Psychic Readings from Dr Elizabeth Hendricks are a Very Great Help

Are you having a Struggle to enter the New Times?

Do you feel trapped and restricted as you try to make changes in your life? 

This sense of restriction and hopelessness is part of the shift from the old Earth to the New world that is being born. 

The old Earth was at a lower level of consciousness, and it literally had a different vibrational frequency.  The New Earth will be lighter, more peaceful, and a higher frequency. 

In these ending times you may find yourself struggling with irritability, fear, or depression – That’s quite a tough combination!  

Humanity is literally going through a separation into two different groups.

In one camp will be people who vibrate at a frequency that allows anger and fear to direct their lives.

In the other camp will be folks who recognize the light as their guide and are making efforts to expand their consciousness. 

The individuals who vibrate at the lower frequency will remain in the gravitational field of the old Earth, a field that is denser and is suited to their level of consciousness. Folks in the second camp will transition upwards into the new reality.

The new reality will be the equivalent of an earthly paradise, because it will function based on cooperation and inclusion of all. 

Judgmentalness simply will now exist because passing judgement is literally a low level of mental vibration.  It will be left behind in the Old Earth.

Those of you who are journeying upward may discover you suddenly want to change your diet.  You may want less meat and more fruit.  You may discover you need less sleep, or conversely you need more sleep because transitioning is hard work.   You may become avoidant of any news that lowers your own vibration, such as violent movies or crime news. 

Fear is an actual energy field:

An important thing to remember is this: Fear is an actual energy field.

But Fear can be accepted or rejected.

If you find yourself obsessing about terrible events that might happen, you are allowing yourself to be invaded by that energy field. That’s not a pleasant way to live.

With regards to anger, anger is also a specific energy field with a specific frequency.

Anger builds up in the body and demands to be expressed.

The temptation with anger is to take it out on someone.

So rather than thanking “I am angry,” reframe the experience into “Anger is moving through me.” or “Anger is here now.”

The important core truth to realize is that the real you is not angry or afraid.   

As you move into the new earth it is crucial to let go of those two emotions of Fear and Anger.

Do what you can to fix a situation and let it go.

This means practicing keeping your mind on the present moment without forecasting ahead.

This is high-level practice, but you can do it.  

You will then discover you are calm no matter what comes your way.

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