Read our Wonderful September 2021 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter

Here are the sections of the September 2021 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter – all the links are shown below.

First of all, there’s a wonderful astrology blog with seven supporting videos all about the Astrology of September 2021.

There’s a very special blog launching an extensive new must-read series all about extending the vastness of Vedic Astrology into the powerful realms of Western Psychodynamic Astrology and also Healing Modalities. This will be a profound and exciting new series.

There’s blogs from Elizabeth Hendricks on her powerful Psychic Reading and Healings and also about her wonderful Kabala Tree of Life worldwide Course.

There’s a post from Ann Gildart about her so very helpful worldwide readings answering your key crucial questions with Yes/No/% answers and guidance, plus learning to pendulum dowse, yourself, to heal and transmute those chaos energies now.

And there’s the Sept. 2021 Monthly Rune Forecast from Lia Cruse which offers a beautiful declaration of the spiritual energies of the month to come

First of all, here’s the September 2021 Astrology Blog:

September Astrology Videos
Four Strong Planets September 2021

Eight Retrograde Planets September 2021

Sun in Leo then Virgo September 2021

Mercury transits Virgo September 2021

Venus in Libra September 2021

Mars irate frustrated September 2021

Jupiter Retrograde September 2021 weak blessing energy and recession

Linking Vedic Astrology to Psychodynamic Western Astrology and Powerful added Dimensions of Healing:
Wonderful important posts:

Read the Blog:

Vedic Astrology Extension Pt 1 Delving Deeper into our Vastness

Vedic Astrology Extension Pt 2 Fuller Landscape of the Self and Healing Modalities

Vedic Astrology Extension Pt 3 Psychodynamic Western Astrology linking

International Runes Teacher Lia Cruse offers her Sept. 2021 Monthly Runes Forecast – a beautiful declaration of the spiritual energies of the month to come – See the Ogham Gods and Runes Face Book page for the Forecast:

Psychic Healer and Kabbalah Teacher Elizabeth Hendricks:

Emotions Can Be Contagious Learn the Kabala with Elizabeth Hendricks

Living in the between and staying sane in the middle of this chaos
Book a Reading/Healing Session with Elizabeth Hendricks

Work with the universal dowsing energies to scramble and transmute those energies from chaos
Read this fascinating Blog Post from Ann Gildart. Book a pendulum dowsing session:
Become a well-rounded Dowser.
Ann specializes in worldwide pendulum dowsing to give you such useful Yes No or % answers to your vital key questions.