Pluto in the Astrology Chart Pt 2

Michael ConneelyPluto in the Astrology Chart

Please first see my Pt 1 Post about the Astrological Pluto: Pluto Mythic Keys.

Now here is more information on the Astrological Pluto:


Pluto’s remote orbit is the dark boundary between the Solar System and the Transcendent: the last outpost. Pluto and its Moon, which is actually half its size, revolve endlessly around a common point which is located somewhere between them in space – icy methane snowballs performing a unique and mysterious dance as they travel their far-flung orbit. Pluto is the 9th Planet of the Solar System and he takes 248 years to complete one revolution of the Sun.

Pluto’s average distance from the sun is nearly four billion miles. It also has the most elliptical and tilted orbit of any planet, and at its closest point to the sun it passes inside the orbit of Neptune, the eighth planet.

Pluto was discovered on 18th February 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh in Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona, at 16.00hrs. He was orbiting at 17 deg Cancer in the western astrology tropical zodiac, which is at 24 deg Vedic/sidereal Gemini, in Nakshatra 7 Punarvasu (ruled by Jupiter) in Pada 2 (ruled by Taurus). The Nakshatras are the wonderful Lunar Zodiac od vedic astrology.
N.B. The chart for his discovery is at the foot of this Blog Post.


Pluto was the God of the Underworld, who handed out good or evil in proportion to the motives of the person who approached him.

Pluto’s good side is buried treasure, unimagined riches, light out of darkness, order out of chaos and New Life – REBIRTH!

Pluto’s dark side is a terrible world of rape and destruction: a power-seeking abuser.

Pluto’s is the world of:
Domination and submission
Aggressor and victim
If Pluto is approached with sincerity, rebirth will follow out of suffering and darkness.
If Pluto is approached with falsehood or defensiveness, he destroys.


The Natal position of Pluto in the chart is the key to where the individual’s process of rebirth will begin. This is where Pluto has set up His altar in our chart.

The affairs of this house are not to be taken at face value. We have to search for hidden meanings and causes and underlying unconscious motivations.

Pluto pushes deep from within us, impelling us to move from outworn phases of life. Neptune slowly dissolves the rigidities of the old structure, Uranus offers lightning-flash mind-realization, but Pluto’s eruption is total obliteration: change or die!

The Natal House Pluto inhabits is where we have to face something rotten in us, such as:

overwhelming passions
lust for power
raw sensuality
driving unconscious forces which control us
primal wounds
needs to posses and devour
sexual conflicts
intense emotional attraction and repulsion
frustrated desire
A Black Hole which devours our energies and from which, though unacknowledged, many of our actions flow.
EXTREMES: the very worst and the very best of human behaviour.

We can not be whole until these are:-

brought to the surface
and properly reintegrated into the psyche.
Through the upheaval Pluto brings, here, disowned and banished parts of ourselves are reclaimed to the consciousness and the Light.
We gain access to untapped resources and strengths. Energy futilely used hitherto in repression, denial or projection is freed for positive use.
We learn that we can not master, let alone transform, that which we repress, deny, disown or project.

Pain and crisis is thus used for rebirth. Here we can potentially discover and exhibit our greatest strength, nobility, purpose and dedication. The rebirth that Pluto offers is primarily focused in levels of emotion, mind, self-image or identity.

Pluto usually has to force His change upon us, because we are unready and unwilling. Our resistances simply add to the stress we experience, once Pluto is unleashed.

Pluto’s natal position, subject to specific House characteristics, also indicates where will operate in our lives, the following:
+ (Plus)
Transformative rebirth
Invisible force and powers
Force majeure
The will or wish to exercise Power
the manifestation of unconscious powers
ruthless frankness
extraordinary energy
inner death
sacrifice (of old ways that are dear, habitual, &c – spilling blood on the Altar)
Entering into the World of Meaning, in faith
Facing the truth of one’s own nature
Releasing the vitality of the well-springs of life
The Grail gives renewal to the Fisher King

– (minus)
Inner Fates, leading blind and unconscious humans to situation of crisis
‘driven’, ‘inevitable’ courses of action
ignorance leading to great suffering
the urge to influence the masses
ruthless use of force or coercion
taking vengeance on one’s abusers
the abused becoming abusers themselves

It is significant that when Pluto was discovered in 1930, the West was in the grips of severe depression, with people committing suicide rather than face loss of riches; Europe was dominated by Dictators: Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Franco. Gangsterism and the Mafia were on the rise. The world was poised between two World Wars; depth psychoanalysis was in its heyday with Plutonian emphases on sex and death (Freud), power (Adler) and transformation (Jung).

And there were two further huge oppositional but linked manifestations of newly discovered Pluto:
Atomic fission and the atomic bomb
Mahatma Gandhi and passive resistance

Albert Einstein worked out a close correlation between a considerable number of stages in the. development of atomic warfare and the actions of   the Mahatma  – for example his salt march aimed at liberation of India from the grip of British Imperialism, exactly coincided both with the discovery of the planet and a crucial step in the manufacture of the atomic bomb: two ethically opposite manifestations of the planet’s vibration.

On another plane, Pluto can manifest as wealth: the plutocrat, corporate raiders, tycoons, financial moguls, rich politicians – total and absolute concentration on material wealth and power without the development of spiritual or material wealth. These people are characteristically intense brooding introverts, focused on our culture’s symbols of power: sex, money, possessions. Their needs are founded in the world of complexes and insecurities and are a tragedy for the individual concerned. Indeed Pluto transits are linked both to the making of fortunes and the wiping out of riches.

Labour strikes involving masses of people, atrocities and mass-production in industry also fall under the domain of Pluto in Mundane Astrology.


Pluto rules the reproductive organs, the prostate, the cervix, the rectum and the bladder, the lower stomach and the lower spine, as well as some allergies in medical astrology – so that a Pluto to Mars transit could manifest as Prostatitis.


A transit of Pluto may be interpreted as Karmic working.

To understand the meaning of a Pluto transit:-

note the Sign Pluto is in

note the House Pluto is in

note the meaning of the planet Pluto is aspecting

note the meaning of the house that planet is in

note the meaning of the aspects that planet makes to other planets

take into account the nature of the aspect Pluto is making to the other planet:

A trine or a Sextile is more gentle. We are more in touch with that which needs to change

With a conjunction, square or opposition, we offer more opposition to needed change.

Dreams can be a vital key to understanding or resolution.

Understand the meaning for you, personally.

Pluto transits externalize as actions, relationships, jobs, involvements, &c, the people and the situations we attract


Pluto Transits are usually spread over a year or two. They usually have three phases:
First direct
Second direct
(and there can be a further retrograde and direct)
Their effect usually begins to be felt when Pluto is 4 or 5 deg off exact.
The after effects continue for at least up to 3 deg after exact.
The effects last for the rest of the life

The three phases might be experienced as:
The descent of Erishkigal
recovering from and understanding the trauma
succeeding in transformation and rebirth, hope renewed, wiser and more powerful

During a Pluto transit, the opportunity is given for the destruction of old, unhelpful, damaging patterns of thought and behaviour.

You will feel a strong impulse to eliminate old emotional baggage which is preventing growth.

You may be faced with an intense, concentrated, ruthless power.

A Pluto transit is a major change period with long-term ramifications. You have to work out what a Pluto transit means for you individually, at that point in your life. Have the courage to meet the challenge. Develop the awareness. Do the healing; make the changes … from which: rebirth will follow – light will replace darkness

control your wishes. think positively. don’t submit to pessimistic interpretations of a Pluto transit. don’t be fatalistic

Go for gold.

Here is the chart for Pluto’s Discovery:

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