OldFat2Go® with Maggie Pashley

Are you struggling to release those extra pounds? Maybe you’ve tried numerous diets and found them hard to stick to? Then OldFat2Go® might be just what you are looking for.

In OldFat2Go we use BrainBargaining to review old programs, set up in good faith by your unconscious, maybe to keep you safe in some way for example and agree to change those that are not helping you. We also speak directly to your deeper mind to set up some new behaviours that can support you become leaner and fitter. So you are not relying on willpower which never works in the long term. It’s simply too exhausting and restrictive.

You can find yourself making better choices naturally when you have your unconscious on your side. It’s not just about food choices or exercise choices, it’s about changing your mindset in a way that feels easy.

This approach doesn’t involve hypnosis. It simply requires your willingness to make some positive changes in regard to your weight and to release those old beliefs and programs not serving you. I myself have released two stones these last few months in a way that has felt natural and easy.

I am one of the first few OldFat2Go® practitioners and currently offer sessions on-line either in conjunction with Steven Blake’s OldFat2Go® Self Help system or as a stand-alone. I recommend you start with a longer session and then book a few shorter back-up sessions if you feel you’d like on-going support.

You can find out more here: www.maggiepashley.com/pain-free and scroll to the bottom of the page to read about my OldFat2Go® sessions.