Read these wonderful Reviews and Book your Astrology Reading with Michael Conneely International Astrologer

Read these wonderful Reviews and Book your Astrology Reading with Michael Conneely International Astrologer

My most sincere thanks to the people who have kindly provided these wonderful Reviews to my work.

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Here are the Reviews:

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of receiving Astrology readings as well as Shamanic Healing Sessions from Michael. Michael’s vast knowledge and expertise in the fields of Western and Vedic Astrology is second to none, the level of both accuracy and detail in Michael’s Astrology readings is nothing short of amazing! Michael’s Astrology readings are truly insightful, often drawing awareness towards areas needing work which I was previously unaware of, this was of great benefit to me in many ways on my healing journey and I am truly grateful for Michael’s expertise and intuition! As for the Shamanic Healing Sessions, these were equally powerful experiences on many levels; after each session, and in the days and weeks following; I continued to notice shifts, changes within myself as well as synchronicities occurring around me. With each session, I could feel like I was really shedding what no longer served me on a deep Soul level, as well as strengthening my connection with that which does serve me! Michael is compassionate, intuitive, knowledgeable and truly gifted in his work. I highly recommend working with Michael for Astrology readings, Shamanic work, or better yet; both! Thank you very much Michael for the wonderful shifts and changes you’ve facilitated, I really appreciate it! All the best

Jonathan Finn, Galway

Michael gives deep, thorough, and thought-provoking readings and classes. My mind and heart have expanded in the last few years. I’ve integrated western psychological readings, Vedic readings, Vision journeys, Tarot, Dream Work, and more into a coherent picture with his generous help. Very highly recommended.

Sarah Magi, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

I had a reading with Michael last November. Just as Jupiter turned direct, actually. Michael analysed my chart in a way that no astrologer to date has, and I’ve had numerous readings with other talented astologers. Without knowing me at all, Michael was able to tell me a great deal about myself, and identify some significant issues that I was only partially aware of. His reading gave me a new way of looking at a very difficult situation and let me start thinking about other possible solutions. This reading also inspired a lot of further astrological research on my part too, which has lead to a much deeper understanding than I had previous.
What is your life purpose according to the planets, and how are has society tried to change you from your authentic self? Michael is very good at identifying this.

Gokula Ranjana Dasa

I would highly recommend having a reading with Michael Conneely. He’s a very kind, knowledgeable, intuitive Astrologer/Shaman. He goes over and beyond in providing insights to your personal chart and life that gives you so much clarity for the future ahead! I think his system of combining Western and Vedic Astrology is brilliant it leaves no stone unturned. I’m looking forward to continuing my studies with Michael.

Thank you

Bridjet Obrien, Galway

Michael’s reading was surprisingly accurate. I was told at certain age and timeline where i would be in an accident or going through life turmoil that changes my life from age 0 to 100. And the time line was accurate. Which makes me wonder if i want to know about the future timeline, i decided to keep it and tuck it away in my google document and try to forget it. But I’ll have them Incase i change my mind later.
I highly recommend getting a reading from Michael, not only because of his accuracy in reading your astrology, but also because of the wisdom that comes with it. He uses discernment to make sure he gives unbiased opinion which the Libra in me appreciates very much.
I live in USA and i received his reading through zoom. I’m sure FB Messenger or WhatsApp would work too.

Neiva Sukmawati, Seattle, WA

Michael is an outstanding Vedic astrologer. He can help predict future events and is psychic himself. His readings are fun, detailed and very accurate. I recommend him highly!

Lizzy Hendricks, Washington DC

I have a had several astrology readings with Michael and every time I feel I leave with so much more than I bargained for. The depth to this man’s knowledge is truly remarkable and the variety of systems and software programs he uses creates such a colourful experience. On several occasions when I was feeling the intense push and pull of life’s merry-go-round, Michael was able to layout quite clearly and precisely the source of those intensities. From there I was able to find humility and acceptance for where I was on my life journey. Forever grateful.

Adam Wilton, Victoria, BC, Canada