of Nakshatras in the Indian astrology in the Internet, and was extremely impressed with his vast knowledge and insights.

I remember I thought to myself, should I want to have my astrology reading done, I would definitely ask him!  This year, I gave myself the in-depth reading as my birthday gift.

He was extremely knowledgeable. I also could feel his truly loving and caring personality.  His reading is extremely spot-on, and it does offer a person the potential next steps should he/she chooses. In my case, I could do the magical will course almost soon after that, and these two steps really transformed my mindset. The reading highlighted, or made me re realize my old issues, and the magical will course truly helped me get rid of and go beyond these, that were clearly not serving me in my journey. In every step of the way, Michael was there, analogically really taking my hand, and for this I could not possibly thank him enough. 

In short, I could not recommend Michael highly enough for anybody, who wants to get a professional astrology reading, and/or wants to go beyond.  

His partner Ms. Pashley offers very wide range of healing modalities, and Michael himself has very unique courses for these purposes (one of which is the magical will course I did). If one wants to transform one’s life with the help of a kind professional within a very short period of time, look no further!

Mari Schmitz-Wendel, Germany

Thank you for your kind words of inspiration. I feel very fortunate to
have come across a teacher like you. As I mentioned before I am in the field of Forensics – where I
realised that nothing is what it seems / or appears to be on surface.
I believe that there are mysteries embedded in my birth chart (and in many other birth charts ).

Ganesh D

Thank you so very much for our session and for this opportunity. I feel you saved my life because I was dying inside. I had no desire to get up in the morning. Thank you for helping me understand myself.
YC Connecticut USA

I wanted to THANK YOU for the reading. It was such a pleasure to meet you. You are a kind, knowledgeable soul, & I learned a lot yesterday. You helped give me the assurance that this business I want to start is the right path for me. I just need to start by writing down my vision, with clear, step by step direction/tasks of what exactly I need to do to achieve this. I also realized I need to work on some of the painful experiences/abuse I went through in my past. I moved on from those experiences, & just put it in the past, but I realized I never really worked on it, therefore I never “fully healed” & it has held me back, or made me a bit too guarded. So I will begin working on that, & coming up with a plan & write down all I need to do to start my business! Overall, this was a very positive experience for me. I’m still trying to process all this information, & I will email you again with the questions I have!

Thank you Michael, I am truly thankful I had this opportunity!

Paula Kwiecien, Minnesota

Hello Michael, thank you so much for the wonderful reading today you are so very interesting I am always so impressed at how many charts you can read and how in depth you go it truly takes years of talent and study to be able to do that!! Thank you. Best

Kimberly Phelan NY

Thank you so much for the reports! I have never seen such in depth western charts and look forward to hearing your further insight into them.

Thank you soooo much Michael! I told my husband that not only did we get some very specific astrological information, we also received rich stories and spiritual teachings. I love your style. 🙂  
M W, Washington State USA

Thanks, Michael — I appreciate it.  The world needs more people like you.

Jordan F NY USA

Thank you so much for everything Michael!

It has been super super interesting, and accurate.
Ana Ibanez, Tenerife

Thank you so much for this morning. I was roundly blown away. Thank you so much. I wish I could write better at this point to convey my gratitude, but ‘shot’ (as my co-worker says) from the work day today. Thanks so much. I have never felt better at how life seems to be getting better now and good treading ahead. Because of your help.

AS Arizona

Thank you so very much for the wonderful feedback.  I have received so much guidance and support from you throughout this course that I am truly grateful.  I honestly cannot put into words how much it has means to me.  I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with both you and Maggie.

So thank you once again for being such an incredible teacher and for everything that you do and for all the wonderful stories and information that you share with me. 

Michelle Mahabir, West Indies

Thank you so much. You changed my life in a radical way today. It was and is such a huge moment of understanding, clarity, and empowerment. Thanks to you. Still reeling from our session a bit, in a very positive way. So excited to digest it all through the recordings and card scans starting tonight. Will start jotting notes tonight like you said for questions and mini study. You covered so much ground, I’m simply stunned by your teaching, impartment, explanation, direction. 

Andrew S, Arizona

Interested in learning about Astrology? Michael Conneely is your man – I could not recommend him highly enough as he embodies a wonderful intellect, deep spiritually and a great heart

Lisa Bianco, Australia

I just want to share how massively spot on the Birth chart interpretation was. My goodness super spot on.  

Paula Carney, London UK

The reading was healing, focusing, clarifying, grounding, and confirming. I will listen to the recordings later this week and let you know if I have a question. 

Kristin S, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

An in-depth Chart reading from Michael which included both Western and Vedic interpretations has been instrumental in putting my life back on track after suffering for many years with a medically undiagnosed Chronic illness.

I’m now studying Michael’s Western Astrology course under his ever giving, kind and supportive tutorage. 
This is bringing even more healing realisations which are slowly but surely turning my life around.

The amount of work he puts in on behalf of his clients and students is amazing, as is his depth and breadth of knowledge.

Many Thanks Michael,

Yvonne L, Lytham Saint Anne’s UK

So much to contemplate ! I really enjoyed working with you – no one else has even attempted to engage in a chart interpretation on this level, and I so appreciate that.
Vicki, Stuttgart, Germany

Many thanks

You are wonderful and dedicated.

Kind regards

Nicky Drayton

It was a joyful experience for me and thank you kindly for your time in doing the reading for me yesterday along with the tarot spread.’  

Raj Rajogopalan, London UK

Michael Conneely took the time, during the Astrological Reading to uncover aspects of my personality that I suspected were there, however this kind gentleman has helped me to see both the light and dark within my chart. I would highly recommend his indepth work.

Nicky Drayton UK

Thank you so much for the time spent with me yesterday.  I am still reeling from the accuracy of your reading.  It’s such a wonderful and comforting feeling to know the journey I am on is truly Devine.  The fact that it’s right there in my chart and you shared it with me.  A total stranger out of thousands of Astrologers that I could have chosen,  it was you.  I will look forward to sharing this journey with you.  
Kathrin Middleton, Daredevil Films, Los Angeles

Hi, Michael! Thank you so very much for the deeply insightful and highly valuable reading. 
Alison Bradley, NY

Michael, Thank you so kindly for your work and best efforts to convey all the information. You are truly wonderful and your efforts are much appreciated and I am grateful. 
Nick Simitzis, Sydney, Australia

I do feel that your strongest point as a teacher is your ability to intuitively tailor each course you teach for each student. You did this for me and made Vedic astrology accessible to me when probably it would have been very challenging otherwise. 

H Hamilton UK