Ogham Course: The Celtic Tree Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids

Ogham Alder nutsMichael Conneely teaches visionary and empowering worldwide distance learning courses learning the Ogham. The Ogham is the Celtic Tree Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids.

In fact, this Ogham course is just one of the caring and healing worldwide courses of the Druid Forest School. The other courses teach for example visionary contact with the ancient Irish Gods as well as ancient Irish Druid mystical energy work and teachings.

ogham fions windowThe Ogham Celtic Tree Alphabet is in fact a very powerful and visionary tool for expanding your consciousness. Studying the Ogham is consciousness-changing and life-changing.

It takes you deep into the ancient wisdom realms of the Irish.

Theirs was a wisdom that was centrally rooted in nature and in the trees. Their awareness stemmed from the Land, the Sea and the Sky – and moreover also it was connected too to the wonderful visionary Otherworlds of the ancient Irish Consciousness as well.

The ancient Irish had an enduring intuitive, mystical and deep sense of the spiritual energy in trees. So when we learn the Ogham, our sense of that sacred tree energy is thus very greatly enhanced.

ogham broom flowersIn fact, the ancient wisdom system of the Ogham was not only correlated to the energies of the different trees by the ancient Irish Druids. It was also correlated to a number other different correlations and lists. But the point is: it is the correlation of the ogham letters to the different trees, that is the most deep spiritual gift to modern consciousness and modern times – and it is this link of the Druid alphabet to the wisdom of the trees that we learn on this wonderful worldwide distance learning course.

Not only were the ancient Irish able to deepen their knowledge of each letter of their alphabet by relating each letter to a tree energy, the ancient Irish also had such a powerful sense of the sacredness of trees and their energies.

One central example of this is that each Tuatha or Sept or Tribe had at the spiritual centre of their land a ‘World tree’; a ‘centre tree’. Each tribe had a special tree that was sacred to it, and this tree was known as the Bile.

This special sacred tree was most carefully chosen and it represented the heart, spirit and sovereignty of the tribe. The Bile was a world tree. From its roots up to its highest leaves, it interpenetrated the different realms. These are: this earth, the upper worlds and the underworlds. So, the Bile connected the Tuatha to the Three Worlds and also to the Gods. The Bile was also a place of important meetings where the spiritual and kingship matters of the Tribe were decided.

The sacred tree was also a living natural symbol of the tribe’s power and sovereignty. As with the Tribe’s Goddess of Sovereignty and its sense of Kingship, the Bile was the source of prosperity for the lives of the people and their animals and their places on the face of the earth. This deeply ancient belief arose out of the Irish people’s ancient recognition of the sacredness of trees. And it is this sensibility that we now learn on this Druid Forest School Ogham course.

The date of the Ogham Alphabet’s creation is lost in the mists of time, but there is evidence that it is derived from the Irish consciousness and language rather than any other. There is also evidence that it may well have first come into being around 500 BC, where it grew out of far more ancient systems of Tally markings (which pre-dated use of paper for example). And from its divisions into groups of five letters each, it is evident that it could also act as an ancient secret means of communication using the five fingers of the druid’s hand.

It is such empowerment and such delight to develop your experience of the natural and mystical energy of each tree.

Going into nature to do this is a wonderful experience, and so lovely to share with a friend of partner.

And it is such a wonderful experience to learn how to use these different tree energies as keys to different states of consciousness and understanding – and also, yes! employ them to predict the future.

When you enrol on The Druid Forest School’s Ogham Course with Michael Conneely, you receive full supporting presentation documents and also guided journeys to the wisdom and energies of each tree-letter.

Michael burnsall crop bestYou correspond with Michael about each journey you complete, and as a special bonus Michael also shares with you what guidance your natal and predictive astrology offers for the development of your consciousness during the period of the course through your contact with the tree-wisdom of the ancient Irish Druids.

You can enrol on the worldwide ogham course at: http://www.druidforestschool.com/ogham.html