Pluto transits square the Nodal Axis is Your Death and Rebirth Time

This is a video about the nature of Pluto and what it means at any time to have Pluto transiting square the Nodal Axis in the Heavens, whatever the time that happens.

This video is however created at the time of September 2023 and so we use the September 2023 transit of Pluto square the Nodal axis in the Heavens as an example.

So, Pluto at this time is transiting retrograde at 4 deg to 3 deg Capricorn in September, in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra.

And crucially, note that Pluto is square the Nodal axis: In September 2023, the Nodes of the Moon are transiting the axis as follows: Ketu 3 to 1 deg Libra, Rahu 3 – 1 Aries.

Pluto square the Nodes is HUGE!

How does it affect you?

Pluto pressured by the Destiny current of the Nodes means that we are all called now to become more fully into our proper power.

Be aware of this.

Check out your behaviour and attitudes.

Focus on coming more fulling into your rightful, needed and ethical power NOW.

This is a Death and Rebirth time!

Pluto includes the dark self.

Pluto involves all the negative programing – the fears that stop you from arising.

Dig into your shadow.

Seek awareness of buried subconscious or shadow material and seek to raise it into awareness for healing and properly powerful expression.

Note what planet or planets does transiting Nodes and/or Pluto aspect in your Natal chart??? Check out this crucial opportunity.

What Houses (life areas) in your birth chart are Pluto and the Nodes transiting through now?

You need your proper power, of to a greater or lesser degree, your life fails!

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