Pluto the Dark Lord Pt 1 Mythic Keys

Michael ConneelyThe energy-principle that is Pluto is power and deep psychism; intensity and rebirth, or negatively: control and abuse.

People with unaspected Pluto in their birth chart can come over very powerful to others and not know it; or they can be unable to access their power and even be abused. And both of these can be true at different times in the life.
It is a good start to approach Pluto through contact with his myths:

The Pluto – Persephone: Pluto Myth 1

This is really important key to understanding the energy of the planet Pluto. Persephone was an innocent girl picking Narcissi in the fields. Pluto, the Dark Lord, Lord of Hades desired her. The earth gaped at her feet and a chariot drawn by black horses breathing fire erupted from the depths. The God swept her into his arms and took her to his own dark realm and said he would make her his Queen. So, by transforming sexually, Persephone came into great power and became Queen of the underworld. But her mother, Demeter, the Earth Goddess, mourned and missed her daughter, to such an extent that Demeter ceased from her work of fructifying the Earth. Nature began to die. Humanity faced annihilation.

And so, the humans petitioned the Gods who sent Mercury to do a deal with Pluto, the upshot of which was that Persephone would only reign in Hades half the year, but could return to her mother Demeter the other half. So, while her daughter is Queen in Hell Demeter still mourns, and it is winter – but for the other half of the year, Demeter has her daughter back and it is summer.

And the point is that there are immense buried riches and power to be found in growing and transforming and contacting the underworld of the unconscious. The only way Persephone could transform was by being abducted to meet her destiny.

But Pluto is not only power and transformation; it is deep psychic perception and intuition.

Unaspected Pluto people usually had to learn very early on that things were not as they might seem in the home. In their childhood, they developed deep growling awareness. Their antennae are always out; and they, themselves, can be masked out of fear – and even deny what it is they fear. But they don’t also fear it: they seek it! Ultimately, they seek it so as to face it and deal with it and become whole.

Hercules and the Slaying of the Hydra – Pluto Myth 2

Another myth that is relevant to understanding of Pluto, especially Pluto in Transit, is The Slaying of the Hydra, from The Labours of Hercules.

Just as you feel you have resolved matters with a Pluto transit, a new dimension of challenge and pain can manifest.

The Hydra had nine heads. As Hercules cut off one, the rest just kept coming. In the end, Hercules lifted the Hydra out of the stagnant swamp it dwelt in, exposed it to the light of day, and killed it. After the nine heads were cut off, Hercules gained the jewel the Hydra had been hoarding.

So, it is that our feelings must not be left festering, but need to be brought out into the open and held in the light of consciousness to be acknowledged and resolved, for liberation from pain to be won.

Blind instincts and drives must not be left to fester in the stagnant swamp, but must be brought out into the open.

Ishtar and Erishkigal – Pluto Myth 3

A third myth that is relevant to a full understanding of the descent into darkness that is involved in a Pluto transit is this myth from Babylon:

Ishtar, radiant Queen of Heaven descended into the Underworld to attend the funeral of the husband of her sister Erishkigal, Queen of the Underworld.

As Ishtar descends, she is forced to give up her clothing and possessions, and is eventually hung up on a hook – utterly brought low.

So, great is Erishkigal power in her grief and rage that none of the Gods can do anything to save Ishtar.

Ishtar remains abandoned and defiled.

The world is bereft of light.

Eventually, the solution the darkness is found. The Gods fashion two little mourners who can slip unnoticed past the guards of the Underworld.

The Mourners win Ishtar’s return to the skies because they realize that what Erishkigal needs is to be listened to. Erishkigal needed her grief and rage to be understood and honoured.

This is one of the early challenges of a Pluto transit.

The Erinyes – Pluto Myth 4

The fourth myth needed for a full understanding of Pluto is that of the Furies (the Erinyes).

The Furies were born when Cronos (Saturn) castrated his father Uranus who had become a tyrant, imprisoning his children back in the womb of his consort Gaia, because of his dissatisfaction with them.

Cronos castrated his father with a sickle and where the seed of the dying Sky God fell on the Earth, it produced the terrifying Goddesses of Vengeance called The Furies.

(In fact, the Greeks knew it was ill-omened even to mention their name so they referred to them ass the Eumenides – The Kindly Ones! instead – to placate them!).

The Furies pursue all those who offend against the Laws of Nature, who sin against the family, who live some aspect of their life that is somehow out of true, who live contrary to their True Selves. Then, during a transit of Pluto, The Furies will pursue them, to manifest as illness.

Pluto is the avenger of Natural Law. The Furies are His instruments.

Oedipus was pursued to the ends of the earth by the Furies for killing his father and sleeping with his mother, albeit he was not aware of the identity of either parent when he committed these actions – but the point was Oedipus and those associated with him had tried to outwit his Fate.

And now some notes about my approach to Astrology:

  1. Visionary Astrology:

In my Astrology Courses and Readings, it can be powerful and beneficial to go on to develop a ‘visionary clear appearance’ of each planet. You can do this in two ways:

First you can study a planet in order to more and more deeply understand his energy and manifestation, and thus develop a ‘clear appearance’ of the pure nature, energy and appearance of each planet. This uses techniques employed by Tibetan Buddhism to develop clear appearance of a god, so that you can relate to the god, and even ‘call in’ the god when needed. Similar techniques are in the tantric roots of Hinduism.

Second it is so powerful to also develop clear appearance of each planet as he manifests in your birth chart. To do this you develop clear appearance of how each planet manifests through the filters of the sign he occupies, the house he occupies, and the aspects he has to the other planets.

Due to our karmas and scripts, the lessons our soul chose for us to work with I this life time, and the talents our soul sought for us to shine with this time, how a planet manifests in our birth chart (and therefore in our life) can be a massive distortion or modification of the pure nature and energy of the planet.

It is so useful and powerful therefore to do these two exercises of developing Clear Appearance of each Planet.

  1. Perception, Healing and Empowerment:

 Vedic Astrology should not be used in a fated or formulaic way. It is disempowering to do this. The whole point of the peerless declaration of Vedic Astrology is actually to offer us better perception of our scripts, so that this perception alone may cause us to modify them, and can act as a trigger for us to heal them.
We can go on from the development of perception to healing and empowerment techniques.

  1. Vedic Astrology – Western Astrology Crossover:

It is a principle of all my courses and readings that I offer crossover between Vedic Astrology and western Astrology, or between Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology if the student wishes for this.
I feel that the fullest declaration of Astrology stems from this crossover. This is partly because Vedic Astrology provides a clear destiny statement, through its use of the sidereal zodiac anchored to the eternal and the ‘fixed’ stars. And it is partly because Western Astrology can provide a sophisticated psychological analysis and statement based as it is on the Sun-sign tropical zodiac which moves against the background to the ‘fixed’ stars by a degree every 72 years, based as it is on the moving location of the sun on the first day of spring, the vernal equinox.

I feel Vedic-Western crossover is also necessary so as to include the energies of the outer planets that were discovered and entered the human consciousness in modern times: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron.

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