Powerful Eclipse on March 8th/9th 2016: Here is some good advice!

Michael burnsall crop bestThere is a powerful Solar Eclipse on March 8th/9th 2016: Here are some lovely charts and detail – as well as some good advice offered by Michael Conneely!

This is a powerful Eclipse. For the exact time and date where you live, see: http://www.timeanddate.com/

Because this particular eclipse is powerful, and because there are also other exceptionally powerful forces in the heavens at the time, it is helpful if you are aware of its energy – and there’s a sign by sign summary at the end of this post.

And amongst quite a number of other things (see below), please be especially prepared to break out of your blocks, for healing your stuck fixed patterns.

Solar eclipse have a more outward or visible effect on us and our life events, while the lunar eclipses have a more inward or emotional effect.

As you can see from the western charts below, this eclipse is not only big because it tightly clings to the fated Nodal Axis, but it’s also caught up in three tight, tension-driven T-Squares as well. The Eclipse is T-square Saturn. It involves Jupiter, Moon and Chiron, and it marks the start of a four-month Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square as well.

So this eclipse is big. And this is especially true if it impacts your birth chart in a major way

It’s at 24 deg Vedic Aquarius (in Purva Bhadra Lunar Sign or Nakshatra). This is 18 deg western Pisces.

Eclipses can bring massive change in your life – for good or ill, if, for example, if the Eclipse hits your Sun, Moon or Ascendant, especially.

And, secondly, an Eclipse can have a big and sudden effect on you if, for example, it falls in a sensitive area of your chart, for example, to use Vedic Astrology; your Manasa Nakshatra, which is your default state of consciousness.

As a third example of eclipse effect and power: it is very useful guidance to be aware what houses of your birth chart are hit by the eclipse chart, because the area of life depicted by those houses are the ones where you will feel the effect.

Here is the Western Astrology Chart of the Eclipse, set for where I live in the Yorkshire Dales, in England:

Eclipse 9.3.16 Astrocalc wheel

Here are the western planet positions at the time of the eclipse:

Eclipse 9.3.16 astrocalc planet Pos








Here is the Swiss Huber School Eclipse Chart:

Eclipse 9.3.16. Huber wheel

And here is the Vedic Chart of the Eclipse:

Eclipse 9.3.2016








Eclipse 9.3.2016 planet posiitons





Eclipse 9.3.2016 Nakshatras





What I would especially pick out from the eclipse chart is three things:

First of all note that in the western chart which depicts our egoic psychological self, there is a weak sensitive Sun in Pisces is conjunct the Moon, obviously, because this is a Solar Eclipse, but Sun is also conjunct Chiron and Ketu (the South Node of the Moon). Both western and Vedic astrology say in their different focusses that if you are affected by the location of this eclipse in your birth chart, you could definitely use it for sudden insights and healings, and strengthening the weak Sun energy and capitalising on the fierce mystical spiritual declaration of Ketu. Please note that this could be real spiritual and healing opening for you.

But secondly, note that the Eclipsed Sun is opposition Jupiter and Rahu (Rahu is the North Node of the Moon). What does this mean?
Well, the energy of this ‘Jupiter-Rahu’ conjunction which has been with us fully from end-January 2016, and which will be with us until the end of August 2016, can be dangerous.

It can be dangerous because it is a driven energy, hungry for power and success, and can link us to dark or fundamentalist energies (see my Blog post: http://blog.starwheelastrology.com/2015/12/08/indications-for-war-in-2016/ )

So in other words, use this powerful and driven energy wisely and well. Keep it in balance with other treasured parts of your life. Use it for your success and define your success in a carefully strategized way.

Thirdly, note that this eclipse falls in Purva Bhadra lunar sign (Nakshatra). This is quite a head-banging driven bumpy energy unless you have done spiritual work on it and healed it and purified it.

Fourthly, note that ‘Saturn is conjunct Mars’ in Vedic Scorpio at this time. This is a dangerous and driven energy indeed. Saturn and Mars are together for a very exceptionally long period of seven months. It could trash your life unless you understand it, unless you work with it, and unless you make it work for you. Please see my separate Blog on Saturn and Mars in 2016.

So, please be aware of the potential for bumpiness and driven mind (or worse). Be aware, and use this eclipse energy for (1) creation of insight and for (2) realising your carefully chosen plans and (3) ensure that those plans and the way you implement them are balanced and harmonised with other treasured areas of your life!

Interestingly, my partner, Maggie Pashley is booked to fly to Paris on the very day of the Eclipse to attend ‘Access Consciousness’ healing work. Purva Bhadra, the Nakshatra or Lunar Sign that the eclipse falls in, is in her Manasa Nakshatra, her ‘default state of consciousness’ in her Vedic Chart.

For her the Eclipse means opening to powerful spiritual and healing energies and concepts, that will be the foundation stone of a structured program of healing work.

But what about the follow-up effects of this Eclipse?

Mercury will transit through this eclipse point at 24 degrees Vedic Aquarius (18 deg western Pisces) on March 15th.

Venus will transit through the eclipse point on March 26th

Note that eclipses often/ usually have ‘delayed effects’, especially when they are triggered by planets transiting through the stagnant areas of energy Eclipses create in the heavens around the degree where they happen. On the terrestrial plane, eclipses are associated with tsunamis and earthquakes.

What will be the effect in human lives of these two follow-up transits of  Mercury and Venus through the Solar Eclipse point?

Mercury here could manifest as problem with IT, communication, postage, and Business Transactions, but hopefully giving insight and splendid solution!!!.

Venus here indicates some issue with love, but also finances, even money, luxury and entertainment, or with the Financial Markets. There could be a real breakthrough in that you recognise and heal scripts which fight and destroy love in your life.

Jupiter: As I have said, the Eclipse is opposition (Retrograde) Jupiter: could you use it as a moment for creating spiritual breakthrough and inspiration?? It will of course affect issues of expansion and confidence during the weeks following the eclipse, hopefully not ungrounded over-expansion and glitz!!!

The Fixed Signs: Note from the Vedic chart of the eclipse, above, that the big players are all in Fixed Signs in Vedic Astrology: Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio. This is such a wonderful time for breaking out of your blocks, for healing your stuck fixed patterns!!!!!

So, here’s some sign-by-sign hints.

In your western Astrology, if you have sensitive points in your western birth chart between 14° and 24° in any mutable western sign – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces — this eclipse could shake your life for better or for ill. Look at what’s happening. Do you need more astrological advice? Do you need to link to healing or empowerment work?

Next look at the Vedic chart above to see where the planets of the Eclipse are in relation to your chart. The following very brief ‘one size fits all’ little predictions are for the Vedic sign for your natal Moon (and also can be used for your Ascendant (orLagna) sign.

Obviously to get a full reading from me, or do one of my courses (details below) will give you so much more insight than these sketchy buzz words and reactions:

Vedic Aries: Eclipse in your 11th House: Changes that have been heralded from a distance are now becoming nearer. Beware turbulent energies. You could have difficult energies with home and children, so see and change the scripts and be kind!

Vedic Taurus: Eclipse in your 10th  House: Career is highlighted for bust or breakthrough.

Vedic Gemini: Eclipse in your 9th  House: Spiritual advancement, learning, travel, teaching.

Vedic Cancer: Eclipse in your 8th House: Big changes are coming – should be good! Develop and learn to trust your intuition. Keep your communications very clear. You’ll need to manage frustration. Envision your goals and try to define strategies, but be prepared also to be flexible.

Vedic Leo: Eclipse in your 7th House: Opportunities in loving and business relationships. Delay decisions until a couple of weeks after the Eclipse. Beware driven behaviour or associations/teachers who are not ethical and decent.

Vedic Virgo: Eclipse in your 6th House: Be very aware of how you handle health issues or advice. Beware enemies who might appear like snakes suddenly emerging.

Vedic Libra: Eclipse in your 5th House: a time for structured increase of income. Matters to do with love or children could suddenly crash in.

Vedic Scorpio: Eclipse in your 4th House: be very careful how you manage your work and projects. Balance them with the other things you hold dear. Expect delays. There could be crises with home and career, but don’t be overtaken with the drama: handle all with love and wisdom.

Vedic Sagittarius: Eclipse in your 3rd House: be careful and wary of sudden crashes in areas of communications, local travel and siblings. Manage frustration well: make a project of succeeding in managing temper etc.

Vedic Capricorn: Eclipse in your 2nd House: a time for structured increase of income. Be open. Beware opportunities/people that are not what they seem.

Vedic Aquarius: Eclipse in your 1st House: Expect the unexpected. Be especially careful what you do or say5 days before or after the eclipse may not work out. Cultivate patience. Cherish your family.

Vedic Pisces: Eclipse in your 12th House: look for the start of special insight or talent or success. You probably actually have all you need more or less lined up for breakthrough. A brilliant solution is at hand. Envision success and construct a strategy to reach it. Try to keep routine, but know that it will be impossible to actually achieve it. Be prepared to do lots of foundation work and work behind the scenes now – it will pay off by the end of the year. Foreign connections could be of great help (but exercise discrimination).

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