Worldwide Nakshatra Course & Purva Phalguni Nakshatra

Nakshatra No 11. Purva Phalguni Nakshatra

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra people with an emphasis in the Lunar sign No 11, PurvaPhalguni, are carefree, attractive, sensual, affectionate, sociable, kind, generous and loyal; they have convincing ability and creativity. They are artistic, lazy and vain. They are needy in relationships. They value family but Love and lust feature largely in their nature, and wanting beauty and loveliness. They can attract good fortune and generous patrons or employers. This is the Nakshatra of happy marriage, lovers and romance (though Venus is debilitated in Leo’s Virgo Pada, which is PurvaPhalguni Pada or quarter 2).

Purva Phalguni is the 11th Nakshatra out of the 27 Nakshatras which are the powerfully declarative and beautiful 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra spans 13°20′ – 26°40′ of the vedic sign of Leo or Simha.

Purva Phalguni’s Symbol: The front legs of a bed. Also, a fireplace.

The Nakshatra Deity: Bhaga Aditya, god of conjugal bliss and prosperity, also Luck. Brings Fortune and Marriage.

Love, sexuality, prosperity, light-heartedness, creativity. The God, Bhaga, and his wife and sons/daughters: The Vedic combination of pleasure and happiness with Spirituality.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra relates to rest, re­laxing and en­joy­ment.  The god Bhaga belonging to this con­stellation spreads pros­perity in every area of life.  The conjugal bliss that has to do with Purva Phalguni is also symbolised by open fire, which is anot­her symbol for this constel­lation.  It represents a warm family atmosphere.  Purva Phalgu­ni Nakshatra symbolises a resting-point. However, Purva Phalguni people are also are passionate and sensuous, and this may be at odds with their desire for domesticity. They are creative, educated and intelligent and they are ambitious and hard workers to achieve their desires. Because of their Pitta, they can burn out quickly, and their vital spark can make them aggressive. The sexual creative fire burns brightly in them.

This is not a constellation of violent transformation proces­ses, but of wanting a simple domestic life without too many disrupti­ons and their creativity and socialisation can actually harm the domesticity. A religious attitude has to become visible in one’s every day routine.  By traditi­on, the fulfilment of family responsibi­lities is considered to be an important religi­ous obli­ga­tion.

Amongst other things, the god Bhaga involves ero­ticism, but in this case, this is less about eroticism as a trans­cen­dental experien­ce, but more about the enjoy­ment of it.  Eroticism as a way of reproduction is also emphasised in this constellation.  Through eroticism, life comes into being and the family is formed.

It is related to Tamas – motivated to remove difficulties or avoid trouble.

Favorable: inheritance. Warm, sustaining and nourishing. Love of music, dance and drama. Creative without being active: through relaxation. Bright, physically active; focus is on the body; physi­cal approaches to healing; lively and friendly; sweet speech; likes to give; wants fame and attention; loyal; good at ministering to those in a higher position; advocate; aristocratic, cultured, and oriented to the refined; would rather “entice” someone than force them. Kindness and loyalty are their beautiful characteristics. Likes beautiful clothes. Delightful.

Unfavorable: Capable of being cruel; this is a naturally cruel Nakshatra and can easily do ruthless acts. Their self-obsessive aspect usually makes them cruel or unnerving to their children; they usually have children but are not very suited to the parental role. Vanity, narcissism and indulgence. Pretentious and theatrical. Lazy. Vain and pompous. Reckless; focused too much on getting what they want; builds up debts; strong aversion to being uncomfortable. Impulsive craving and disturbed mind. Promiscuous and addictive. showy; falls into bouts of gloom or depression if they do not get the praise and comfort that they feel is their right; vindictive if hurt but not in a confrontation­al manner. Black magic.

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