Pisces – Mystics or Muddlers?




In western astrology pisces is now considered to be ruled by Neptune, but the former Ruler was Jupiter, and Pisces is associated with the 12th House. Pisces is associated with the feet.

Appearance: Build: anything from extremely tall to extremely short. Large protuberant or attractive eyes. Tendency to plumpness. Something untidy or chaotic about outer demeanour.

Pisceans are the martyrs of the zodiac; will suffer rather than fight for their rights – very sensitive people who are responsive to the feelings of others. Always want to do the right thing. Can have little will-power and can find it hard to make up their own minds. Can be dominated by others and by the power of their emotions and imagination. Dreamy, emotional, sensitive and shy, confused, changeable, escapist, introverted, artistic, highly imaginative, vague, ‘immoral’, muddle-headed and moody.

 Pisces Suns can seem attuned to a dream world. Can be intensely committed to idealistic causes. Not combative, may lack self-confidence and dislike strenuous activity. They prefer harmonious coexistence but can be so stubborn that no one can reason with them. They can get ‘stuck’ on ideas, beliefs and attitudes. They like to drift, rather than buckle down to a responsibility or obligations. They can alternate between optimistic and pessimistic extremes, which others can find very difficult. Compassionate, easy-going sentimental and sympathetic. They can be emotionally hurt or disappointed, and accept much misfortune – sometimes with calm, wise indifference; sometimes with a hurt victim role setting in.

Pisceans can be quite critical of their partner, but can be blind to a fault with anyone they love. Equally, Pisceans can be prone to projection in relationships: projecting feelings of self-doubt, supposed inadequacies to provide them with these qualities that they lack.

Pisceans need a reliable, methodical and efficient partner. Idealism can be at the expense of practicality. They are so prone to deception agendas, escapism and evasions. Tempted to avoid necessary confrontation or crisis. Can be into alcohol or drugs. Impressionable. Can receive information ‘out of no-where’, by some sort of psychic sensitivity and can communicate unconsciously with others. They can sometimes inwardly rely on money and possessions to enhance confidence in their abilities.

Pisces Sun’s approach to life will be orderly, but inner states of mind, emotions and being will be changeable and fluid. They should beware generating an inner climate of illusions, desires, unfulfilled dreams and wishes that prevents them from experiencing actual reality, and blinds them to what is actually happening. They  will desire ‘ideal home and family’ but their chances for success depend upon the degrees of realism or illusion expressed by them in relationships and expectations – and the dreams they were chasing at the start of the new relationship.

Potentially they  can be creative, as long as you find the appropriate channel of expression.

Pisceans need to discover an inner faith, find clear direction and purpose to their life – and forms of humanitarian service may be a suitable path to look towards.

Pisceans have a mystical streak and this mystical streak: longing for transcendence and meaning. They can have a deep wisdom about the futility of so many human desires. Although obviously capable of these human ambitions and appetites, there is always part of the Piscean where the ambitions exercise no hold.

Pisceans can not easily accept limitations, their mind is on larger things, which can make them impractical about money or over-look the obvious. This can be seen as childishly irresponsible or incurably romantic. Pisceans get bored easily and seek a little theatre in their lives.

The Piscean glyph of two fishes swimming in opposite directions signifies the dilemma of operating in two dimensions: the pragmatic and the transcendent.

Malleable, distorted and pressured by their childhoods and society, Pisceans operate in a culture which exalts the rational above the intuitive, extols establishment rather than personal values: the Pisceans have to somehow balance both these worlds.

Taken to its extremes, for some Pisceans, the result of their sensitivity and escapism can be dereliction, hopelessness and waste, despair and abjectivity – drugs!

But for other Pisceans, there’s the mahatma, the renunciate, self-abnegating sainthood, genius, poetic & musical inspiration, visionariness and mysticism.

Some Pisceans try to become super-rational intellectuals because the irrational which is just below the surface terrifies them: but this defence never rings true.

Some Pisceans gain unconscious reward from clinging to saviour/nurse roles or victim roles – or seek their redeemer in others. Unity with the cosmos can manifest orgiastically, pantheistically, mystically, for example. The drug addict dismembers his bodily prison in search of Spirit. In its hatred of confining flesh, Pisces can be cruel, tormenting and bloody. they can be so cruel!

The Myth of Pisces is expressed in the god, Dionysos, who points to unity with the transcendent via mania, ecstasy and, ultimately, savage cathartic dissolution. Other Piscean deities are Neptune (Poseidon) and Bacchus and the Bachae and the maenads.
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