Power Animal Retrieval

Power Animal Retrieval : Learn Shamanic Healing

MAGGIE BEST JUNE 16Power Animal Retrieval : Learn Shamanic Healing

Last night my partner Maggie Pashley and I did a journey to shamanic drumming. Our aim was to meet a Power Animal.

As she started the drumming, Maggie briefly saw at first a stag with horns and then a mountain goat with horns and then many horned animals. But then she saw the horse; a chestnut horse, and then fairly quickly he got her on his back.

Foxford 1‘We rode really, really fast like the wind,’ Maggie reported. ‘At times it was exhilarating, almost scary. And then at other times it was stately and very slow. We went up one of the mountains like the Nephin Mountains next to Foxford in Co Mayo in the West of Ireland where we have just come from England to live. Most of our work is worldwide readings healings and courses using the internet, but we look forward greatly to new dimension of our work in Ireland. There’s a photo of the beautiful nearby landscape in this post.

And then we met a snake crawling up the mountain too, and the horse explained there are a lot of people who were frightened of snakes but actually snakes hold great mystery – and people had been taught to be frightened of the mystery, to be frightened of that more mystical place.

The horse told me that he was there so I could know that there was support, that I didn’t have to do everything alone and that he could take me to places that I couldn’t go to on my own; and he told me that he had lots of sensitivity as well as being strong and powerful – and that it was very much a partnership because when we had finished riding and he had taken me to all these places, I would have to look after him: I would have to feed him, groom him, make sure he was honoured and cared for.

We met some birds and the birds were singing and there were lots of animal voices and the horse told me that each animal made up the Web of Life. There was no animal that was more important than any other, how it was very important to talk to everything, and how people had become essentially frightened of life.

Many people are frightened of horses and feared they might fall off and needed to wear a helmet but most such accidents were when there was not a good connection between horse and rider or the rider was overriding their own feelings. But first nation people rode bareback or people were bringing their own issues to the ride.

We met other animals and places and I had the feeling that I was able to cover a lot more ground than I would have been able to do just walking on my own. That it was very exciting to have this partnership and also to have this dialogue.’

Maggie’s website is: www.maggiepashley.com

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

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