Protecting Yourself in Difficult Times by Elizabeth Hendricks Psychic Reader

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Research has now proved that an overdose of negative news has profound effects on your brain chemistry.

Stress hormones kick into high gear, trying to get you ready for the emergencies you view.

Your memory may worsen, you may feel anxious all the time, and you may notice that your thought processes seem scrambled.  You can’t learn as well as before, and you may have trouble thinking clearly.  If you notice these signs, you aren’t imagining it. Stress affects the hippocampus (memory), the amygdala, (fight or flight) and the prefrontal cortex (higher level cognition).

So how can you protect yourself?

For starters, do consider putting a very tight limit on how much negative information you are taking in.   Limiting screen time is crucial here.  One very old-fashioned remedy is to go back to reading actual books. This is because your brain processes visual images differently than written words. Written words do not have the same capacity to throw your brain into fight or flight mode. If you live in a city, try to have some interface with nature on a regular basis.

Research has proven that time spend in nature calms the mind and renews the psyche.  This means you must turn off your phone and be present in nature. If you do this even for 15 minutes you will discover your heart rate decreases and your sense of well-being increases.

Another way is to make decisions about any negative people to get into life. If you find that an acquaintance drags you down and you feel worse after you’ve been with them, they are not good for your mental health. There are some people (sometimes called  “chaos masters”) who love to stir up situations so  folks around them  become upset and/or angry. The chaos master feeds off the uproar and the negative energy they have created. If you allow these individuals in your life, you are giving them a free meal on the emotional levels.  In short, they are stealing from you energetically. Instead, surround yourself with people who are positive and who support you.   If the negative person is a family member, try to limit the amount of time you spend in their presence.  You are a child of Divinity, and you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

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