Problems of lost communications, misdirected emails and computer problems at the moment?

Budha Mercury
Buddha Mercury

I think quite often, as an influence for everyone, this is a reflection of the position of the Moon in the heavens, and of course the position Mercury’s position in the heavens too. ‘As Above, so Below’ (Hermetic Dictum).

The influence of the position of the Moon in the heavens day by day is vast, and totally not understood by western astrology. Vedic astrology has a wonderful calculation process to assess the influence of the phase and position of the Moon day-by-day called Tithi. The influence of the Tithi, or Moon phase for the day you were born under is absolutely immense in your life.

Mercury is a very dicey planet. He is a chameleon who takes his energy (benefic or malefic) from the sign he’s in or the planets around him. You never know where you are with ….)

And then of course, as another energetic influence affecting everyone on issues of communications, there’s also the periods of Mercury Retrograde.

And another influence affecting everyone is when transiting planets in the heavens today are at the edge of a sign, in other words changing signs, especially if they are malefic planets. We have got quite a few of these at the moment: Rahu (North Node), Ketu (South Node), Saturn and Mars, all malefic planets.

All these influences affect everyone: and the divine purpose is to note them in an enlightened way and develop enlightened consciousness out of the experiences they offer.

But then of course there are our own individual energies and karmas that the daily position of the planets interacts with and feeds.

So on the matter of communications problems for us as individuals, it is a question of how these two are interacting with the planets and houses in our OWN INDIVIDUAL birth chart.

I was having terrible communications issues earlier this week and computer melt-down. I sent an Ogham Journey to a Vedic Astrology student (obviously she needs to connect to the sacred energy of trees. Two of my Ogham Journeys ended up in someone’s email ‘Spam’.

Ketu, the South Nodes of the Moon
Ketu, the South Node of the Moon

Ketu has just entered the Vedic or sidereal sign of Pisces, and is therefore in the 27th, or final, of the 27 Vedic lunar signs or Nakshatras, which is called Revati, where my natal Moon is. Now, Revati is ruled by Mercury, so the Mercury principle in the heavens is dissolved by the malefic influence of Ketu the transiting South Node, but we can find spiritual learning thereby.

The whole purpose of Ketu, the South Node, is to bring us to enlightenment by sucking up the smoke of illusion created by our obsessions and delusions, our instinctual drives and dysfunctional patterns.

In fact the position of the Nodes of the Moon in our Vedic birth charts is used in Vedic Astrology as an indication of our incarnational life purpose this time: out of darkness, the light of enlightenment.

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