Online Healing Special Price Reductions for Coronavirus Lockdown time with Maggie Pashley

Healing, empowerment and transformation, now.

This is clearly a big time for transition, for being open to inspiration, for healing, raising of consciousness and death/rebirth experiences.

Much can end now. Much can come to the surface.
The astrology of this time describes huge pressure to heal and become who we were born to be in this lifetime.

Much will be stripped away.

To resist the opportunity of this time, however difficult it may seem, is to risk missing your big chance, living on in regret, living on as a robot, living on un-healed.

I am now offering special discounts for my many worldwide healing modalities, now, at this time.

All you need is an undisturbed space for the duration of the call. I normally use zoom as it’s easy to use and secure. You can even book a free on-line consultation with me at and try it out for yourself at no risk at all.

So, to support you through these times and to encourage you to have an on-line session I’ve decided to offer some really good discounts on some of my sessions ranging from 17-30% off.

For example, there’s a big discount on Soul Realignment sessions as I believe that a lot of people seem to using this time to reset themselves in some way and to consider their best way forward and a Soul Realignment session is a great way of understanding who you are at soul level and which practical choices will realign you with your Divine Soul Blueprint for greater success and ease. I am now an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner so I can now build on the basic Soul Profile reading and offer you sessions on soul purpose, relationships, life lessons and working with your spirit guides.

Here’s the full list of the special offer healing modalities I am now offering for the duration of this current lockdown:

Click on hyperlinked pages for more information on each modality and also to book a session for this special price.

On-line hypnotherapy sessions – normally €70, now €60
Stop Smoking hypnotherapy – normally €150, now €105
Emotion Code and Body Code normally €60, now €50
Soul Realignment sessions – normally €150, now €105
Past Life or Future Life Progression Sessions, normally €100, now €85
OldPain2Go® Pain Review Session – normally €100, now €85

And see my website for the full list of on-line Healing Modalities I offer:

So I do believe that while this current phase presents many challenges it also offers us space to review and reassess our life so it’s a great time to have a session to make a positive shift in your life or deal with something you’ve been putting off.

If you’d first like to discuss what would work best for you, you can also book a FREE 15 minute consultation with me by clicking here:

I look forward to working with you and contributing to your healing and well-being at this time,

With love,