Pluto Jupiter Saturn conjunction and USA Pluto Return

Positively, this is REBIRTH and SEIZING OUR LIGHT.

In this newsletter I look a bit deeper at the Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction, which has I noted in the January 2021 Summary, are all together in Vedic Capricorn all month. This is rare, so BIG, explosive and totally life-changing.


What are these energies that are colliding within the sign of Vedic Capricorn at this time?

Basically, Pluto is an explosive power energy that forces us to look into our unconscious and buried material, and offers us the chance to arise in our full and proper power – or to ignore our power and stuff it down into our unconscious.
Negatively, Pluto in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn will bring Depression/sadness.

Jupiter amplifies the Pluto explosion (and can in some settings carry the energy of plutocracy), although note that Jupiter is generally very weak at this time, because his energy is so fallen in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn – and Jupiter, in fact, gives and gives to Saturn, whereas Saturn simply sucks Jupiter dry.

And do note that Economic Recession will come from this Jupiter transit in Vedic Capricorn, as it did last time when Jupiter was in Vedic Capricorn in 2008.
Indeed the restrictive and rule-bound nature of Capricorn could make the Recession rather deeper

But do note that Jupiter and Pluto are actually combining to pit themselves against the restrictions and blocks that are the negative side of Saturn, at the same time as we should be striving to incorporate the positive demands of Saturn for proper structure (individually and social) proper pace and diligence and attention to detail – so do note that very big changes are being called for in your life now. This is the Battle of the Giants.

At the personal level: note what House in your Vedic birth chart Capricorn is, so as to determine the life area that will especially be affected. Note also the Houses that Saturn occupies and rules and aspects in your birth chart, because these will be strengthened at this time.

Note also the Houses that Jupiter occupies and rules in your birth chart, because these will have low power at this time.

Jupiter entered Vedic sign of Capricorn on November 20th, and thus has little strength, as Capricorn is ruled by the energy of Saturn, which is inimical to Jupiter, and so Jupiter qualities will be weakened and damaged.

Saturn is in Vedic Capricorn through December 2020, the sign he rules, and so he is super-strong in his demands for consolidation and hard work and tying up loose ends.

Saturn only just turned Direct after a long Retrograde, so he is still demanding that we tie up loose ends, consolidate, and strip away the excesses and expansionariness of Jupiter. Saturn is determined, prolonged and unrelenting, calculating and opportunistic.

Up to September 2020, Jupiter had been the dominant planet in the Heavens. Now, Saturn has supremely and absolutely taken over.

At this stage in the post, let’s just pick up on the dates and degrees and signs for these transits: In January 2021:

Jupiter transits from 8 to 15 deg Vedic Capricorn.

Saturn transits from 7 to 11 deg Vedic Capricorn.

Pluto transits from 0 deg 3 to 1 deg 2 Vedic Capricorn.

Saturn entered Vedic Capricorn on 24th January 2020.

Jupiter entered Vedic Capricorn on 20th November 2020.

Pluto entered Vedic Capricorn on 31st December 2020. Pluto remains in Capricorn until 16th January 2040.

Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct at 7º Capricorn on December 21st  – the Great Conjunction.

Jupiter enters Vedic Aquarius April 5th , 2021 – September 14th , 2021

But Jupiter returns to Vedic Capricorn: September 14th , 2021 – November 20th , 2021

Saturn remains in Capricorn until January 17th , 2023.

Jupiter transits Shravana nakshatra, within Vedic Capricorn from January 6th  – March 3, 2021.

The aspect between Jupiter in Capricorn and Rahu in Taurus gets tighter and tighter, and is exact on February 24th.
Saturn transits Shravana Nakshatra from January 22nd to February 2022.

Let us look at the implications for the USA:

Saturn has been transiting over Pluto in the birth chart for the USA all 2020, departing from the Pluto conjunction after 12th January 2021. This has manifested as a brutal transit:

Saturnian oppression versus Plutonian freedom-seeking and wound-surfacing (ideally for healing).

Jupiter and Saturn conjoined in the heavens on December 21st – and note  that this exactly conjunct Pluto in the USA birth chart.

The Pluto Return in the USA:

The USA is experiencing its Pluto Return now.

In other words, Pluto in the heavens is closing on the position that Pluto occupied on the day the USA was formed. The first exact hit is April 2023.

Darkness will rise to be dealt with in the USA.

This will include the darkness of the treatment of First Nation peoples from the time of colonisation, and all the dark tendencies that led to rebellion against the evils of the British Colonial Empire and Civil War and Vietnam, etc.

This will include the darkness in the US national character. All countries have to go through this process at different times! Darkness embedded in a National Character can include such issues as speech patterns, the ‘US Personality’, deep structural social assumptions, national behaviour patterns.

Some in US will want to lead and dominate in this darkness.

But, importantly, many others in US will be impelled to embrace the light and increase their spiritual connection to the Divine, in horrified reaction against the rise in the dark and the conflict and madness that has been occurring.

Remember, the shadow is where our darkness goes and is held, but the Shadow is also where our Greatness can be stuffed: our untapped potential and creativity that we were not allowed to acknowledge.

See the chart for the USA on my Starwheel astrology December 2020 webpage: //

How do we cope at the personal level with this Saturn – Pluto – Jupiter combination?

As ever, we need to also look at the meaning of transits at a personal level.
What House in your Vedic birth chart is Capricorn? It is in this area that Saturn will be especially bringing in his teaching and demands, his maturation and his chance for Golden Reaping that is his gift.

Capricorn is my 7th House of marriage, and I do feel there’s been deeper oneness and cooperative effort and goal sharing and maturation.

The last time that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were all conjunct (in Taurus) was 1145 and 1146 AD when the Pope made his call for the Second Crusade against the Muslims. The Crusade was largely a failure.

If we individuals, or our societies only experience the negative side of Saturn, this will mean tyranny and harshness, draconian harshness, deprivation and austerity: your life or your society pinned down by tight rules and restrictions, oppressive discipline will be on the rise, with the bureaucrats scurrying to justify it while we pay their wages!
Creativity will crumble and decay – or will you seize your light-spear and become a warrior for your inner light?

But the other side of this coin, is that we have had a growing Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. This is explosive, and a wonderful prompt for Plutocracy to grab and take over everything.

But at our personal level, it is REBIRTH, it is seizing our Light. It is arising out of our often-self-imposed prison walls.

OK as a guide to how to interpret where in your life this vast energy will manifest, I’ll share what it’s meant for me:
I am in Jupiter-Saturn Dasa. The Dasas are a unique feature of Vedic Astrology and superbly powerful. They are more powerful than Transits, but more of a background phenomenon in our experience and evolution.

I’ve certainly had to cut down on my Jupiterian expansion, and embrace Saturn’s demands to tie up loose ends, consolidate, cover basics, focus on needed strategies with full diligence.

Jupiter – Saturn – Pluto: The Meaning:

 Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are in a conjunction now, as Saturn and Pluto were at the start of this year for example at the date of the first eclipse of 2020 on 10th January.

You can liken Pluto to atomic explosion, descent into the shadow for rebirth.

You can liken Saturn when negatively experienced to our prison walls.
With Pluto fighting Saturn, death and rebirth revolution is being demanded.

Cooperate with this at the personal and national level.

If we don’t and Saturn wins, and we live on like robots. We retreat into our shell.

And if the dark side of Pluto wins, there’s darkness rampant and war.

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