Rahu North Node in Mrigashira Nakshatra

I feel that the big immediate energy we need to understand and respond to positively now, is the transit of Rahu, the North Node of the Moon into Mrigashira Nakshatra.

Rahu (always retrograde), leaving Ardra Nakshatra on 20th May and entering the next Nakshatra: Mrigashira Nakshatra, on that day. Rahu transit in Mrigashira until 26.1.2021.

The energy of Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra (which is ruled by Rahu- and with its vast historical association with disasters and desolation) was the prime cause of the Coronavirus. So that cause is now waning but see below for the astrology of the vast end-phase and the huge aftermath.

But transiting Rahu always triggers awareness of weakness and also past karmas and seeks to activate future karma. And now we have Rahu activating the karmas relevant to a new Nakshatra: Mrigashira.

Mrigashira is the 5th Nakshatra and spans from 23.20′ Vedic Taurus – 6.40′ Gemini, and is ruled by MARS. Each Nakshatra is divided into four padas (quarters) and so, note that it is the 4th/final Pada of Mrigashira that Rahu has just transited into: the Scorpio pada.

See the Pt 1 video:

And see the Pt 2 video here

Now, on the positive side, this Scorpio pada of Mrigashira includes and energy of sudden inspiration, and so from 20th May to 22nd July, do be open to inspirations that come from nowhere and are very out of the box and unexpected. Mrigashira can be spiritual and searching, so look out for those qualities coming more into your consciousness and your life. Mrigashira’ shakti is the power to give fulfillment, so this could be a good time to commit to a new strategy or to make a wish. Mrigashira’s ruling deity is Soma, and so watch out for un-thought-of ideas with quick manifestation.

But on the potentially negative side, note the rulership of Mrigashira by Mars. Take care that this is the divine Mars, the divine warrior, not the ratty, violent low-manifestation Mars. You might suddenly find yourself very tense or getting into arguments. The Mars-ruled signa of Aries and Scorpio will be most prone to the danger of not so nice Mars invasion, and the other Mars ruled Nakshatras too: Chitra and Dhanishta. Mrigashira’s energy includes instability and being all over the place and problems in making commitment.

And note of course, that the Sign that Rahu is transiting through is still Vedic Gemini. Rahu leaves Vedic Gemini for Vedic Taurus on 23rd September, so with the new Mars tinge coming in because Rahu’s now in Mrigashira Nakshatra, do watch out for irritable violent speech or too much talking.

Sun is in Vedic Gemini from 14th June to 16th July so this will heighten even more the Gemini downside.

Looking to the future:

Note that Rahu leaves this 4th Scorpio pada of Mrigashira on 22nd July and enters the 3rd Libra pada which is more relationship orientated, and its ruler Venus is still transiting Taurus the sign Venus rules on 22nd July, so this is a good energy.

And Mercury has just entered the sign of Libra on this day which is nice and auspicious.

Rahu leaves the 3rd Pada of Mrigashira on 23rd September and enters the 2nd pada which is ruled by Virgo (ruled by Mercury), so a new energy-tinge of skills and mentalism

And Rahu leaves Mrigashira Pada 2 on 25th November, entering Mrigashira’s first pada, which is Leo (ruled by Sun).

And Rahu finally leaves Mrigashira altogether, and enters the 4th Nakshatra, Rohini, on 27th January 2021.

Rahu was last in Mrigashira Nakshatra from 14.10.2001 to 21.6.2002.

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