Past Life Regression can Free Up Your Present Life

There are few subjects in the Spiritual and Metaphysical world that pique as much interest and curiosity as Past Lives.

Many people may wonder:

Who was I and what did I do in a Past Life?

Have I carried forward any blockages, traumas, vows, limiting patterns or Karmic connections from my Past Lives?

Have I shared Past Lives with past or present partners, family or friends?

An excellent way to find these answers and more, is by experiencing Past Life Regression to re-visit and explore these lifetimes for yourself!

Past Life Regression is the process of guiding a person back to revisit their Past Lives using Hypnosis. This first-hand exploration of Past Lives provides great opportunity for understanding, learning and healing from past and/or present day issues.

We’ve all lived many lifetimes of all kinds, with the ultimate goal of having different experiences and learning lessons for our Soul’s growth.

Part of this learning can include lifetimes which may be quite difficult and even traumatic. When we leave a lifetime and our soul reincarnates again, it can often carry forward unresolved traumas, blockages and patterns from previous lifetimes.

If left unresolved, these tend to accumulate, causing issues in each lifetime.

Most people are unaware they may be carrying this old baggage from Past Lives even though it can be affecting their current lives on a deep Unconscious level.

As a Past Life Regression Practitioner, I have witnessed healing from many cases of both physical and emotional issues carried forward from Past Lifetimes.

Some examples include:

Vows from Past Lives such as poverty or celibacy

Negative, limiting Relationship patterns

Fears and Phobias

Physical ailments such as arthritis, thyroid issues etc.

By understanding and clearing the origins of these issues from the relevant Past Life or Lives, healing takes place on a deep, soul level, resolving related issues from the past and present day.

Ready to explore, understand and heal from your Past Lives?

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