Pluto your Shadow or your Power Starwheel October Newsletter Pt 6

Pluto your Shadow or your Power
(also including Chiron the Wounded Healer in October 2020)


Understand your Shadow; become your true power, now.

Pluto turns Direct on 4th October and occupies 28 Degrees Sagittarius all month.

This is in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra.

It is so important to understand the psychology of our Pluto.

You see, on the one hand, Pluto is our Shadow. In our shadow we bury all that we are ashamed of about ourself, including the better higher or more radiant self that our family told us we must not manifest under any circumstances, because they wanted us to be little, or something other than we were actually born to be in this life: our nature for this lifetime as expressed by our Incarnational Life Purpose. In our shadow also are all our secrets.

So, we are wasting and losing power if we just suppress al this stuff all the time.

I do do journeys to the Underworld, where we can meet Pluto as Keeper of the Abyss and ask him to take care of all our wounds, our shames, our hurts and our secrets, because they are weighing us down and cutting us oof from being able to fully receive the Divine Energy through our Crown Chakras.

So, we do have to do the needed work with our Shadow.

But then we can arise out of the abyss lightened, and fully receive the Divine Energy, and we can manifest the positive Pluto Power that we were born with.

This is so very much the myth of Ishtar’s descent into the Underworld. Ishtar was the Babylonian Goddess of the Earth. She went down grieving to reclaim her dead husband, and she suffered so much there at the hands of her sister Ereshkigal (Queen of the Abyss) but when Ishtar re-arose to the surface of the Earth, she was not only Goddess of the Earth, she was Goddess of Love as well!


Chiron retrogrades from 13 to 12 deg Vedic Pisces in October. This is in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra. That’s from 7 to 6 deg western tropical Aries.

Chiron is opposition the Sun exactly at the start of October. And opposition the Moon around 15th October.

Chiron is such a wonderful energy. I cannot now detail all the wonderful incredible Chiron Healings I have seen when Chiron transits a House in one’s birth chart or aspects one of one’s natal planets.

So do check out which House in your Vedic birth chart is the sign Chiron now transits: Vedic Pisces. Is there stuff to heal around the nature of that House? Is there stuff to heal around the House Chiron is opposing? Is there stuff to heal in planets Chiron may now be aspecting. Check this out. Do Chiron work if needed.

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