Predictive Age Points in psychodynamic Astrology

This blog explains the predictive Age Points I teach in my western astrology course and my Vedic Astrology courses, and also in my Astrology Readings.

Please note that this presentation uses the charts for the same case study individual, shown as case example in two other blog posts that I’m publishing at the same time, so please see them also, namely:

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I teach two wonderful Predictive Age Points within psychodynamic Western Astrology, using Megastar software:

There is an Individuation Age Point which circumnavigates the chart in 72 years, starting from the ascendant and moving counter-clockwise. It is an indicator of the energies we will pass through in our journey to potential individuation, in our egoic psychological unfoldment, learning about all the parts of our egoic psychological identity, and learning how to manage them and fulfill their highest potential. This Individuation Age Point moves counter-clockwise from the Ascendant passing through the houses and signs as it progresses. This Individuation Age Point does not only pass through the signs and houses in your natal chart, it also forms aspects to the planets in your natal chart as it progresses, thus activating experiences in your life relating to your scripts for the energies of that planet.

There is also a ‘Nodal Age Point’ which charts the call from your soul to you from the astral at any point in time. The Nodal Age Point charts your soul’s call to you through dreams, subliminality, synchronicity, intuitions, impulses and visions. The nodal Age Point starts from the position of the North Node of the Moon at the moment you were born. It circumnavigates the rim of your chart clockwise, thus passing at predictable dates through your signs, houses and in aspect to your planets. Fascinatingly the Nodal Age Point so often declares a similar strand to your Vedic Predictive astrology.

Using the Megastar Chart, the Individuation Age Point is shown by the black cross in a circle on the rim of your natal chart. The Nodal Age Point is shown by the red cross in a circle on the rim of your birth chart. So, here the positions of these two Age Points shown for their positions on the rim of the natal chart of our case example, at a specimen point in time in his life:



















So to simplify matters a lot for the purpose of our example, at the time chosen: The Nodal Age Point, depicting the whisper of his soul to him from the Astral, is now aspecting two parts of his identity, both of which are Unaspected subpersonalities in his birth chart:

Pluto: the arising of his innate power

The Unaspected VenusNeptune subpersonality: the poet, the ideal lover, etc.

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