Pendulum Dowsing with Ann Gildart for The Birthing of Peace!

“The world is now too small for anything but Brotherhood.”
~ Arthur Powell Davis ~

Ann Gildart is a pendulum dowsing expert.
She offers wonderful sessions doing Pendulum Dowsing which provides such useful Yes No or % likelihood answers to your Key Questions.
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As we acknowledge May 1, that is “Mayday,” a day that our ancestors celebrated as a day that heralded the rebirth of the land and blessings of fertility, dancing around the Maypoles in a spiraling dance, it somewhat reminds me of the energy work we do with our pendulums.

Today, I looked up on the World Population Clock site the number of people recorded to be on this planet for the year 2022. The answer is 7.9 billion with an estimated increase of 81 million more births each year going forwards to be added to that number. Yes! The World is now too small for anything but Brotherhood!

Try to imagine the effects of all those people and what consequences their thoughts are having on the universal consciousness. An energy that deeply effects our thoughts and behaviors.

Imagine all that negative energy we are able to project; an energy that divides us on our views of race, religion, creed, racism and prejudices to name just a few raw and powerful energetic thoughts, contributing to the chaos of our times.

I personally believe that those needs to dominate, and any views, actions or beliefs that are negative, are undermining and destroying the fundamental goodness of people and consequently our ideals and attitude towards others and our planet.

We currently have Russia waging a war on the country of Ukraine and its civilians!
That answer would indeed be enlightening and revealing to the mentality of all people of powerful countries who are watching the outcome and morality of that war.

The Ukraine is known as the Bread Basket of the world with its rich fertile soil providing corn, wheat and other grains to China, Europe and India, to name just a few countries. I fear what Russia might do to that soil with its onslaught of abuse.

A lot of people depend on the harvests as a lifeline as their main source of food. Each time you see the Ukrainian flag remember its colors represent the wide blue sky and the yellow wheat fields that characterize the county.

To celebrate this modern concept of Mayday, rebirths and fertility, please join me in sending out that energy of growth in the guise of peace, tolerance and love, to the war zones, the governments, and the people of all war torn countries who are fighting or trying to fight their oppressors for the world unity we want.

Realize that brotherhood and sisterhood we strive for “The Birthing of Peace!”
Hydrate and find your quite space to reach your Alpha state.
Decide on what you want to be neutralized? Transmuted? This will be a left spin; wait until your pendulum stops.

What do you want to replace that neutralized, transmuted energy with? That would be a right spin.

These are the energies with which I will be working. This is my contribution that I make each day.

With a left spin, “I speak my intent to neutralize and transmute the energies of oppression, cruelty, the killing of innocent children and families, and the removal of egos that are vested into this energy of war.”

Once my pendulum stops, with a right spin, I “take that neutralized energy and transmute that into peace, respect, love, understanding and acceptance.”

Once finished I always thank the source.

Each day I change the wording to add another emotion or to focus in another area, such as attempts by human traffickers who take advantage of frightened war torn women and children who are seeking respite and safety.

At this sad and frightening time in our lives, I thank you for being part of the solution and your willingness to contribute to the personal and powerful effect on all the negative energies that are contributing to the chaos on our planet and in our personal lives. Be blessed for your contribution to world Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

Ann Gildart is a pendulum dowsing expert.
She offers wonderful sessions doing Pendulum Dowsing which provides such useful Yes No or % likelihood answers to your Key Questions.
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