Pluto in Capricorn July 2021

Pluto in transiting Vedic Capricorn
Saturn is transiting Vedic Capricorn
Mars is opposite in Vedic Cancer

Pluto fights Saturn.

Pluto is our power and our buried power, our shadow material. Pluto is boiling up to express manifest and heal, but he has to pit his energy against Saturn who fights back at him with repressive structures and scripts and our habitual prison walls and limits.

What is needed is to come to understand and express and handle the full nature of the manifestation of Pluto in our lives now, and turn our Saturn energy from being repressive and oppressive, to become needed planned structure, leading to the sort of reaping in our life that our life path, soul path and destiny path needs now.

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So much will arise from the shadow to come to the light to be healed, or conversely to be given malign expression, due to the Pluto Return of the USA now, which has its first exact hit April 2023.

So much will arise that will need vision and healing and management.

Pluto transits in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra in July.

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